We design a children's room for a girl 10-12 years old

Children's room for a girl of 12 years old

Stylish design of a bedroom for a girl of 10, 11 and 12 years should be carried out taking into account all the needs of the child. Young ladies need to allocate zones of sleep and rest, training and games. Particular attention to parents should be given to the selection of quality materials for decoration, reliable furniture. Depending on the area of ​​the room, the layout and furnishings in it can vary. For example, tiny bedrooms are recommended to equip with transformable beds or beds equipped with capacious boxes. When choosing the appropriate color scheme, it is necessary to evaluate the harmony of popular combinations and their possibilities of introduction into a particular room. Also do not forget about the stylish decor. Some decorations the small mistress can make independently, using simple and interesting master classes.

Choice of colors

Picking the tone to stylize the bedroom of a girl of ten years, you need to move away from the usual pink color. Be sure to consult the hostess herself and find out what gamma she likes. The most appropriate colors include:

  • turquoise. It goes well with white, light sand color. Promotes focused learning, creating a relaxed atmosphere.
  • green. Good for a girl's bedroom in a light green and olive shade. Will promote comfortable rest and education of the child.
  • purple. In combination with purple and white, you can create a cozy and fabulous atmosphere.
  • cream. A universal option that can become the basis. It can complement any tone: purple, light green, light yellow, orange.
  • coral. Excellent replacement for pink color. Allows you to make the living room warmer and cozy.

Bed for a girl of 12 years old Turquoise color in the interior of the bedroom  Peach in combination with gray  Flower bedding  A room for a teenage girl  Modern interior of the nursery

Finishing and selection of materials

When carrying out repairs in the bedroom of the future lady, it is important to take care not only of the originality of the decoration, but also of its practicality. The main requirements for selected materials include:

Easy cleaningThe teenager will independently carry out cleaning, therefore the furnish should be easily cleaned from pollution.
Ecological compatibilityVery important factor in the arrangement of premises where children will spend their leisure and education.
Excellent wear resistanceFor children of twelve years, playing games with friends is common. Therefore, the flooring, wall finishing should be easy to maintain a pristine appearance after active rest.

Scandinavian style Red accents in the nursery  Blue room for girls  The original bed  Wall decoration in the nursery  Bedroom for a teenager

Parents can choose any expensive materials: relatively older children will be more careful with the created environment.

Textiles for children's bedrooms


For premises in which teenagers will live and spend leisure, it is recommended to choose a wooden floor covering. The best solution will be laying the floorboard or parquet. Such materials will create a comfortable atmosphere. Their main advantage is ecological cleanliness. Less expensive option will be laminate. It is desirable to choose materials of light brown, sand color. It is acceptable to lay the coating with a gray-brown or gray tint (suitable for premises with coral, lilac scale). Styling of marmoleum will be an attractive solution. Even in cold winter, this material will retain the warmth of the floor. The variety of colors of dense raw materials allows you to spread it with different patterns: from squares with a staggered masonry to ornate patterns. The cheapest option is linoleum.

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French style in the children's room


The most popular option for finishing the premises, where the young lady will live, are the wallpaper. They can include discreet patterns, have a monotonous design, complemented by relief patterns. If desired, you can choose 2-3 types of materials with similar stylistics. They will help easily and simply conduct zoning, allocate different parts of the room.

Stylish Bedroom Interior Furniture for children  Purple walls  Coral color in decor  Gray walls in the children's room  Bedroom Wine Decoration

For example, a bright or dark finish can be identified head of the bed. With their help, you can unusually emphasize the recreation area, games. But the working area must be located on the background of a neutral finish. It is allowed to paint the walls, complement their artistic painting. True, it is worth remembering that over the years the selected images should remain relevant. Therefore, from the themes of the fairy-tale creature, the animated heroes should be abandoned. They perfectly replace the images of flowers, nature, animals.

Bright walls in the nursery for the girl


The whitewashed ceiling will help to uniquely complement the chosen wall and floor finish. If the parents want to stylize this part of the room in an unusual way, you should pay attention to the tensioning cloths. Materials "under whitewash", fabric with a matte surface laconically complement the overall appearance. For the original styling, it is recommended to choose materials with a glossy surface. A combination of white and lilac, light-green, light-yellow canvas is acceptable. With their help, you can visually divide the room into several parts.

Bright room for a teenager

Brighter materials are not recommended: they will distract the child's attention. Replace stretch ceilings will help similar plasterboard structures. They can include several tiers, have a different color gamut.

When choosing a non-standard ceiling, you need to take into account the change in wall height. Thus, the stretch canvas can be "removed" 5-10 cm. Multi-level gypsum plasterboard ceilings usually reduce the height of the walls by 10-15 cm.

Classic interior

What should be the lighting in the nursery

In case of insufficient daylight, it is recommended to install an auxiliary illumination of the zone located in the opposite side from the window opening. It will allow to intelligently illuminate the premises in the early morning and in the evening. As the main lighting, it is recommended to choose several flat ceiling chandeliers or to give preference to spotlights. The training zone should be complemented by a backlight or a bright desk lamp. On each side of the bed it is recommended to install a pair of floor lamps, hang wall lights. Rest zone will help to light up the sconce, spots. In addition, you can set the backlight near the cabinet and the bed. Also, small neon cords can be placed above the headboard, near the sofa. They will help create a cozy atmosphere and be used instead of a night light.

Green walls in the bedroom Blue room decor for a girl  British style  Twin room  Art Nouveau style  Modern bedroom for a teenage girl

Zoning and layout of rooms depending on the area

To the interior of the room for a girl 10 years was rational, parents are advised to make a zoning scheme before setting up the premises. Required for a comfortable stay will be a zone of sleep, rest and training. The remaining zones are recommended to be added as necessary, based on the features of the shape and area of ​​the living quarters. For example, in a spacious bedroom you can install a sports simulator or wall. They will help the young lady to engage in fitness, to maintain her physical health is normal. If possible, you need to allocate a zone for rest and communication with friends. It is perfectly complemented by a sofa, a coffee table and a pair of armchairs. It is also recommended to install a music center nearby. It is recommended to allocate a place and for installation of live plants. They can be located on the windowsill, bedside table.

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Bedroom for a girl 12 years old

Children's 10 sq. M. m

In a tiny room intended for living, studying and resting a young lady, you need to make the most of the free space of the walls. All study materials, books can be placed on hanging shelves. Along the windowsill you can arrange a table for training. On each side of it you can install a rack for souvenirs, decor and books, a wardrobe. The bed should be installed parallel to the organized table, leaving enough space between these areas for movement. Replace the bed can be folding sofa, located perpendicular to the table. The remaining free part of the room is perfect for playing games with friends or playing alone, dancing a young lady.

Zoning of the bedroom

As a decoration for tiny rooms it is better to choose several thematic pictures. To overload stylistics by volume elements is not recommended.

Round bed for a teenage girl Two windows in the bedroom for a girl  Romantic bedroom for a teenager  Metal children's bed  Night light in the bedroom  Wooden furniture

Children's 15 square. m

In the average size of the nursery is recommended to maximize the use of space along the walls. For example, on the right parents can install a bed and a chest of drawers, a dressing table or a sofa. On the left there will be a training zone and a wardrobe with the things of a young lady. No less interesting is the option with the location of the recreation area, work area and bed on one side. To achieve a compact arrangement of all these elements will allow a combined set. In it, the bed and the training table represent a common design. The closet for things and a sofa will be able to quite well co-exist with the assembled model. On the opposite side you can install a small wall for storing books, magazines and statuettes. A TV, a music center can supplement it. Between the two parts of the rooms you can lay a small stylized mat.

Bed for a child's room Yellow furniture in the bedroom  Textiles for children  Pink carpet  Laminate in the children's room  Bedroom for a teenager

Children 18-20 square meters. m

Spacious living quarters are much easier to equip than small rooms. Therefore, the central part is recommended to remain free. During a meeting with friends the owner can play and dance. In the far corners it is recommended to place a bed or a wardrobe. A spacious mini dressing room will contribute to the development of a good stylistic taste in the young lady. Near the bed you can install a writing or computer table and a bookcase. Such a zone is optimal for training and convenient storage of teaching materials, favorite books and magazines. In the opposite direction it is recommended to install a music center, a sofa, a coffee table and armchairs. They are optimal for an interesting free time with friends or alone. Next to the rest area, you can place a sports wall or simulators. This room can be complemented by any decor.

Turquoise Textile Shebbie-chic style  High ceilings in the children's room  American style  Wall-papers on a wall in a nursery  Elements of decor in the bedroom for the girl

Variants of visual expansion of a small bedroom

The simplest way to expand space in a small room is to choose materials with horizontal or vertical stripes. For example, for a girl's nursery, parents can choose a monophonic wall decoration with large vertical lines, supplemented with patterns. A large pattern on the wall with paint or ready-made wallpaper with views of the ocean, the sea, the urban landscape will help visually increase the depth of the room. The division of the wall horizontally by the border will allow raising the ceiling and simultaneously making the wall larger. The lower part is recommended to make it darker: gray, sand, light brown or brown. Unusually increase the height of the walls will help fixing a pair of mirrors from floor to ceiling with a width of about 40-50 cm. They can be replaced and white columns of foam, gypsum. The decoration of one wall with panels for white brick (large size) will also contribute to the visual expansion of the space.

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Bright lighting

Choosing furniture

Selection of furniture must begin with the drawing up of a plan, where different zones will be located. A simple plan will help to easily determine the permissible sizes of models. Particular attention should be paid to the workplace and the place of rest. The bed can be selected as a standard single. And you can replace it with a stylized model with a beautiful canopy. If the room has a niche, then it is recommended to build a wardrobe with a mirror.

Beige bedroom interior for a child

If the parents decide to choose a stand-alone closet, then in the niche you can arrange a small sofa and a bedside cabinet. This place is ideal for recreation, games and reading books. A writing desk or a computer desk must be supplemented with boxes. Separately, you can hang bookshelves. Such organization of the working space will help the child to easily prepare for the lessons at school. With a large area of ​​the room you can install a separate bookcase. Also, a small dressing table and a designer rack for clothes will be able to supplement the situation in an original way.

Stylish interior Interior in pink color  A room for a girl in blue  Pop art in the interior of a child  White furniture in the nursery  Pastel colors in the room for a girl

How to make a window in a nursery

Window window in the room, where the young lady will live, should be designed in an original and stylish way. Excellent will cope with this task, Austrian and Roman blinds. Visually make the space lighter can ordinary canvases in light colors. They need to be supplemented with a transparent light tulle. In spacious rooms, a choice of models with an even lambrequin is allowed. It will help to beautifully emphasize the opening. For styling, it is recommended to add canvasses to the linen or install hooks on the walls that will support them in the daytime. When arranging the window on the attic floor of a private house, you should choose the original roll or Roman blinds. They will be fixed along the glass, gently drop and rise. Models such as "day-night" will provide good shading at any time of day.

Gothick style Colorful interior  Baroque Style  Combination of turquoise with pink  Bedroom furniture for bedroom  Wall decor in the nursery

Decor elements are handmade for a girl's child

To emphasize the originality of the situation in the updated bedroom, the teenager can do it by himself. The simplest version will be the production of pictures with applications. For work you will need to choose the silhouettes of animals, ballerinas, butterflies. Further work on the creation of jewelry is carried out as follows:

  1. On the colored monophonic sheets, the selected images are printed;
  2. Silhouettes need to be cut out and each of them glued to a separate white sheet;
  3. Prepared décor is placed in frames and hung on walls.

Children's room in the attic Strict bedroom interior  Wrought iron furniture for children  Yellow walls in the bedroom  Lighting in the bedroom for a girl 

Stylishly complement the situation will help and embroidered ribbons, beads, cross images and full-fledged pictures. They can be framed or framed in a frame. Unusually decorate the room will be large flowers from paper, different sizes pompons made of tissue paper. Above the bed, you can hang a paper or felt banner with the name of the hostess.


Make a teen bedroom for a young lady practical and stylish simply by carefully considering its design and layout. It is compulsory for parents to take care of the allocation of different zones for games and recreation, training the child. Such zones should be present in premises with any sq.m. In addition, you can arrange areas for reading books, communicating with friends and conducting sports activities. The color range of the selected finishes, suites and individual interior elements can be neutral, pastel or bright. They should harmoniously blend, creating a comfortable and cozy atmosphere. When choosing a decor, you should always consult the owner of the room. Perhaps a young lady will want to make her own jewelry and stylize the room.