5 reasons to buy a picture

Are you thinking about buying a new decor for your house? Dekorin has prepared for you as many as 5 reasons to buy a picture of the artist's work instead of various trinkets:

  1. The paintings inspire. Viewing a picture that you like, refreshes the soul and encourages you to action.
  2. The picture can transform the room. You are bored with the environment? Hang a bright landscape on the wall! Do you rent a house for rent? Pictures can easily help you personalize it to your taste.
  3. The picture can be touched. Unlike printed products, paintings have a completely tangible history of their creation. And who will keep from touching the beautiful relief strokes made by the hand of the master?
  4. Choosing a picture helps to hone your personal sense of beauty. It is only worth starting to be interested in talented artists and their works, as you can not stop.
  5. When you buy a painting, you contribute to the art. When people stop buying paintings, artists will have to go to work in factories. What then will become of our culture?

Perhaps even more reasons to buy a picture you will appear after viewing our new collection of 60 photos of interiors, decorated with works of art from different directions.

Why you should buy a picture (60 inspirational photos)

abstraction-buy-a-picture big-picture-worth-on-the-floor big-picture-in-living room

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black and white-picture-on-the-walldecor-interior-picturedecor-wall-picturedesign-drawing-room-with-picturedesign-drawing-room-with-picture-na-stenedesign-room-with-big-pictureblack-picture design-bedroom-with-picture-on-the-wall blue-picture-in-the-interior geometric-picture interesting-picture-in-living room abstract picture

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abstract picture-nad-kaminom picture-girl painting-city kartina-more picture-over-sofa picture-on-brick-wall picture-in-Kuhne kartina-or picture-front-table picture-book picture-in-design-kitchen picture-view-top-to-city picture-in-a-small-bathroom-room picture-in-the-dining-area picture-in-bath-buddha paintings-artists-in-the-interior classic-picture-in-the-interior krasivaya-painting-citya beautiful-picture-on-the-wall buy-picture-for-home buy-picture-landscape buy-modular-paintings modular-picture-panorama modular-picture-in-living room modular-picture-in-bedroom unusual-picture-in-the-winters multi-picture-in-the-interior tender-picture-in-the-room nude-girl-picture paysage-in-the hallway stunning-picture-sea fabulous-picture-in-living room funny-picture-on-the-wall modern-painting-graffiti contemporary art-paintings old-fashioned-picture-in-living room stil-loft-Kartina-to-wall stylish-interior-with-modern-painting light-picture-in-the-interior decoration-interior-painting bright-picture-in-the-interior bright-modern-picture-in-the-interior bright-yellow-picture-in-the-interior funny-picture-in-the-interior zagadochnaya-abstract picture