Design of a small apartment - interior ideas (photo)

interior design of a small apartment

When in private property there appears let small, but all the same the living space, before the owner at once the task on an accomplishment and correct optimization of space appears. Interior design of a small apartment is quite feasible to develop in such a way that visually increase the space, there will be a sense of spaciousness and coziness. The ridiculously cluttered room with time starts to cause only irritation, does not leave the thought that in such cramped conditions it is impossible to live with comfort. Do not give up when thinking about how to squeeze everything necessary, adhere to well-known rules and recommendations, then soon you will feel at home in a posh apartment.

  1. Creating an impression of the use of expensive materials. Imitate the high cost of the environment can be with the help of quality substitutes, made for natural. For example, wooden panels, furniture is chosen from MDF.
  2. Competent zoning. The division of the total area is performed visually with the help of graceful asymmetric pseudo-partitions, screens, niches are built, arches that emphasize certain areas of the room, create space for personal space. Usually combined living room with kitchen or bedroom, hallway.
  3. Lighting in the American interior involves the installation of table lamps, floor lamps, sconces, and ceiling lights only in the dining area and the reception of guests. This creates the necessary atmosphere, emphasizes the boundaries.
  4. Upholstered furniture, large sofas, armchairs are located in the center, elegant coffee tables, pouffes, cabinets and chest of drawers are at a sufficient distance from each other. The whole room is not forced around the perimeter. The living room includes everything necessary for comfortable rest and communication with friends.
  5. The combination of kitchen and living room requires the installation of a sufficiently powerful hood and ventilation system. Americans like to equip this area with all modern technical innovations. The floor is usually in the tile, the furniture itself is light tones, decorative elements, interesting lamps, a vase of flowers are added.
  6. The main part of the bedroom is a large high bed of classical design, neat nightstands and a soft fluffy carpet. Installed next to the floor lamp with soft light adds a cozy sleeping area in the evening.
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Living room and kitchen in one room, loft bed

In the interior design of a small studio apartment, it is not necessary to try to accommodate all of the above points, especially when it comes to 20-24 m2. It is enough to follow the basic idea and connect the imagination.

Small apartment with a bed

If you do not have confidence in your own abilities, use the services of a professional designer who has repeatedly faced the device of a small living space, knows techniques of rational use of space.

The partition between the kitchen and the living room in a small apartment

How to make an apartment more spacious

No matter how much it would be desirable, there will be no more square meters, so it is necessary to think over how best to perform zoning, which of furniture must be present, determine the color scheme of the premises and individual areas.

Уютный и продуманный interior design of a small apartment Visually increase the area of ​​a small apartment can be due to the use of several light tones, with the addition of elegant bright accents, from the dark it is better to refuse. Adhere to pastel shades should not only be in the design of walls, curtains, bedspreads, carpeting should add ease to the interior. Observe the unity of style and materials, do not allow the crushing of planes with different finishes. The visibility of space expansion creates mirrored surfaces, for example, the doors of sliding-door wardrobes, but bulky furniture, many small details opposite them will enhance the sense of tightness.

Interior design of a small apartment One of the important secrets in choosing furniture for a modest living space is the correspondence of its dimensions to the room itself. Everyone dreams of sitting in front of the TV on a huge soft couch or in a massive armchair. It should be understood that this option will exacerbate the situation, and squeezing once again through a narrow passage, stuffing bumps nothing but negative emotions, do not feel. Soft corners, sofas in the dining room and cooking, deep closets in the hallway will not be long, and the feeling of cluttering will soon start to spoil the mood. The only way out is to choose furniture suitable for the area of ​​the apartment. There is no shortage in the assortment now, you can order a model of interest in its own size, place it compactly, just as the room requires, which you can not do with a ready-made suite. So it will be optimal to use all free space, it is profitable to use all niches. Shallow cabinets under the ceiling will come in handy.

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Bed-loft under the ceiling of a small apartment

Transforming furniture

A creative approach in the design of a small apartment is only welcome. Furniture of unusual design can be used advantageously to save space.

All that is needed in the interior design of a small apartment, kitchen, living room and study Try to pick up for the room several multi-functional options:

  • Closet-bed - the wall, which reclining, turns into a full sleeper.
  • Shelving, transforming in height and width with the help of sliding, changing the number of shelves.
  • Sofa-beds with a different folding mechanism: a book, a French clamshell, an accordion, a dolphin, a drawout. Separate attention deserves beds set on the podiums - elevations, where convenient boxes are placed, sections for things. Of course, this option is not suitable for apartments with low ceilings. On the podium sometimes have a sofa with armchairs, a coffee table, a lounge area is designed, a large double bed can leave from below.
  • The sofa, which turns into a bunk bed, is perfect for young children.
  • The table-transformer is a real find for a small apartment. A specially designed system allows you to use it as a magazine and lunch for a large company.

On this design you can see how to separate the sleeping place in a small apartment

It should be understood, depending on the complexity of the furniture mechanism, as well as the frequency of use, depends on how long it will last. When choosing the desired model, especially for permanent use, pay attention to the quality of assembly and accessories, so as not to overpay then for maintenance.

Proper zoning of studio apartment

In a one-room apartment you need to correctly identify the kitchen, dining room, living room, bedroom and workplace. A completely open space with the existing advantages can create discomfort due to a lack of privacy. Therefore, consider options for non-massive ways to separate certain areas.

Zoning a bedroom in the interior of a small apartment The sleeping area should be located away from the passage and the entrance door. If the area allows you to install, in addition to the sofa, a classic bed, emphasize it with thick multi-layered or semi-transparent curtains. It looks stylish, creates a cozy atmosphere. Suitable also for partitions made of plasterboard, glass blocks, screens 1 / 3-1 / 2 of the room height, completely or partially covering the bed. The modest footage of the studio apartment often involves dissolving the sleeping area in the living room. Sometimes this is the only right decision, otherwise you will not be able to get comfortable rest in view of the designation of very tiny areas. It will be necessary to install a sofa with capacious boxes for storing bedding, which in the evening turns into a full-fledged sleeping bed.

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Living room and kitchen unite in this small apartment The living area usually assumes the availability of armchairs, a coffee table, cabinets and shelving. It can be highlighted with artificial lighting, carpet. Often, furnishings are used as partitions. For example, with the help of a book hill, the area of ​​the living room, delineated with the corridor, is emphasized. The design of the hallway should not be very different from the general idea of ​​design, it is a logical extension of the room. It is appropriate to organize a small dressing room or a functional storage room for storing different things. In a small hallway it is enough to place a neat hanger with hooks for outer clothing, a small banquet or pouf, hang a mirror. To decorate the walls do not use dark saturated colors, wallpaper with large patterns that will accentuate the small area.

The sleeping place is separated from the living room by a plasterboard partition The arrangement of a workplace does not require much: a small table with an artificial light source, a chair or a computer chair, a neat shelf for books, folders and other accessories that can function as a partition.

Яркий interior design of a small apartment The kitchen zone is highlighted with the help of another design of walls and floor in the tile, installation of additional lamps. The bar counter sometimes serves as a table for food and a kind of border between the dining room and the living room.

Wooden partition in the living room of a small apartment To maintain a comfortable environment, try not to make all available surfaces souvenirs, decorative elements, then you will avoid the impression of cluttered rooms. Develop a habit of not accumulating unnecessary things, get rid of excess, remove from the interior of the apartment is not appropriate for the general design of the furniture. Regular revision of your own housing will help maintain a cozy atmosphere and prevent clutter.