What are the advantages of aluminum windows

The question of choosing the ways to glaze their homes is faced by all developers. Aluminum windows are the best option for glazing of both private houses and multi-storey buildings. Use in the construction and restoration of various structures of aluminum windows is becoming increasingly popular, as these products have many positive characteristics.

Aluminum windows

Most often modern aluminum windows are used for installation on balconies, terraces. Such windows are also called cold, they do not have an internal thermal insulation of the aluminum structure. Window with thermal insulation of the profile is much more expensive.

Aluminum window profile

Profile of aluminum window without thermal insulation. This window protects against rain, wind and dust, but not frost.

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Advantages of aluminum windows

Since aluminum windows have appeared relatively recently, they have not yet become as common as similar products from plastic. But the construction of shopping and sports complexes, offices and business centers is carried out using glazing made of aluminum profiles and double-glazed windows. The choice of builders in favor of these products is fully justified.

Only aluminum windows can withstand the enormous loads associated with the impact of external and internal factors for a long time.

These products have the following advantages:

1. Ecological cleanliness. Only materials that are safe for health are used for making profiles. They do not release harmful substances into the environment.

2. High strength. Since aluminum is a fairly soft metal, an alloy is used in the production of windows, to which magnesium and silicon are added. This reinforces the rigidity of the frames and prevents them from deforming under their own weight.

3. Resistance to corrosion. Products do not rust and do not mold. They can be washed even with chemically active agents. Metal does not lose its presentable appearance after decades of being in a humid environment. Even sea water can not cause damage to aluminum alloy.

4. Durability. The frames themselves can have a service life of 50 years or more. At the same time, the metal does not lose its qualities. Silicone sealants and fittings are becoming more and more inefficient. Due to the practical design of the windows, their replacement is quite quick and easy.

5. Variety of shapes and sizes. From a flexible and durable metal, you can create a window of any configuration. It can be triangular, round, oval or polygonal. The strength and rigidity of the frames is used to create panoramic glazing.

6. Wide temperature range of operation. Metal products can withstand the extreme conditions of northern frosts and heat, which prevails at the enterprises of the metallurgical industry. The frames do not change in size and do not deform.

7. Ease. This quality is highly appreciated when large-scale panoramic glazing of multi-storey buildings is carried out. Frames made of duralumin do not create significant loads on the slabs. They can be installed even on balconies.

8. Wide range of colors. Metal can be painted in a variety of colors and shades. The painting is carried out by electrostatic spraying. Finished surface can be lacquered or matte. This makes it possible to harmoniously decorate any interior with duralumin windows.

A certain disadvantage of metal frames is their high cost and airtightness. But the durability, reliability of products and the use of quality ventilation, reduce these problems to a minimum.

Aluminum window profileс термоизоляцией

Profile of aluminum window with thermal insulation and double-glazed windows. Dignity - structural rigidity, durability.

Aluminum windows со стеклопакетами

Aluminum windows with double-glazed windows in their design and material are able to withstand more stress than windows made of plastic and wood.

Types of duralumin profile

The versatility of aluminum makes it possible to create profiles of the most diverse purpose from it. Cold profile is used for glazing of balconies and loggias, in which there is no heating, verandas and arbors, warehouses, factories and other non-residential premises. The complete set of such products is minimal. They do not have multi-chamber insulating glass, air layers and insulation materials. Windows from a warm profile are equipped with living quarters, office buildings, schools and shops. Frames are supplemented by plastic inserts, which have a low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Multi-chamber double-glazed windows allow achieving excellent thermal insulation.

Window unit construction

The construction of the window block is made of aluminum.

Panoramic glazing

For rooms with large windows, aluminum windows are the best option if the house is on the Mediterranean coast.

Products of different designs are assembled from the profile. A significant selection of engineering solutions allows you to use duralumin windows to solve the most complex construction issues.

Windows made of aluminum alloy are of this type:

1. The deaf. Represent a frame with a transparent element. It is rigidly fixed in the opening. There is no opening.

2. Reversible. Are the most common. As a rule, these products have the function of tilting up.

3. Folding. Such windows can partially open up or down. Used for ventilation of residential, office and utility rooms.

4. Sliding. Aluminum sliding windows move apart in the runners. As a rule, they are used in places with limited space. Such places are small balconies and loggias.

5. Combined. This is the most common design, in which on one frame are combined blind and opening windows.

The length of the profile used for glazing may be different. It is limited only by the height of the walls. Depending on the dimensions of the frames, the profile is 6-7.5 cm thick. The seals are made of silicone, resistant to ultraviolet light, high and low temperatures.

Based on the purpose of the room, single glass and double-glazed windows with a different number of cameras are used. To increase the thermal insulation properties, glass can be covered with a special energy-saving layer. Filling the chambers with inert gas helps to significantly reduce the thermal conductivity of the duralumin windows.

Conclusion on the topic

Windows made of aluminum profile are reliable, practical, beautiful and durable products. They are easy to use and quite easy to maintain. Installation of pens of various designs allows to exclude the possibility of accidentally opening the doors or illegal entry into the housing from outside. To keep the windows for a long time presentable appearance, you need to periodically wash them, lubricate and regulate once a year.

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