Design of a two-room apartment for a swing: 5 variants of

Apartment design

The apartment was given its original name because of the obvious similarity with the child's clothes of the same name. Regardless of the layout and the number of rooms, they are all connected by one common corridor and part of the premises is on one side of it, and the rest on the other. At the same time one window "looks" at the inner courtyard of the house, and the other shows a view of the street. It turns out that the rooms are the sleeves of the child's clothing, and the corridor, at the end of which the bathroom is located, is a "trunk".

  • T-shaped. This layout is characteristic for both odnushek, and for two-bedroom apartments, treshkas. On one side (usually the left) from the hallway is a kitchen and a hall, and on the other - a bathroom and a sleeping area. In a budgetary housing a simplified layout. In one-room apartments the corridor unites the kitchen and sanitary zone with a bedroom located on the other side.
  • Raspashenka with a kitchen-studio. The spacious hall gradually turns into a culinary zone. On the left is the living room, and on the right is the bedroom.
  • The layout, in which the bedroom is located with the kitchen on one side of the corridor. They are usually separated by a bathroom. Opposite is the hall and perhaps another room (the second bedroom, children's room, playroom, study).

Layout of the apartment-ryazhonki Narrow flat  Evrodvushka  T-shaped layout  Design-project of an apartment  Arrangement of furniture

On how to beautifully furnish an "open apartment" and what designers should orient themselves in preparing a design project and talk further.

Pros and cons of the apartment raspashonki

Quite an unusual layout has a number of advantages that almost do not fade against the backdrop of a few shortcomings. Raspashonki often found in houses series of p-44 and p44t. They are included in a standard house set of one floor, together with a pair of two-piece, one-eyed and three-piece. However, place the tutu exclusively on the front side, so that the windows come out on opposite sides. The area of ​​such a typical apartment in the houses of the P44 series does not exceed 60 sq.m. Spaces are more than enough for a competent "room" filling and the embodiment of one of the chic styles. Unfortunately, the pajamas gradually go out of fashion. In large numbers, they are found in old houses. Modern builders have not abandoned the layout, which is familiar and beloved by many, but it decorates mostly budget high-rise buildings intended for young families.

Two-room scheme

Among the advantages of the spade are noted:

  • A good overview and the ability to quickly change the landscape through a transition from one room to another.
  • A multi-room pavilion allows you to create two different worlds with a corridor border. That is, in such an area parents with children or two married couples live together. At the same time, they will not interfere with each other, because because of the lack of common walls their possessions do not overlap. Thus, the problem of "fathers and children" is exhausted.
  • Corridors raspashonok usually equipped with special niches for built-in furniture. If the layout of the housing corresponds to the second option with a spacious hall, then it can be used as a wardrobe.
  • A wide corridor with studio kitchen if necessary will allow to allocate a separate room with the help of a decorative wall or arch.
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Through layout of a modern apartment

Of the few shortcomings worth mentioning:

  • Constant drafts with simultaneously open windows in different rooms.
  • One half of the tutu will always be in the shade, and the other half in the sun. This nuance is masked by selecting a warm color scheme for the first option and cold or moderate for the second. The latter drawback can be exacerbated if the windows generally exit to the south and the server, and the sun peers only at the edge early in the morning and in the evenings.

3D apartment project

Variants of redevelopment of two room apartments

Many owners, in order to get exactly the apartment that they saw in their dreams, are subjecting their homes to a major redrawing. Raspashonka was no exception. Two- and three-room apartments have really turned into a convenient platform for introducing cardinal changes in the form of redevelopment. The need for additional rooms arises with the increase of the family. The number of rooms required for comfortable living depends on the number of residents. If three people reside in the kopecks, then each meter can already be worth its weight in gold. On how to reschedule a two-room pavilion in different situations and talk further.

Variant of redevelopment

Personal space for parents and children

After the appearance of the baby in front of the young family, there is always the problem of arranging a children's room. In the standard set of ryazhonki-kopeck piece includes a kitchen, a corridor, a bedroom and a living room. Sleeping in the same room as a child is advisable only at first. Then young parents need a personal space, so the children are equipped in the living room. The room is simply shared. Well, if it has two windows. In this case, each of them will give natural light to two separate zones. If the window is one, then do not erect a monumental wall. Limit the shelving, curtains or sliding doors of frosted glass. Only in this way will it be possible to cut off completely the connection with the outside world for the second "windowless" room.

Combining the kitchen with the living room Big room  Functional zones in the apartment  Kitchen for a big family  Large living room  Space saving

Adult children and parents under the same roof

Big children are not only grown up problems, but also the need for a spacious room with a platform for a bed, a wardrobe and a work table. Unfortunately, the living room, which used to be the place for gathering the whole family, will have to be sacrificed. It will become a full-fledged personal room for grown-up children. Guests will now have to take in the kitchen. For this purpose the platform for culinary feats is compactly minimized and combined with a cozy dining-guest area. The dining table can be taken out of the kitchen to the bay window. In rare cases, it is additionally combined with a hall. If the floor of the hall allows you to divide it into two full rooms and the children agree to a similar decision, then the redevelopment follows the above scheme. In this case, too, do not recommend installing blind walls. Unfortunately, the tightness will be a faithful companion of the inhabitants of such a tiny room. A bathroom with such a large number of residents is not advised to unite.

Modern design

If earlier in the hall there was an office or a small library, it can easily be moved to the bedroom by combining the latter with a balcony or a loggia. Of course they will have to insulate and demolish the double-glazed windows, but the new platform is in no way inferior to a full room. By the way, in modern houses the raspashonok has a balcony on one side, and on the other - a bay window, which itself becomes a luxurious decoration of the interior.

Children's area in the apartment

A married couple with two children

For couples with two children, a two-piece can already seem cramped. This will become especially acute when heterosexual children will grow by leaps and bounds and there will be a need for a personal space for everyone. Of course, not all families immediately after the birth of the second child are morally and financially ready to purchase a more spacious living space and relocation. At first, for the offspring, you can arrange a room in the living room or give them a bedroom with a balcony. The second option is preferable, because children need at least two jobs and beds that are so easy not to cram into a tight room. The main area of ​​the room will be used for sleep and lessons, and the insulated balcony will become a playground. Parents in the living room will also have to make a number of changes. Her most often slightly reduced, giving part of the area is now combined with a small hall of the kitchen. Of course, the option of combining precisely these zones has a number of shortcomings, but with competent zoning, they will become almost invisible.

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A room for two children

A hospitable couple or for the owner often working from home

If the hosts love to arrange receptions for guests at home and friendly gatherings, the best solution will be to unite the kitchen with the living room. A stylish bar counter will divide the two zones and allow you to treat thirsty with alcohol and snacks on Friday's parties. Simpler and the process of food spilling to the dining table, which will also be located in the border area slightly closer to the audience. If someone from the household is engaged in freelancing, that is, works at home, then he needs a compact personal cabinet. As mentioned above, it is optimally located on the balcony area. Double-glazed windows and doors can not be demolished, if the worker needs not only light, but also noise insulation.

Living room and study Monochrome interior  Bright accents  Remodeling  Typical interior  Classic living room design

For an active young family

Active lifestyle is associated with numerous sports hobbies, the inventory from which you need to store somewhere. In addition, such families adore inviting like-minded people to tea, so the presence of a living room in the apartment is mandatory. Also, modern couples often make extra money at home, so the need for a separate office increases. Professional designers recommend using the bedroom for the bedroom, which is more. This will provide her with a spacious dressing room for clothes and equipment. On the balcony, a close, but a separate office is being arranged. Metro shortage in the living room is compensated by the compact arrangement of furniture: a sofa-corner, a pair of armchairs or pouffes, a TV on the wall and a coffee table.

Visual expansion of space

The original design move will be a partial unification of the kitchen and the hall. A certain area of ​​the wall must be simply removed. The resulting "window" will visually increase the space of both rooms and logically combine them.

Light kitchen interior Creative interior  Kitchen Island  Zoning of a large room  Arrangement of furniture в кухне  Light corridor in

Two-room apartment design

In treshka usually live large families. It is difficult to create a universal interior that will please every household member. Professionals are advised to use a simple method: they give their relatives a sheet of paper and suggest that they paint their "ideal" interior. Then the designer or the one who is assigned the task of decorating the apartment, unites the disparate ideas in one unique picture. For the finished project they are referred to agencies or examples from the Internet. Since the vests are the destiny of old houses, their squares can not boast of extra meters. For this reason, it is recommended to apply methods of combining colors and textures of surfaces. Mirrors and gloss will be the best "companions" of the beautiful design of the three-room raspashonki. We should not forget about the lighting, or rather about its decorative form. Given the presence of numerous reflective surfaces, they must begin to play in a new light point lights on the ceiling and around the perimeter of each room.

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Spacious apartment Zoning kitchen-living room  Loft style apartment  Contrast interior  Spacious kitchen in  Cozy living room

Choice of stylistic direction

In the conditions of the shirt, absolutely any stylistic direction can be realized. There are no restrictions when choosing it. The character of the interior of each room will depend only on the taste of the owners. If the little wench divides the corridor into two families, then on the one hand modern style can be embodied, and in half of older conservatives, the ageless classics. Homelands younger choose:

  • Scandinavian direction comes from Sweden and Finland. Cold color scheme in combination with white, eco-elements and abundance of light will help create a unique, in northern beautiful interior.
  • Minimalism. Practical and strict style, which helps to surround yourself with only the necessary things. As a result, order in the room will help the residents achieve inner harmony.
  • Fusion. In this cheerful, crazy style, apartments of creative personalities are made out, which confuse from the head to the atmosphere.
  • Futurism. A fantastic style that always tries to get ahead of time and to anticipate what the interiors will look like in 100, 1000 years.
  • Loft. Luxury and industrial notes are now at the peak of the interior fashion.
  • High tech. Technological style, which organically develops in parallel with innovation.

Scandinavian motifs Loft in the interior  Style Provence  Modern high-tech  Vintage Cuisine  Classic interior

Conservatives and lovers of tradition choose classic, compromise modern, art deco, art nouveau, constructivism, provence, colonial style. In cases where the older generation likes heavy chic, it is recommended to pay attention to Empire, Baroque or antique interiors.

Ideas for storage in an apartment

Compact and securely disguised places for storage of things and objects will complement the stylistic design and make the interior less homely. If you plan to split two rooms or zones, then as a delimiter it is recommended to use a wardrobe or a rack. Zoning furniture is only suitable for relatively spacious rooms. Strong rooms are better divided by a rack with open shelves. Worktops or ironing boards can be skillfully hidden in multipurpose furniture. If the room has a podium, then its step can hide drawers. In the hallway, too, special attention should be given to places for storing outerwear and footwear. In many old wedges there are special niches, which are successfully combined with built-in wardrobes.

Built-in wardrobe in the hallway Mirror cabinet  Storage system in the hallway  Cabinet furniture in the hall  Niche for things  A capacious dressing room


Although the pies are increasingly used in projects of developers of high-rise buildings, the ideas of their layout remain relevant. Apartments with a nice, gentle nickname can turn from an unsightly housing in Khrushchev to comfortable apartments (albeit not very spacious). If the owners doubt their abilities, then you can invite the designer for a paid consultation. It will help you find the vector you need, set the direction in which you need to move while designing the design project. Despite minor drawbacks (drafts and shadow sides), no other type of apartment has yet managed to provide a universal platform for joint, but independent-detached residence for two families.