Seven examples of classic design in small kitchens

Classic design of a small kitchen

White tile in the classic design of a small kitchen

People often face classic designs of small kitchens. However, what you will see below is very compact. And how with all this, do they manage to look so cute? Scroll down.

In this Swedish cuisine, illustrated in Rue Magazine, there is only necessary: ​​a sink, two burners and a refrigerator. The room is very small, but quite functional. The beauty of this kitchen is not inferior to functionality due to strict adherence to plainware.

Interior of a small kitchen in a classic style

Small but roomy kitchen

Classic design of a small kitchen в Париже

Very small kitchen in the Paris studio

Despite its tiny, the kitchen from Fantastic Frank still manages to create an interesting design from the stove and the sink. The dark color scheme is a bold, but a live move.

Dark tile in the classic design of a small kitchen

Dark tile, steel lining, strict design

Kitchen surface in classic style

Smooth countertop is a continuation of the metal shell

French cuisine from A + B Kasha is so skilfully executed that you would hardly have thought that this is a kitchen room. White panels best concealed the dishwasher, hood and refrigerator. To see this creation in more detail, you can here.

Classic design of a small kitchen в кремовом цвете

Cream design

In this small kitchen from Houzz, a very clever solution is embodied - to put a tiny dishwasher under the sink.

Classic design of a small kitchen - дерево и металл

Wooden floor and metal furniture

The area of ​​this apartment is only 11.5 sq.m. However, the small area did not stop the designer Marianne Evennou from embodying different design ideas in the kitchen. Dark colors in the marble top and sink create a luxurious image.

Classic design of a small kitchen в тёмных тонах

Kitchen in dark colors

This kitchen would be seen in the beautiful little Stockholm studio. The peculiarity of this kitchen is its compactness with the apartment. A large sink, two plates, a refrigerator and a mirrored apron that creates the illusion of a much larger space.

Classic design of a small kitchen в светлых тонах

Light Classical Kitchen