Design of a two-room apartment - planning and interior (50

Design of a two-room apartment

Two-room apartments have a lot of space for designing a free design. Today, it is the two-room apartments that are most in demand among potential buyers. This is due to the ideal price-to-living ratio. Modern developers offer from 40-65 m2, and for some new buildings the total area of ​​such a dwelling can reach up to 85 m2. The design of a two-room apartment of this size is enough to create the ideal conditions for living. The main thing is that the territory should meet the aesthetic requirements of the tenants, be comfortable, have the maximum functionality, create coziness, comfort.

You can add a balcony to the bedroomYou can add a balcony to the bedroom

What are the options for redevelopment?

Re-planning is a cardinal changes in the configuration inside the dwelling, which require correction of documents, as well as a visit to the employees of the BTI. This is especially true for the demolition of load-bearing walls, since they are the frame of the whole house. Therefore, the answer to such a query is not always positive. It can consist of the demolition or displacement of one wall, or it can be global, including changes in the quantity and quality of all walls. This means that it is possible to change some discontent of the inhabitants, or vice versa - to create missing zones. Another element of rescheduling is "fitting" to the style of decoration, which is quite important if the chosen direction is loft. Often two-room apartments are re-planned in the studio.

Workplace on the balconyWorkplace on the balcony

But unfortunately, some solutions may not be available. This is due to the technical characteristics of the building. Such factors as the age of the building, the location of windows, entrance doors and bearing walls, can make their own adjustments. Well, if you need to change the location of the bathroom or utilities, without interfering with the change of documents simply can not do. Before starting the redevelopment, it is advisable to ask about the cost of the planned changes, sometimes the process of change can represent a very significant expense.

Zoning of the living room and bedroom in a 2-room apartment

The most popular is the unification of the food zone from the hallway. And this means that to connect, you need a kitchen together with the living room, touching the corridors from the hallway. But there is one "but". According to the current standards, a living room with gasified kitchen can not be combined, unless you install at least a minimal partition between them. With this question designers will help. Even if the customer is against such a partition, there are a lot of options to beat it in another way.

Combined living room in a typical apartmentCombined living room in a typical apartment

Today, the real estate market is full of diversity. Unfortunately, not all buildings are the same. Now actively selling Khrushchev, shirring, stalinkas, dwellings series n 44 and p44t and new buildings. The choice is just huge. Each of the options is due to the pros and cons. Now we will consider them all.

Combined toilet and bathroom allow to increase the total areaCombined toilet and bathroom allow to increase the total area


Khrushchevka — очень тесные, неудобные квартирки, вмещающие в себя тесные комнатки с низкими потолками, маленькими прихожими и минимальным санузлом. И как бы неудобны они не были, есть все-таки один плюс в таких квартирах. Зачастую, стены, разделяющие ванную с туалетом — не несущие, состоят из кирпича, что очень все упрощает при их демонтаже. В таких небольших квартирках как хрущевки, для явного «зонирования» можно использовать стеклянные перегородки. Они визуально разделяют площадь, но помещение не кажется меньше.

Brick partition

Usually when creating an interior design of two-bedroom apartments, consider the two most popular options for redesign: The destruction of the wall that separates the living space of the rest and the kitchen area. The result - we get plenty of free space, where there is room for a zone of eating, in other words - a canteen. In fact, there are only two rooms - a bedroom and a common room, which combines a kitchen, an entrance hall, a dining room, a living room. Of course, such a choice is very good, except for one thing - when the guests will be visited by the owners, they will not be where to place, and this creates a bit of inconvenience.

Bedroom in a small apartment

Dismantling of all interior partitions and getting an apartment-studio. In such cases, it is possible to maximize the achievement of a full zoning by selecting each of the different territories with screens or decorative partitions. In the studio apartment there is not a single wall, except for the main boundary walls of the apartment. You can also use different racks for zoning. Such plans are suitable for bachelors or married couples without children.

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Living room and kitchen in the apartment

But when the living space is not enough, you can add a couple of m2 of additional space if you slightly change the design of the corridor. An interesting solution is the addition of a square, adding a loggia to the studio or to the room. Often, redevelopment affects the bathroom. The visual increase in area can be achieved by breaking the dividing wall between the bathroom and the toilet.


Apartments of this period are more practical. The area of ​​the kitchen varies from 7 to 8 m2. The ceilings are slightly longer than usual. But in such houses, unfortunately, the probabilities of redesign are very minimal, since most walls are bearing. The only place where you can change something is a corridor, a bathroom and a balcony. If there is a cumbersome corridor, you can create a dressing room by taking it as a square, or as a separate room. The size of the kitchen can also be changed a little, due to its smooth transition to the corridor.

Shared Bathroom

What would a combined bathroom contained not only functionality, but also aesthetics, it is recommended to divide the bath and toilet with lighting. Lamps and light bulbs can be placed above the place where the bath itself is located.


Stalinkas have always been considered prestigious housing. Such apartments were built in the forties and fifties, were at the time the embodiment of a dream of quality housing. It is worth mentioning that the stalinkas are in great demand in our time. They are original in that they have high ceilings, spacious and large rooms, and most of the cases have interesting layouts of rooms. Distinctive advantage of the steel, is that they practically do not have load-bearing walls within the apartments, and this in turn gives a chance to plan an ideal, truly functional space. The total area even in dvuhshkah is quite extensive. In stalinka, there is an opportunity to reschedule a full-fledged three-room monastery from two rooms. You can demolish all the walls and equip an apartment-studio with a lot of space and free space. Designers prefer to combine the kitchen with the corridor. As a result, get a large area for the kitchen area and recreation.

An example of a design in a Stalinist apartmentAn example of a design in a Stalinist apartment

In the stalines there is the possibility to create a dwelling with elements of the second floor. It can be an extra floor-bed in your bedroom, or a two-story playhouse for a child in a nursery.

Apartments n 44 and p 44t

Often, the interior walls and floor are quite modern and meet the quality, they will require a minimum of work for leveling. Negative point - they do not have a lot of potential for redesign. In such apartments you can only connect the bathroom and combine the balcony with one of the rooms. Sometimes it is possible to connect the kitchen and the rooms, but it is extremely rare, and often - the wall between the living room and the kitchen is unbearable. High ceilings give the possibility of design with the help of "stretch ceilings", or the erection of complex ceilings. To enlarge the bedroom, you can combine it with a balcony, eventually get a spacious bedroom.

Kitchen connected to the corridorKitchen connected to the corridor

The erection of new repairs is initially planned for old, Soviet buildings. Repair must include the renewal of engineering systems. This applies to the wiring, which absolutely does not meet the current requirements, it is already completely worn out. It will be necessary to replace all wires and cables. We do not forget that in the distant past people used less equipment and, accordingly, there were few outlets in the apartments. This should be considered during the arrangement of the dwelling. The main task is to make as many outlets as possible and to think about how to decorate them.

A couple in the style of ProvenceA couple in the style of Provence

New buildings

In new homes, everything is much simpler than in all previous versions. Now each complex has its own, author's layout, even in one complex there can be a lot of different design options. In this case there are practically no problems with the design. Since there is a chance to initially find that ideal layout, to which the future owner will seek. But it's even easier in news houses - to take from the beginning "kopeck piece" in the form of a studio, then plan as soon as the soul desires.

The living space in the new buildings is marked by its uniqueness, functionality and spaciousness. Often in such apartments make windows in the floor, to create a panoramic view.

How to create the most functional zoning?

The division of space on the territory is a simple way to distinguish between different needs of life, while combining them in one style. Qualitatively designed zoning interior design two-bedroom apartment allows you to create all the amenities for living. Creating such "islands" for various functional purposes, you can place a number of different territories in one area. Often designers in their design projects of a 2-room apartment (united in a studio) in one zone have a guest room, a dining room and a kitchen area. The most successful zoning is the connection of the kitchen with the rest room. Often on the verge of these two sections there can be a dining room in the form of a table with chairs or a bar. Just as the adjacent semi-zone between the kitchen and the rest area, you can place part of the free room under the office.

Modern living room in a 2-room apartmentModern living room in a 2-room apartment in a panel house

Such modification as the zoning of the living room - bedroom is available in the case when the second room is given for the planning of the nursery. To achieve a good result will help modular furniture, where the bed is transformed into a sofa or a closet. There is another option as to divide the recreation area and the conditional bedroom with a decorative partition, creating the illusion of a separate room. The area for the cabinet can create a decorative partition in the corners.

Example of zoning Modification of the living room-cabinet in one room will look good when such an area is isolated from the kitchen. To distinguish the visual "office" from the rest area, we suggest using, for example, a double-sided shelving or a screen.

Room connected to the corridor

The bedroom cabinet is not a very good example of planning. But if this is the key point, then it is possible to allocate a zone for the cabinet. It will be convenient if you put a bed-transformer, so that it would fit into the closet.

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Workplace in the loggia

The living room-wardrobe is an excellent option for design. Wardrobes can be made open, closed, and combined. The wardrobe area can be endowed with a partition, cabinet, or any other modular design.

What to guide when choosing a style?

Times of apartments with the same design is already behind. Previously, in each apartment was to stand a sideboard, a set of furniture, consisting of a sofa, armchairs. If at that time there was no such design element in the dwelling - all, consider in vain equipped living space. Now they have moved away from the Soviet-style famous designs for one maneuver. Now each of us can stand out to author's interiors. First of all, space should be maximally functional, comfortable, practical. The main thing to consider is that you do not create only a model for a magazine or a website, but a full-fledged living quarters. If you competently approach the design of a two-room apartment, make a lot of effort - you will have to create a functional abode, with minimal space. First of all, you should give preference to the tastes of the owners.

Scandinavian style в интерьере

The decisive question is whether the whole apartment will be framed in the same topic, or each room will be diverted in different directions. Most of course manages to combine incongruous, and then give it out for a particular style, so we recommend that you familiarize yourself with some of the interior styles. It is recommended to combine more similar styles among themselves. And if we talk about the general direction, then this implies a single, common idea. Such can be an underline of dark shades by one bright, for example. One direction will help create a comfortable home, combine all the zones with more smooth transitions, so that they will not be noticeable at all.

Modern style

For two-room apartments with an isolated room, one style of decoration is suitable. Often in two-room apartments connect the living room with a kitchen. Actually decorating in modern areas of the interior, giving preference to functionality, emphasizing untouched space. If the main zone is made in modern directions, when decorating a bedroom, preference is given to comfort, building a bias on the home and soft style of decoration. Just different directions in planning can be used when the second room is given to the layout of the nursery.

Modern in the style of an apartment

But decisive in the choice will be the possibility of redesigning the design of 2-room apartment. It will be necessary to carefully think through each accessory to maintain the style of the Empire in a typical Khrushchev that the apartment does not look nalyapistoy from a large number of decor elements.

Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style характеризуется лаконичностью, простотой. Этот легкий, гибкий стиль, подходит абсолютно любому дому, будь то частный дом или миниатюрна квартирка. Здесь все элементы интерьера не стоят просто так, каждый из них представляет какую-то функцию. В таких домах нет бессмысленных вещей. Этот стиль по душе многим, так как с помощью него можно добиться комфорта, придать удобства жилищу. Направлению присуще большое количества свободного пространства, света. Зачастую получается хорошо обыграть интерьер двухкомнатной квартиры с совместной гостиной и кухней.

Scandinavian style в гостиной

В скандинавском стиле предпочитают пастельные, мягкие, теплые тона оттенков. Их невесомость можно разбавить яркими аксессуарами различных декоративных элементов. Стоит особо уделить внимание цвету стен — это может быть классический однотонные белый, или любой другой пастельный тон. Обыграть такие их помогут аксессуары фурнитуры различных натуральных оттенков-элементы декора из дерева, натурального камня. Все эти элементы хорошо сочетаются с искусственно состаренным металлом. Scandinavian style характеризуется наличием большого количества яркого текстиля с обилием ковров. Так же узнать скандинавский стиль помогут шкуры, пледы, различные мягкие аксессуары, которые делают квартиру уютнее, светлее, теплее. Стиль содержит много светлых оттенков.

Scandinavian style в комнате

High tech

High tech это новый взгляд на быстроразвивающиеся новые технологии. Его главные характеристики это горизонтальные и вертикальные четкие линии, преобладающие воздушность, максимальная функциональность, большое количество железных элементов. Здесь вы не увидите ни одного ковра — все сделано просто и лаконично. Зачастую стены возводят с однотонной окраской, так же могут использоваться однотонные глянцевые обои. Полы часто имеют глянцевый, гранитный или наливной вид. Если уж нужно все-таки ковровое покрытие — выбирают ковры с минимальным ворсом. Цветовая гамма включает в себя однотонные оттенки — черный, белый, серый. Очень часто дизайнеры используют много металлических аксессуаров, разбавляя их яркими дополнениями элементов декора. Из ярких цветов, популярностью пользуется зеленый, индиго, оранжевый, алый. Какой бы вы цвет не выбрали, он будет подчеркивать контраст всего интерьера.

High tech в двушке

In the direction of high-tech prefer geometric images, in almost all elements of the interior. Most often, the material of manufacture is preferred by metal. The base of the table can be made of metal, but the flat surface of glass itself. The interior includes many rectangles and regular circles. Speaking of lighting, high-tech likes hanging light bulbs. Built-in lamps will look harmonious with the hanging lamps. Hi tech is quite strict, he prefers a lot of cold white light.

High tech дизайн маленькой двухкомнатной квартиры

They use quite restrained decor elements. Accessories should be at a minimum. Hi tech loves a lot of pictures on the walls, preferably black and white. Attention is also paid to technology, it should be a lot - a large plasma, a stationary computer, an acoustic system can become the underscoring elements of such an apartment.

The living rooms look strict and laconic, but the clear rooms on the contrary are not shown for high-tech style. The room in such tones will be preferred by teenagers, bachelors.


Изысканный прованс подходит для декора маленьких комнат. Это такой нежный, теплый стиль. Его основные предпочтительные цвета — достаточно насыщенные, но не яркие цвета. Provence характерны молочные оттенки — белый, оливковый, зеленый, лавандовый, охра, бежевый, молочный, цвет морской волны. Дизайнеры часто используют светлые элементы декора. Для покраски стенок используют однотонную, часто голубую краску. В этом стиле очень редко встречаются бумажные обои с цветочными принтами.

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hall design in a two-room apartment

With the help of interesting furniture finishes, you can achieve harmony between the rustic spirit of Provence and the urban bustle. The furniture is specially artificially aged, but it has an amazing appearance. The main thing is to look like this lamp is already 200 years old, but it is still at the peak of popularity, and it even shines! Any cracks, swiftness and other signs of wear and tear are welcome! But the new furniture is one thing, but if the apartment with the style of Provence has antiques - quite another thing! Such an accessory will be the highlight of your home. The floor is often covered with ceramic tiles. Curtains necessarily light, monophonic. The ceiling in such an apartment should be white, without different designs and stretch ceilings. To make your house more stylish, use different accessories in the style of country.

Style Provence

Provence любит много милых аксессуаров. Здесь приветствуются картины с простыми сюжетами в рамках пастельного цвета, различные статуэтки, ангелочки, живые цветы и растительность. Идеально подойдут картины Гапчинской с ангелочками. Так же очень подойдут к интерьеру вазы с искусственными полевыми цветами, корзины с фруктами и овощами. Так как прованс это деревенский стиль, здесь много внимания уделяется именно простоте. Отличным элементом декора станет скатерть в клетку на кухне, или плед с цветочной вышивкой на диван.


Minimalism представляет собой простой, элегантный, функциональный и лаконичный стиль. Это означает полный отказ от декора. Сдержанная мебель, вносит контраст, тем самым оживляя интерьер. Здесь рациональность доминирует над красотой. Интерьер включает в себя много геометрических фигур, любит однотонность. Самое главное во всех аксессуарах в такой квартире — каждый из них должен нести четкую функциональность, иначе такой аксессуар не нужен.

Living room in minimalist style

Цветовая палитра минимализма состоит из четких оттенков — белого, черного, красного или серого. В большинстве случаев белый цвет используется как фоновый, а все остальные цвета создают контраст и дополняют основной цвет соей сочностью. Стены часто покрывают жидкими обоями. Потолки ровные, однотонные. За такими потолками могут скрываться элементы освещения. Minimalism любит доски и много дерева. Пол в этом случае покрывается паркетом или пробкой, а поверх него стелется однотонный ковролин с мелким ворсом. В стиле минимализм лучше всего оформлять ванную комнату. Так как лишние элементы в такой зоне в принципе не нужны.

In the interior there should be a lot of furniture of regular geometric shapes. The abundance of glass and metal is welcome - large glass countertops, metal racks and legs in the fittings - an excellent sign of minimalism. In this style, preference is given to simple shapes and light silhouettes. Basically furniture from natural materials such as cotton and linen is welcomed. If the apartment has different shelves and racks, you need to achieve the effect of dissolving these accessories. They should be an integral part of the walls.

Minimalism в черном цвете гостиной

The details themselves in such an interior create a buoyancy. You can also play with the dilution of this interior with exotic objects, especially if they are made of wood. Stylishly it will look bright furniture in a white room. Or vice versa - a dark sofa in the dairy walls.

Each Remodeling

Exquisite style, able to competently combine modern life with a classic style. Art Deco differs from all styles in that it is fully open for any kind of experiments. Bright colors such as purple, magenta, indigo, emerald, sapphire are very often used here. Also sometimes, as additional colors, metallic, gold, black or blue are used. In a style such as art deco, the main element in the design should be a "bright spot", it can be a wall or a large accessories accessory.

Bright living room in Art Deco style

In the Art Deco style, they prefer a lot of furniture. Various author's unique statues and interior items are welcome. In such an interior there must be a lot of porcelain, mirrors and wood. In general, ethnic accessories will decorate such an apartment well. Any products brought from different countries will complement your exotic interior. In the Art Deco style, a separate place is occupied by paintings. Any images are welcome. On one wall can often hang not one picture, besides, they can be completely different.

Restrained living room in the Art Deco style

English style

England is associated with elegance, refinement, aristocracy and restraint. This style will suit connoisseurs of a more peaceful way of life. In the Middle Ages, an ordinary citizen of any of the cities of Albion lived in apartments that are approximately equal to today's one-room apartments. Therefore, this style, calm and peaceful could and now may well be the design of your apartment perfectly combined with the noise of the modern metropolis.

Living room in English style

The main distinguishing feature of the English style is the fireplace. Elegance will give a bookcase, and wooden furniture. The color palette of tender tones is white, olive, gray. Style loves monotony in everything. The presence of different candlesticks will give a highlight to the interior.

Each of these styles has its own obligatory decor elements. When choosing a style for your apartment, it is not necessary to stick to one direction. It should be remembered first of all that the apartments are not created for photos in magazines, but for everyday life. The main thing is that the design of a two-room apartment brings not only an aesthetic but also a functional pleasure to its residents.