How to visually enlarge a small kitchen? a dozen good advice

Interior design of a small kitchen

Each of us dreams of own residence or a luxurious country house. That's where fantasy can go! But, dreaming about mansions, you do not need to ignore your own small apartments. A tiny kitchen and a dining room in the house, of course, are not ideal. But you can still create a beautiful and colorful atmosphere, if you want.

A good modern design is always a mix of aesthetics and ergonomics, regardless of the size of the room. Today we will look at a number of tricks that visually increase your kitchen. Most of our advice does not require much effort. In order to get a comfortable environment it is not necessary to hire a team of workers and demolish the walls. It's worth starting with something simpler!


Experiment with light in any room, and you will see how effective this tool is! In fact, not giving it proper value, you can spoil even a spacious room. Often the kitchen, combined with the dining room, is the focal point of the house, so feel free to use all possible light sources. Do not obstruct the window at all! If you have a habit of keeping something on the windowsill, get rid of it. Dense curtains are better to change to light tulle curtains.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Smooth shiny surfaces

Regardless of the color scheme of the kitchen, you can always add a little bit of dynamics using metal utensils and household appliances. Glossy worktops, chrome panels, polished parquet - it's easy to find a way that suits you. Mirror surfaces add space to light and space - do not miss this detail!

Interior design of a small kitchen

Use light shades

A light translucent color palette will create a harmonious consistent design. Refrain from using bright and massive pieces of furniture. Choose two or three light shades and do not back away from them. Just do not think that white is the only right decision. There are many options: mint-green, sand, turquoise, purple!

Interior design of a small kitchen

Open shelves

Try replacing cabinets with open shelves and racks. Simplicity is the best choice for small rooms. Therefore, take a closer look at minimalism. In addition, such shelves will encourage you to order!

Interior design of a small kitchen


Если отказаться от шкафчиков нет возможности – установите прозрачные дверцы. Glass не просто добавит пространства, но и послужит дополнительным стимулом для поддержания порядка. Как вариант можно использовать матовое или фактурное стекло. В стеклянном шкафу, как на витрине – все необходимые ингредиенты всегда под рукой.

Open glass shelves with crockery in the interior of a small kitchen


Perhaps it sounds trite, but choose furniture and useful kitchen accessories that will take up a little space. Small kitchen islands, narrow bar stools, lockers-transformers, which use the maximum useful area. It is this interior design of a small kitchen offered by the modern architect Hero Sarinen. All his works seem to have come to us from the Middle Ages, but they do not need to be charmed and practical!

Cabinets and shelves with products in the interior of a small kitchen

One color solution

It's no secret that the most difficult thing in planning a small kitchen is to place racks and pendant lockers. They occupy all possible free space. In order to fix this, decorate open shelves in the same color palette with walls. This will literally dissolve them in space!

Interior design of a small kitchen

Clear lines and a single style

Refuse the pretentious details in the design of the interior of a small kitchen. Different shades and variations will make it ridiculous and disjointed. But simple geometric patterns and lines you can use quite calmly. They will not hurt. The usual kitchen tile can create a real trick, creating the illusion of extra space.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Built-in wardrobe

If your kitchen is irregularly shaped or there is a niche in the wall - it's just a gift for the designer. After all, you can place a built-in buffet here. You will not spend a centimeter of precious space! This is the best solution you can dream about. In addition, it is not difficult to re-equip a niche! You can do it yourself.

Interior design of a small kitchen


Symmetry – весьма важный аспект для небольших помещений. Зеркальные узоры, текстуры и цвета придают комнате более просторный и привлекательный вид. Но для поддержания эффектного вида нужно содержать кухню в идеальном порядке.

Interior design of a small kitchen