Exquisite embodiment of the scandinavian style in the

Interior of the living room in Scandinavian style

Kate St. Hill was already doing repairs in her three-room London apartment about 6 years ago, when she lived in it along with several school friends. But then the girlfriend moved down, and boyfriend Kate moved to her, and the time has come for the transformation of the youth hostel into a nest for a couple in love.

For this, the girl re-plastered the walls in the living room, she laid the carpets in the bedrooms, and designed the entire interior in a snow-white range to emphasize the expressiveness of bright furniture, bedspreads, pillows and paintings.

We invite our readers to tour the renovated space of Kate St Hill's apartment.

Initial data

Location: Central Londonowners: Kate St. Hill and her young man Size: 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom

At a time when female students lived in the apartment, this living room was used as a bedroom. Now this is Kate's favorite room.

Every person needs to have a place where he can relax and relax. The owner of the apartment prefers to do this after a morning newspaper, a cup of good coffee and breakfast from a French bakery next door, opening the door leading to a small balcony.

Scandinavian style strongly influenced the aesthetic perception of Kate. She felt it during her two-month tour of the Nordic countries a couple of years ago.

Visits to the studio of the Finnish designer Anwar Aalto and the store Marimekko made an indelible impression on the girl. The furnishings from Ikea played with new colors in combination with different elements. So, the sofa Karlstad markedly changed due to cushions of colorful cotton and dark linen.

Interior of the living room in Scandinavian style

The white walls serve as a beautiful backdrop for showing off the favorite things of the owner of an apartment like this chair with metal legs from Eames, donated for Kate's birthday by her boyfriend.

St. Hill works in the editorial office of the magazine and gravitates to the print format, just like her boyfriend. Hence the impressive stack of glossy editions on the floor.

A small bookshelf in the living room

This rack is very like Kate. It contains a huge number of various subjects. The girl believes that all kinds of postcards, magazines and other trifles make up the individuality of any home.

Open shelves on the wall

Coming from the 60's charming Scandart chair with a dark gray upholstery and teak frame is distinguished by the purity of lines that Kate wanted to see in the space of her home. She was lucky enough to discover this rarity on eBay.

Soft chair on wooden legs

In fact, Kate had a limited budget, so many things were purchased on eBay, including this Saarinen-style dining table.

Another good finding - the chair Ercol, bought at a local antiques fair for $ 25. A large-scale shot of Kate Moss by the photographer Mario Testino added bright accents to the calm palette of the living room.

A picture on the wall above the dining area

Located in the back of the apartment kitchen became the subject of Kate's design research. It is much smaller and darker than both bedrooms and living room.

White modules from Ikea, installed along two adjoining walls, form a streamlined modern image of the interior, and a stainless steel table top decorated with a breakfast rack.

Kitchen interior in Scandinavian style

Open shelves all from the same Ikea do not completely clutter the narrow space of the kitchen. They show the best items from the collection of Chinese porcelain Kate, bringing the romance of pastels into a detached, white decor of the walls.

Open shelves in a small kitchen

On a simple white cork board, Kate's favorite photos and postcards are collected.

Stand for photos in the kitchen

Exiting to the south side of the window of one of the bedrooms allow the sun's rays to generously illuminate and warm the room. The abundance of white color helps maintain a cheerful atmosphere during the most cloudy London days.

The Indian panel on the wall contrasts with the modern brevity of a double bed from Ikea, bedside tables and bed linen.

Bedroom interior in Scandinavian style

Mirror in full growth also helps to increase the illumination of the bedroom. The adjacent chair is bought at a local antique fair.

Mirror cabinet in the bedroom

Composed on the color of the book should cause a visual interest in those present.

Open shelves for books

Finishing the color of coffee with milk warms the interior of the bathroom, and the set of sparkling chrome parts does not allow it to seem too dark.

Bathroom interior in coffee colors

Boxes with flowering lavender decorate the balcony next to the living room.

Lavender forged on the balcony