Lyrical incarnation of the scandinavian style in the compact

Interior of the living room in Scandinavian style

Is it worth it to spend priceless square meters on the placement of intricate furniture and countless decor items in conditions of space shortage? Many will agree that it will be more correct to make a choice in favor of simple design, clean and concise.

But these qualities are fully inherent in the Scandinavian style, which was the basis for the design of a small apartment in the center of Stockholm.

Vanilla shade flooring sets the tone of the color palette of the entire interior. Her beige, silvery and pink components fill the atmosphere with tranquility and sophistication.

An unexpected combination of textures and a combination of diverse lighting fixtures provide expressiveness and exquisite bohemian decor.

To form the necessary depth of the image of this one-bedroom apartment, the designers decided to fill its space with heterogeneous in style, shape and texture elements.

A soft sofa with a neutral upholstery adjoins the mirror table in the form of an elongated cylinder, while laconic floor lamps in the style of the 70's seem to bow before the regal beauty of a pendant lamp that radiates the radiance of crystal.

The sense of contrast and heterogeneity reinforces the long-carpet carpet in the center of the room and the bright posters of the author's work on the walls.

Despite the lack of square meters, the authors of the project firmly decided not to overload the interior with utilitarian objects. The entire width of the wall opposite the sofa is a low cabinet, which serves to showcase stylish decor elements-vases, candlesticks, flower pots-with flowers-than for storing things.

Small dining area Living room in white Bedroom in the living room Sleeper in the living room Bedroom in Scandinavian style

The kitchen, bathroom and dining area, arranged in the hallway, are decorated in a modern style, expressed in this case by an abundance of white and glossy surfaces, laconic ambience and graphic decor.

Hall in Scandinavian style Kitchen in Scandinavian style Kitchen and bathroom in Scandinavian style Dining room in the hallway

The secret of the discrepancy between the real area of ​​the apartment and the visual perception of its dimensions is the use of a light palette and the correct arrangement of expressive accents.

One-room apartment layout Balcony

This interior is a vivid proof of the fact that spatial and financial constraints naturally stimulate the imagination of owners and designers. In these conditions, each project can become a true masterpiece of design art.