How to make flaws of the attic charming qualities?

Living room in the attic

This apartment in the old house is under the roof itself, and each part has a corner with a bevel. Moreover, after removing the unnecessary septum, a wide column remained in the center. And yet, experts were able to pull everything out of the dwelling that would make it stylish and useful, simply cozy.

Decorative elements in the living room Bedroom in the attic room

Now the notorious column has a sofa that has only benefited from this neighborhood. A small, custom-made kitchen is not only extremely compact, but also looks elegant, and also includes everything the hostess needs. Its snow-white facades perfectly match the steel of the furnace.

Kitchen in the attic room Kitchen in white color

Wall decoration in a spacious dining room is the installation of a cupboard, skimming the bevel of the ceiling. Here you can take guests and work - furniture is chosen taking into account the availability of qualities of versatility and functionality.

Round dining table Dining area by the window Dining room in minimalist style

The feminine appearance of the bedroom, as well as the dressing room, looks mysterious and seductive, it is unusual due to the features of the attic. And even a narrow corridor is furnished with all the necessary details, from the hanger to the table.

Small dressing room Glass bedside table in the bedroom Entrance hall in white color Round mirror in the hallway

If for a family such housing will be too close, then for a single person or a young couple it will become a source of special romantic experiences. Would you like to live in such an apartment?