Ready-made mini-house project: interesting ideas

Ready-made mini-house project

Ready-made mini-house project: we build with the mind

Such a ready-made mini-house project is the cherished dream of many. Those wishing to have their own homes literally lined up for the exhibition at the Toronto's National Home Show. After all, you can see a new project at home, which is offered by Tiny House. This, still quite a young Canadian company, surprised and pleased with its non-standard approach to construction issues.

Ready-made mini-house project от Tiny House

Canadian Teremok

The design of houses on wheels is very specific. It should be understood that in such a house you do not have much free space. In this project the central place and most of the space is occupied by the kitchen.

Ready-made mini-house project: кухня

Kitchen in a small house on wheels

Ready-made mini-house project: светлый интерьер

Spacious kitchen in light colors in a mini house

In addition, the house has a very cozy bathroom with all amenities, a toilet and a shower. The plus of the project is the lack of problems with sewerage. The toilet is equipped with a special waste container. It is very convenient.

Ready-made mini-house project: ванная

Bathroom in the mini-house

And what a cozy recreation area. The whole secret lies in the right furniture.

Ready-made mini-house project: зона отдыха Ready-made mini-house project: удобная мебель

A rest corner for those who are tired

Climbing the stairs, you find yourself in a small attic. There you can lie in silence or lie down with a book. A small window will be an excellent ventilation and you will not feel so hot.

Ready-made mini-house project: чердак

Loft-style loft

The house is made of very high-quality environmentally friendly materials, which also supports the concept of environmental protection. After all, such small spaces are not only a way to save money, but also an opportunity to cause less damage to nature.

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