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Interior of a small studio apartment

The modern cabinet from Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Owners of tiny houses always face the problem of a comfortable and stylish location in the apartments of various functional areas and areas. Today in our new article we will bring to your attention interesting solutions of talented specialists in the arrangement of small apartments.

Look for opportunities for furniture and accessories

Modest apartments do not mean that you can not enjoy a full life.

Currently, talented masters offer a large number of creative decor ideas and solutions for the transformation of apartments with a small footage, as well as opportunities for a functional and practical location of the headset, household appliances and jewelry.

An interesting studio apartment in the next photo is an excellent example of a multifunctional space with an incomparable interior, aged in a light tinted palette, and an excellent location of the main zones.

Pay attention to how simple and practical the working place for fruitful work activity is, the comfortable living area with a soft sofa and TV niche, and also a miniature corner for sleeping.

The graphs in the following photo illustrate how the expert creatively designed a non-standard design of the room with a total area of ​​20 square meters. He harmoniously united in a modest room various zones - kitchen, bedroom, dining room and entertainment room.

On the third chart, you are presented with a diagram of overlapping of these spheres.

The layout of a small studio apartment

Проект от Jordan Parnass Digital Architecture

Specialist Felice Cohen (Felice Cohen) for a long time lived in unusual house with an area of ​​9 square meters, where he in a practical and functional manner arranged all the necessary spheres and areas.

In the next photo, your look is presented with a working area with a computer desk and shelves for storing clothes, books and accessories.

Work area with computer desk and shelves for storage

Multifunctional design from Felice Cohen

The architect and writer John Hill (John Hill) has been living in a tiny space for many years. He independently designed the decoration of the apartments, superbly placing in one room several areas - kitchen, dining room, bedroom and guest cabin.

Hill equipped roomy shelves and storage niches above cabinets and other items of the furniture set away from windows to make the room as open as possible. The apartment had high ceilings, so the architect equipped the second tier, where he arranged a bedroom and a dressing room.

The layout of a two-level studio apartment

Solutions for replanning from John Hill

Designer Leslie Banker (Leslie Banker) has developed a project of a tiny boudoir for a client with a stunning home decor. For decoration, a modular headset was chosen, which can be folded when not in use, freeing up space for other functions.

High ceilings and two window openings perfectly transform a modest apartment and fill the atmosphere with dazzling sunshine and natural warmth, forming excellent conditions for life and recreation.

The layout of a small studio apartment

Layout from Leslie Banker

Living in a small house requires the owner of discipline and a clear understanding of the priorities of life, which will determine which items of furniture, household appliances, personal belongings and clothing are necessary for a person for a comfortable and fulfilling life.

We presented to your attention interesting ideas and ways to redevelop the apartments with a minimum footprint, which allow you to arrange in a small space all the main functional areas.

Tell us what ideas home decor you used in your own apartment.