Warm plaids and bedspreads - 33 ideas with photo

Blankets and bedspreads are created in order to give warmth, create convenience during the rest and make an interesting note in the design of the bedroom or living room. In this article, you will learn how to make a beautiful bedspread on a bed or sofa with your own hands. Such a thing will become a unique decoration of the interior and at the same time it will save your money. Moreover, the very process of creating it will help you to get away from worries, to have a productive rest and relax in your own way. How can you make beautiful blankets and cover with your own hands? Read further in our article with 33 photo ready-made examples and step-by-step instructions!

How to make plaids and bedspreads with your own hands

How can I make a blanket or plaid by myself: options

When you choose how to make a blanket with your own hands, note that he must support the overall concept of interior design, combined with wallpaper, style of furniture and the color of curtains. The most popular options for today to make bedspreads on a bed or sofa include:

  1. Tie plaid with a hook or spokes;
  2. Sew from numerous patches (patchwork);
  3. To make a plaid of pompoms made by own hands;
  4. Sew a double-sided veil of two kinds of fabric.

Let's take a look at photos of interesting examples and step-by-step instructions on how to apply all of the above methods.

Cozy knitted plaids and covered with their own hands

Very cool and really cozy in the interior looks knitted plaid. As a rule, it brings a note of a rustic or bohemian style, although in a monotonous version and with a dense knitting it can look quite modern. In the process of creating a knitted plaid with their own hands, it is not necessary to follow one pattern. You can make your own adjustments, play with the color of the threads and embody the plan conceived into reality, without limiting yourself to anything. Several such ideas for creativity with knitting needles and crochet are presented to you on the following photos. Pay attention to how impressive and stylishly looks plaid, made a large knitting with their own hands.

Small knitted plaids and covered with their own handsHandsome knitted plaid on the sofa with your handsAn unusual way to tie a plaid with your own handsAlso read: Knitted hand-made articles for home decorationKnitted coverlet on the bed with your own hands Crocheted plaids and blankets themselves Knitted plaid on the bed with your own hands in fashionable colorBlankets with a large viscous:A small plaid of large viscous handsBedspread on the bed of a large viscous hands How to make a plaid large knit with your hands - a step-by-step photoAn unusual floral plaid, crocheted: Unusual floral plaid with your own hands crochetedHow can you decorate the bedspread with brushes:How you can decorate the veil with your own hands Knitted covers with own hands - 33 ideas with photo Knitting tuna крючм:How to tie a stylish plaid with your hands - photo step by step The best knitted blankets and covered with their own hands on 33 photos

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A simple way to sew a patchwork patchwork

Sewing a quilt is not a difficult, albeit a fairly lengthy process. All the necessary materials for him you will find at hand: old pillow cases, curtains, clothes etc.

How to sew a blanket from shreds with your own hands? Here is the step-by-step instruction:

  1. Decide on the dominant shade of the fabric, and then select colors that blend well with it.
  2. Using a cardboard template, ruler and scissors, cut the required number of square shreds. Traditionally, their size is 15 * 15 cm. About 1 cm on each side of the square will leave on the seams.
  3. Alternating different patterns and colors of fabrics, sew all the pieces together. This will be the front cover of the patchwork.
  4. With a hot iron, smooth the inner free edges of the squares;
  5. As the back of the veil, you can use a sheet, a single piece of cloth or shreds.

How to sew patchwork bedspread with your own hands - step by step photo

At your discretion, you can leave the seams outside and slightly "ruffle" them, and also decorate the patchwork patch with an extra line, as in the next photo.

Baby patchwork quiltsQuilting Yourself - How to Make a Patchwork

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By the way, there is another interesting way to make a patchwork cover with your own hands - from crocheted patches. Step-by-step instructions and examples of ready-made works are below in the photo:

Knitted baby patchwork patchwork with your own hands Knitted bedspread for a bed in a nursery in the style of patchwork Knitted in patchwork style covered with own hands

Instructions for creating a plaid of pompoms with their own hands

Funny and very soft plaid of pompoms can also be made by themselves using different methods:

  1. Decorate the knitted bedspread with pompons;

Plaid of pompoms with their own hands - the best ideas

2. Tie pom-poms to a special base of threads, which can be done with a simple home frame;

Knitted plaids and bedspreads from pompoms own hands

3. Sew pom-poms on a dense textile base;

Bright plaid of different pompoms with their own hands

4. Bind the volume viscous.

Simulation of pompoms of bulk viscous - the idea for a rug

Below we offer you some simple ways to make pompoms with your own hands.

How can you make pompoms with your own hands? Also read: How to make balls for the New Year with your own handsHow easy is it to make a lot of pom-poms - a step-by-step photo The easiest way to make a plaid of pompoms with your own hands

How to sew a bedspread on a bed with your own hands - 5 photos

In winter, an additional blanket will be very handy. And the warmth will be presented, and the bedroom design will be updated. This season it is fashionable to decorate a bed with a large cage, monophonic fabrics with a nap and New Year's motives. We offer you a photo for inspiration and step-by-step instructions on how to sew a double-sided blanket on the bed with your own hands.

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