Interior of a small studio apartment for guests. san

Dining area in studio apartment

A small studio apartment. Interior of the kitchen area after the transformation

Small apartment-studio, interior which was completely transformed by the joint efforts of the owners and designer Matt Bailey, was found quite by accident. The couple collided with a neighbor in the stairwell, and he offered them to inspect their apartments, which were already on sale by that time. A cursory glance was enough to determine what tremendous opportunities this room holds.

Small corner kitchen

But how the apartment looked originally

The design of the apartment in which Gabriel and Thomas reside is very bizarre and complex. Therefore, they decided to arrange the guest apartments as easily as possible. Ordinary white tiles, stainless steel sink, shockproof worktops that do not require special care - all these items can be found in any furniture store.

The facades of cabinets, chairs and parts of lamps are made of recycled wood. They create a relaxed atmosphere and bring an interesting industrial flavor to the interior.

Kitchen mezzanine with sliding doors

The choice of sliding doors is due to the proximity of the cabinets with the hood

Wooden kitchen furniture with steel details

The combination of two materials - wood and steel - the main feature of the interior

Bedroom with large windows

Before the transformation, the sleeping place looked like this

Tree in the design of the bedroom

The headboard of a bed from a file of wood echoes with a picture on wallpaper

When there are no guests, the spouses use the studio as a home office or simply live in it for a while, wishing to change the situation. Sometimes it is very useful to drink a cup of coffee in an unfamiliar environment in order to gain inspiration for new ideas.

Creating an original design does not always require serious efforts and long searches. In order to give the atmosphere an individuality, often there are quite a few accents, if you approach their choice with fantasy. Share this information with your friends and take it to your note.