Gold color in the interior: examples of design and

Gold color in the interior

Solar glare, enclosed in an elegant golden color, enlivens any decoration, making it shine with luxury and aristocracy. Golden color in the interior is a symbol of wealth and respectability. A skillful combination of the inviting shade of noble metal with other deep colors will turn even the most mediocre room into royal apartments. And although the golden color is quite complex, you should not abandon its use during the design of the room.

The choice of golden is more inclined to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Some experts attribute this to the fact that women are more sensitive to the harmony of colors and are able to more finessely combine unusual shades.

With a balanced implementation of beige and golden sparks will become the hallmark of the elegant premises, decorated in classical style, and complement the majestic interiors in Empire or Baroque styles. Fans of the Provence, loft or high-tech currents can also safely use solar metal parts to recreate a laid-back, yet elegant, design atmosphere that is of particular importance in the design of home furnishings.

Designer curtains in the living room

Rules for the use of color in the design of walls

  1. When decorating large surfaces, it is better to make bright accents, creating a composition with the help of paintings and mirrors in golden frames or panels with moldings imitating metallized elements.
  2. If the walls are painted with golden paint, all other parts must be made in neutral colors. Stop your choice on white or gray upholstered furniture, monochrome curtains and minimal details.
  3. Warm gold can visually reduce the room, so it is better to abandon its use in small and cluttered rooms.
  4. When choosing wallpaper with a mosaic decor, look at the strict geometric patterns and vertical lines. Monograms are appropriate only for pompous styles of Empire and Baroque, and ornate hieroglyphs - for the eastern currents.
  5. Avoid simultaneous combination of glossy and matte texture of gold elements.

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Overabundance of gold can spoil the overall impression of the interior. Therefore, this shade is to be used with particular caution for wall decor: in large areas, metal reflections can look flashy and tasteless.

Stylish decor elements Sand color for bedroom design  Gilding in the bathroom  Table setting  Bathroom in the mansion  The combination of black and gold

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Furniture in gold

Headsets in the colors of sunny autumn do not always look harmonious and elegant in the decoration. The abundance of golden details, elaborate carving and glossy upholstery sometimes look very tasteless. However, there are also win-win models of furniture, the tone gold of which flawlessly fits into certain styles.

A black or brown-gold armchair and a sofa with leather upholstery will be an excellent addition to the restrained classic direction. The strictness of such a color combination will be in harmony with the rest of the interior, in which small details of yellow and golden colors will be dotted.

Head office

Laconic white and gold furniture is suitable for spacious minimalist kitchens. Such kits are also suitable in loft-rooms, if the metallized decor is deliberately performed somewhat carelessly.

The decoration of the room in the style of high-tech can be supplemented with an elegant coffee table with a glass top on a golden frame. The combination of metal and glass is a fashion trend that looks quite modern and urban, which is especially suitable for a compact city apartment.

Black with gold in the interior


Lighting is an important part of the interior composition. Elegant fixtures help to place the necessary accents in the room and carry not only an aesthetic load, but also play an important functional role.

Golden-yellow lighting devices favorably look at the background of both light and dark walls.

Sand color in the bedroom

The versatility of a noble color allows you to achieve interesting design effects:

  • a combination of white and gold visually muffles the brilliance of the latter, without depriving the premises of solemnity and excitement;
  • The black and gold duet of the wall surface and the lamp gives the room a flair of mystery and discreet luxury.

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For lighting in golden tones, you should use a lamp with yellow light, which will perfectly match with the metal shine of the product.

For rooms decorated in vintage style, chandeliers, floor lamps, lamps and sconces with an artificially aged surface are suitable.

Interior of the living room in a private house

Decor and accessories of a golden hue

Excessive use of the tinsel shade in the decoration threatens to turn the room into a stronghold of bad taste. The dot decoration of the room with exquisite accessories influences the design to the exact opposite. Therefore, it is important to understand with what a capricious golden color is combined in the interior, and what decorations should be discarded. Elegant frames, dense curtain or air curtain with an unobtrusive golden print, exquisite tablecloths and other textiles are able to diversify the decoration and give the room a kind of "zest".

Studio apartment design Interior items in the living room  White with gold  Sand color in the interior  Living room in the cottage  Gilded Tableware

For a living room decorated in black and white, golden high vases for flowers, which can be combined with a window curtain and decorative cushions for upholstered furniture, selected in a similar color, will be an ideal accessory.

Like the paintings in the golden frames, unique porcelain dishes with gilding - another way to complement the decoration. Such accessories play a special role in retro interiors, the main focus of which is to emphasize vintage and antiques.

Modern bedroom

Glare gold: which style is best to use

Decor and accessories in golden shades harmoniously fit in many currents. If the styles of Empire, Baroque, Rococo are not always used in modern housing, the unsurpassed classicism finds its rightful place even in the apartments of the metropolis.

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The strictness and harmony of the classical style is subtly supplemented with gold decor, giving the room a special delicacy.

Colonial style Design project of the living room  Lighting in the room  Gilding in the interior  Stylish decor elements  Elite interior

Gold and retro interior are also inseparable from each other. Artificial darkening of the metal, a relief surface with the effect of craquelure give the room the same atmosphere of old chic.

The playful Art Nouveau gratefully absorbs the golden notes of various accessories: decorative cushions for upholstered furniture made of shiny fabric, original metal constructions with gleams of noble gold and fittings imitating valuable material are appropriate here.

Room in dark colors Sand shades in the interior  Gold and turquoise  Art Nouveau style  Art Deco in the interior  French style in the bedroom decor

The rooms in the loft style also need an elegant decor. Gold perfectly combines with turquoise and gray colors, which perfectly fit into the interior of this trend.

The combination of gold with other shades

Golden shade is known as a friendly neighbor for many tones. Saturated blue, warm brown, wine, terracotta, juicy emerald and ocher with the addition of soft glare looks even more noble.

Living room in classic style

Tandem solemn white and sun glare gold is considered to be one of the most elegant color combinations. This coloring is appropriate in almost every corner of the apartment:

  • hall;
  • bedroom;
  • bathroom;
  • compact hallway;
  • narrow corridor.

Bathroom in a private mansion

The deep black, supplemented by golden overflows, remains the invariable embodiment of style and chic. A similar combination in the decoration can be used in the form of dark textiles with a shiny print, black furniture with spectacular metal fittings and unusual dishes of carbon colors decorated with gilding.

The combination of gold and white in the interior of the living room

Gold can harmoniously combine with almost all light colors: peach, pastel pink, elegant beige. Any of these combinations can be chosen to decorate the children's room.

Applying gold in the bedroom

Often, the decoration of bedrooms is done in light colors, among which dominate beige, peach, white, milk and pearl. Details of golden shades perfectly complement this color palette, adding even more warmth to the room.

Spectacular textiles in the bedroom Gold-plated items in the bathroom  Marble and gold  Decor of the kitchen in the Baroque style  Royal Interior  The combination of brown and gold

For those who want to use the gold color in the interior to the maximum, it is worth taking a closer look at the art deco style. Golden wallpaper with a print corresponding to this current, will make the room solemn and cozy at the same time, and a dense heavy curtain will reliably protect the sleeping owner of the dwelling from the morning sunlight.

For baroque characterized by elaborate details: stucco molding, ornate frames and unusual lampshades lampshades. Having issued these details in gold, you can harmoniously complement the stylistic direction, recreating the authentic palace bedroom.

Wall decoration with gold leaf

Elegant textiles with golden ornaments will fit in the canons of classicism. A win-win option will be the repetition of an elegant ornament of bed linen on light translucent curtains.

The Golden Room

A spacious and bright living room does not need an abundance of gold details, unless you are aiming to recreate the styles of art deco, baroque or empire. For the hall it is appropriate to use the decor, which will become the center of the interior composition. For example, a stylish accessory can be a large wall clock or a large panel of textured wallpaper, in which there is glitter or shiny threads.

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Spacious bathroom

Original will look and a set of upholstered furniture, made in a golden-beige color scheme. To complement such furniture, it is enough to choose an authentic decor in the form of pillows with shiny brushes.

Against the background of wooden furniture, gold looks even more noble. Heavy sets with non-trivial carved legs and soft seats with upholstery made of golden fabric will become an indispensable part of the classic interior. Modern Art

Kitchen design with gold decor

Especially popular are the kitchens with an interior in retro style. Vintage mixers of golden and copper shades accurately emphasize the refined direction. Thanks to quality, high production technologies and precise assembly, these sanitary elements combine all the advantages of modern communications and the unique decorativeness of objects of old.

Black and gold cuisine can become a true style icon. The golden decor organically complements the depth of the dark glossy tile, in which reflections of noble metal will be reflected.

Reception room

Gold requires a decent neighborhood, so an elegant apron of tiles, imitating metal, it is appropriate to combine with a table top made of natural stone. Gold-plated fittings look harmoniously on the headsets of expensive wood.

The gray-yellow kitchen interior is also perfectly complemented by the decor of the sunny shades. Dishes with gilding, radiant cutlery, light stretch ceiling, filament curtains with impregnations of lurex will help make the decoration more original and not boring.

Interior in white color Design-project of a modern apartment  Furniture color gold  Finish gilding in the decor of the room  Married bedroom in gold color  Wallpapers with gilding

Gold in the bathroom decor

Bathroom - one of the few rooms in which you can safely use accessories of gold color. Here they serve as a kind of light glare that will form the basis of the interior concept. This design technique is simply indispensable if you plan to design this part of the house in a white and black range, the dominant color in which will be a dark one.

Dark shades in combination with gold

For such a bathroom, you can pick up a huge mirror in a luxurious gold frame. This accessory looks stylish against the background of black tiles and visually expands the space. Additional lamps that frame the mirror are not only very functional, but also bear an important aesthetic load.

Lighting in the bathroom

Varied interior can be elegant decorative elements, made in gold color:

  • heated towel rail;
  • dispenser for soap;
  • a hanger for bath accessories;
  • metal shelves.

The combination of wood and gold Sand walls  Minimalism in the interior  Light bedroom  Luxury interior  Spacious living room in a private house

Gold is a fascinating metal, the magical shade of which finds its rightful place in the decoration of the room. But the "gold rush" is dangerous in any form: an excess of radiant decor can turn even the most discreet interior into a cradle of kitsch and tastelessness. To maintain the aristocratic and noble design, use a shade of metal deliberately. And then the golden color in the interior will reveal all its wealth and uniqueness.