Laconic sterility - minimalistic chic in a white studio

Interior of studio apartment in white color

A spacious room in white color scheme

The given project of a habitation is very convenient for residing, and it can be made how it likes. It is meant for a young family just beginning to live together.

A modern studio apartment was created from two adjacent one-bedroom apartments. All the wishes of the owners were taken into account, and it turned out quite bright, spacious and without any extra elements.

An additional desire of customers was to make a room in a white minimalist style. Parents gave them a roomy leather sofa, and it was supposed to be the main piece of furniture in the combined room, each of which has an area of ​​44 squares.

Interior of studio apartment in white color

A cozy place for eating food

This space was very free, in which there is a bedroom separated from the common room, and in the main room there are recreation areas, a living room and a kitchen. There is also a huge bath and a spacious balcony.

Open doors in studio apartment

Stand for sink and built-in appliances

Closed doors in studio apartment

Studio apartment in white color

The most interesting piece of furniture in this apartment is a bookcase that can be pushed out of the wall and partitions that serve as doors and rotate 180 degrees around its axis. The cabinet can be moved together with partitions relative to the wall and change the functional space to your liking.

The bedroom can become one with the living room or be completely isolated from it, and if you push the cupboard, the living room will be completely fenced off from other premises. For this style, such multifunctional things are an excellent find - they save space and make it original.

Living room studio apartment in white color

Black sofa in the recreation room

Living room studio apartment in white color

Arched entrance to the white living area

Bookcase in the living room of studio apartment

A lot of books in a convenient bookcase

Living room studio apartment in white color

Spacious living room

Minimalism provides for a small amount of furniture, but here we went one step further: furniture is a real wall. The hallway is closed from the living room by a partition, which easily turns and turns into a chic bookcase.

Book shelving in studio apartment

Fashionable style in a modern apartment

Interior of studio apartment in white color

Wall surface covering furniture

The center of the living room is decorated with a partition. It demarcates the hallway from the resting place and has a TV on the sofa side, and there is a niche from the entrance area. In it, a wide table top is designed for the comfortable work of several people.

Above the work table there are capacious lockers for storing documents and various necessary trifles.

Studio apartment in white color

A beautiful interior solution for studio apartments

The small office is quite practical, although it is located far from the window, but the lighting here is good, and the light from the window does not light the computer screen.

Books, necessary for work, are removed not only in hanging lockers, but also in a bookcase. Without much effort, you can push him to the office and work without being distracted by trifles.

Studio apartment in white color

Fashion trend in innovative design

All wall panels, floor, ceiling and pieces of white furniture that turn the apartment into a sterile room and make it voluminous and exclusive. The feeling of spaciousness is enhanced by a single color scheme and one common style.

Kitchen studio apartment in white color

Dark accents on a light surface

The main highlight of the living room was a large leather sofa, made in a dark palette and diluting the overall snow-white picture. To the side of it is the dining area, where you can sit with friends or have a real romantic dinner.

Living room studio apartment in white color

Comfortable upholstered furniture for relaxation

A small kitchen is perfect for customers who spend most of their time traveling and are few in the apartment.

Dining studio apartments in white color

An intricate ball over a comfortable table

This cuisine satisfies all the wishes of the owners. Moving way of life is their credo, so cooking is not theirs. They make sandwiches, make tea and make fragrant coffee, like fast food, and not cooked food. All this explains why the place for cooking is pretty compact.

Kitchen studio apartment in white color

Unusual bar counter solution for newlyweds

Each zone in this ultra-modern studio apartment has its own lighting. The kitchen is equipped with ceiling lights, above the dining area hung an original ball, near the sofa, on both sides, there are floor lamps that turn in different directions and create an unusual light enchanting spectacle. The light from the floor lamps creates an atmosphere of warmth and comfort in the apartment.

Interior of studio apartment in white color

Round ceiling lamps

The bathroom is made in a practical style: the toilet is hung on the wall so that it can be easily cleaned here, the shower hides behind a glass partition that protects the room from splashing.

Bathroom studio apartment in white color

Transparent surfaces that impart a bath volume

The layout of the studio apartment

Complete layout of the layout of the dwelling

Layout with studio furniture

Plan for arranging furniture in the apartment