Decorating the walls with decorative plates +75 photo

Decorative plates on the wall

Modern designers recommend using decorative plates to give individuality to your interior. If you locate them correctly, taking into account the recommendations of professionals, this will dramatically transform your housing and place emphasis. In this article we have collected tips on how to place different decorative plates on the wall in accordance with the style of the room and its purpose, as well as information on how to create exclusive products with your own hands.

Original wall decor  East style  Provence in the interior  Art Deco  Simple decor

The first thing you should pay attention to when choosing plates is whether they will fit the color of the wall cover. If it is solid, light, choose the decor elements of bright, saturated colors, with unusual patterns that attract the eye. On the white walls, saucers with patterns in blue or red color will look great.

If you prefer the intense colors of the walls, then they will be appropriate for white plates with patterns under the background color.

Stylish kitchen interior

On any decorative plates, the pattern, color and the main line direction should ideally fit into the interior and be in harmony with other decor items indoors.


Plates are usually united in groups, they should be sustained in one theme. If you are a traveler and do not forget to bring a plate with the next spectacular view of the famous city in the autumn or winter, arrange the whole collection in one place.

Effectively and unusually look full panels from plates, which are assembled on the principle of mosaic.

Living room in the style of a cheby-chic

To select themes is in accordance with the general style of the room, for example, traditional saucers with Gzhel painting, floral motifs, etc., in the ethnic are most appropriate for unusual plates with folk paintings, copper trays, in loft items with abstract drawings. The connoisseurs of country-style should choose wicker dishes, and in their interior will be appropriate white ceramic dishes of different shapes, both monochrome and with traditional floral motifs.

Nuances of application for decor

Although there are a lot of options for placing plates on the walls and creating their compositions, it is necessary to take into account the nuances. If your home is strictly designed in the style of minimalism, use at once no more than three different cool tones for decor elements and make sure that the patterns on them are of the same theme.

Contemporary decor

Do not buy saucers in souvenir shops for the collection, it is better to give preference to products made in one copy. And you can show your own talents and learn how to decorate plates yourself, so that they fully reflect your preferences and emotions.

If there is a financial opportunity, buy plates from Maysen porcelain, they are an indicator of prosperity and immediately attract the attention of connoisseurs.

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Wall decoration with plates

Variants of placement on the wall

Plates belong to the right form, which makes their use in the interior practically unlimited. If you are concerned about whether the composition will look harmonious and advantageous, you can arrange these products according to one of the ready-made schemes from designers. Here are the most popular of them:

  1. Arrange the dishes in a row or a few rows on the shelves of the cupboard or a special rack using the coasters.
  2. Evenly distribute them on the entire empty wall.
  3. Make from the souvenir plates the correct geometric or simply arbitrary shape on the wall.
  4. Place symmetrically, for example, at the door niche.
  5. Make a wall panel from the plates, placing them as close to each other as possible so that the picture can be seen as one-piece.
  6. Choose products in one color or a similar theme and place on a special board.
  7. Arrange the decor elements in the form of a wave (this option is suitable for a wide wall).
  8. Place the plates vertically, strictly in size: from large to small or vice versa.

Design decoration of decorative plates

On the wall of the dining room - the most popular option

Decorative plates can be harmoniously arranged in almost any room, but more often they are used to decorate the dining room. The decor should match the shade of the walls and the color of the other interior items. For the dining room are ideal for different sized saucers with drawings of different themes, if they are sustained in one color scheme. Depending on your preferences, they can be either monophonic or decorated with interesting paintings, prints, with a bright and unusual border.

Especially effective in the dining room will look utensils from the elite collection, which will give the area for eating special solemnity.

Vintage Decor

Wall decor for kitchen space

For the kitchen, decorative plates are particularly relevant. Here, dishes with berry and fruit motifs will look great. In the kitchen there are few free walls, so you can arrange the saucers in niches, in the area of ​​washing or symmetrically near the cabinets. If you have a set with open upper shelves on the lockers, the plates can be placed there.

Harmoniously look plates in the kitchen in the style of Provence.

The kitchen belongs to the most dirty area in the apartment, so the decor elements located here will have to be regularly wiped, otherwise they may become covered with an unpleasant greasy coating.

Decorative plates

On the walls of the living room - creative design

The walls of the living room are often decorated with paintings or family photos, but well-chosen plates can also become a worthy highlight of the interior. You can place them in the area of ​​the sofa to emphasize one wall.

For this room the plates brought from different countries are also suitable, it is important to hang them safely. This will allow you and your friends to enjoy the favorite views and cities at a meeting, as well as remind you of a pleasantly spent spa time, about summer. Such plates will also be appropriate in the office.

Country style in the interior of the living room Vintage motifs  Hand-painted plates  Sea motifs in the decor  Elements of Damascus Style  Eastern painting of ceramics

Do you want to create and maintain a summer mood in this room during the year? Use bright glass dishes, preferably closer to the window.

If there is a fireplace in the living room, the plates are ideal to decorate the space above it: large elements of various shapes, including glass ones, will look great here.

We decorate the bedroom

For a bedroom the monophonic plates of the unusual form will approach more. They hang them more often in the head area, the most optimal arrangement is in the form of an arch. Combine the plates in a round and oval shape. It will look good in the bedroom plates in the ethnic style, braided from ropes or painted on ceramics.

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Shebbie-chic style Studio apartment  Creative decor  Decorative black and white plates  Vegetative motifs in the interior  Forged plate frame

You can also arrange them over a chest of drawers or effectively mirror the mirror. If the bedroom is decorated in the styles of vintage, cheby chic, it will organically look old plates that could get you from the past generations of your family. For a girl's bedroom, aged in pink colors, you can choose a discreet plate with a cute pattern and carved edges, placed on the wall with ribbons.

Decorative plates in the bathroom? Why not!

In the fashion of bold design solutions, therefore, and surprise with decorative plates in the bathroom is not so simple. This decor looks very organic and successful. If your bathroom is decorated in pastel colors, then wall compositions from plates of different sizes, shapes, whether monochrome or with plot or abstract patterns, will be appropriate here. You can use bright glass plates in the form of flowers or shells, they will add a sense of spring.

Bright accents in the decor of the room Oriental motifs in the decor  Ceramics for decoration  Style of botany  Painted plates  Creative decor стены в доме

In this room it is especially important to take care of the safety of your decor items. For their fastening on the wall, it is better to use special holders.

Hallways, corridors and halls

No less appropriate decorative plates in the hallway. Spectacular dishes with beautiful flowers will give individuality to this small room. Use bright and expressive plates, with unusual patterns, they will attract the glances of the guests of your house and point out your excellent taste.

Minimalism in the interior Ceramics in the interior  Creation is cozy with the help of decor elements  Damascus in the Decoration  Baroque Style  Wall decor with mandalas

In the hallway, compositions of 3-4 large dishes or original panels of small plates of different colors, sizes, shapes are appropriate. They will allow you to diversify the look of a monochrome wall, and will look especially well above the chest or shelf. Small-size dishes can decorate doorways.

How to make plates with your own hands

To buy a variety of decorative plates now is not a problem, but it is more interesting to make them with your own hands, so that the interior is absolutely individual. All you need is plain white plates, which will be used as blanks, varnish and paint.

Vintage wall plates

You can paint the base with ordinary acrylic paints or print a picture on the printer and transfer it using carbon paper, and then paint it. Important: for independent work, choose plates of ceramics (clay), on which the paint is laid most evenly.

Decoration methods

There are also more original ways of decoration, the most popular of which we will consider:


In this case, special napkins are used for decoration, which can be purchased in the shops of goods for creativity, although some craftsmen prefer to work with newspaper and magazine clippings or photographs. To decorate a dish in this technique, you will need a base, PVA glue, acrylic paints, brushes, a napkin or other suitable image, an acrylic surface treatment varnish, a water tank. Works are described step by step in the table

Gzhel in the interior Ceramics and wood in the interior  Miniature Plates for Decor  Modern in the interior  Bright decor elements  Maximalism in the interior

StageNecessary materials
1Preliminary preparation of the product - coating with acrylic lacquer in 5 layers. Each layer should be allowed to dry completely before applying the next one.Plate-base, acrylic lacquer, brush
2Preparing the picture. If a lacquered picture or photo is used, they are placed in water for 15 minutes and then carefully separated the image layer from the substrate.Wide capacity with warm water, picture
3Cut out the image that will be applied to the plate. The most simple option is to cut the circle at once in accordance with the size of the decorated dish. If you have work experience, you can carefully cut and separate elements.Pictures, scissors
4Attaching an image to a plate. The picture is carefully transferred to the product and attached with a brush and PVA, then smooth out the bubbles and folds, if they appeared.Glue and soft brush
5Application of acrylic fixer. It is produced after drying.Acrylic lacquer
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This technique requires special care, but the result is worth it.

Colorful plates for wall decoration Typography in decor  Modern ceramics  Gray walls and white decor  Plates on the wall in the hallway  Yellow accents on the wall

Stained glass cover

Suitable for making transparent glass plates. For this technique you will need a base, stained glass or acrylic paints, degreaser, brushes. Preparation for work includes careful washing of the dish and degreasing its surface, otherwise the paint will lie unevenly. After that, paint the image by pre-marking the contours and letting them dry for a few hours.

Professionals recommend applying the contour in two layers, and only then start coloring the patches in color. You can also use it to decorate the beads, shells, which are gently pressed into the layer of not yet dried paint.

Bedroom in country style Original bedroom decoration  Flower motifs  Black and white decor elements  Decorative plates в ванной  Classic interior


A very popular decoration technique with twisted paper strips. More suitable for plastic plates or foam. You will need a base, a ready set of quilling paper, an awl or special tools for twisting strips (often come complete with paper), ruler, toothpicks, pencil, PVA and the image you like. Mark the center of the plate with a pencil and designate the location of the drawing. Then prepare the curls from the paper in accordance with the intended pattern, each element with a toothpick with a glue, glue and gently attach to the surface.

Kitchen in a modern style Decorative plates из керамики  Vintage Decor  Kitchen in a private house  Dining room in the style of classicism  Glass plates

Satin ribbon decoration

From tapes it is possible to make both popular now flowers kanzashi which can be simply glued to the basis with the help of glue, and the woven strips with different patterns which will allow to create worthy panels from plates.


If you feel the talent of the artist, you can paint a plate. For decoration, city and country landscapes, original ornaments, flowers, images of animals, birds will suit. You will need a ceramic white dish, degreaser, a simple pencil, acrylic paints, brushes and lacquer for fastening. Wash and degrease the surface, apply a pencil drawing and boldly proceed to the painting. After finishing, you need to cover the product with varnish.

Kitchen Decorations

Also you can experiment and make a decor of polymer clay, salted dough and other materials.

How to mount on a wall

Plates are fragile products, so it is important to secure them securely to the wall. In building supermarkets, ready-made Velcros are sold, which reliably hold such elements on the wall and at the same time are easily peeled off and glued. Also suitable are special disks of various sizes with eyelets or ready-made wall holders. If there is not a large store nearby with similar goods, it does not matter - you can make the fastenings yourself (see the master class). From a wire, a regular pin, a paper clip or a satin ribbon, you can make loops. By the way, a ring from an ordinary can is also suitable. Such loops are fastened with the help of Poxipol glue on the back side of the plate.

Kitchen design in the apartment Ceramics in the interior кухни  Cozy bedroom  Contrasting design  Bright interior  Simple decor

In order to be more aesthetically pleasing, you can wrap it with a straw of rice paper, on top of which a clear varnish is spread. Suitable and simple tape.

Before applying the adhesive, degrease the surface and slightly scratch, then the fastening will be more reliable due to improved adhesion.

Designer repair Colorful pottery on the wall  Handmade  Stylish decorative plates  Flower Painting  Monochrome interior


Choosing plates as decor elements, do not be afraid to experiment. These elements look very unusual and catchy, and with proper placement and very stylish. We hope, our advice will help you bring a note of exclusivity to the decoration of your apartment and show your individuality.