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Round mirror on the wall in the living room

The vast area of ​​the royal chambers is inaccessible to the average resident of the metropolis. Unjustified high cost of housing encourages designers to experiment and with unusual dodility use precious centimeters.

Corner bookcase Narrow bathroom Hidden cabinet in the closet Small studio apartment Compact sleeping place

We offer to consider a selection of interesting solutions implemented in small apartments. Gol on the invention of craftiness - the icon Russian proverb nowadays sounds absolutely without a mockery, on the contrary, it invests a respectful overtones.

Small fireplace in the attic Bath in the bedroom Soft chair in the kitchen Drawers in the hallway Pictures on the walls in a narrow corridor

Arrange space according to functional requirements and at the same time manage to create an original room - not everyone can do it. Engineering savvy and non-standard vision allow achieving unique results.

A large bed in a small bedroom Baldachin over a small bed Bright accents in the bright bedroom Ширма в интерьере Wooden decoration in the bedroom

Using mirrors, masterly play with color shades and competent lighting setup will help you to form a charismatic and stylish interior.

Bedroom in white color Small cozy bedroom Kitchen area behind the screen A small study in the corner Mirror in the living room with fireplace