Luxury apartment, combining bright elements of america and

Living room in mixed style

Rich in the colorful details of the style of this apartment is difficult to call the north. It combines the modern Scandinavian direction, with a pronounced glamorous chic of world famous trends, so popular in Canada and the US.

In the interior design there are spectacular, creative moments of modern times, organically combining the minimalism of Australia, American modernism of the past century and Scandinavian retro.

Transparent coffee table in the living room Leather sofa in the living room Decorative elements in the design of the apartment Copper-colored hanging lamp in the living room

A luxurious, prairie-style leather sofa, fashionable in Mid-Western suites, sets the tone of a stunning living room. The black armchair represents the American antiques of the middle of the last century.

Today's day of the country is characterized by fashionable combinations of pink and white copper. Metal net chair - an indispensable subject now in almost every Australian mansion. But the art reproduction, carpet, chest of drawers, small decorative touches - this is all the northern school. And, of course, typical for her white walls.

Corner kitchen with dining room Dining table in the kitchen Soft armchairs in the living room

The first bedroom combines bright modern details, the best of all existing trends. Warm bedding, decorated with an unusual pattern, and next to the elements of copper. Exceptional beauty, the black ottoman adjoins the painted pillows on the bed.

Bedroom in black and white Pillows with the inscriptions in the bedroom Decorative elements in the decoration of the bedroom

The second bedroom combines gray and white minimalism with bright accents. The yellow openwork chair, the juicy tone of the same name, resembles that of the Australian room.

Yellow accents in the white bedroom Yellow and gray in the bedroom decoration

As you can see, the architecture, decor of this apartment is due to the fashion trends of different countries. It can well be called decorated in an international style, suitable for a completely new flow of Global Chic.