15 interesting options for arranging a small kitchen - lack

Interior design of a small kitchen

Unfortunately, not everyone can boast of spacious apartments. But even a compact space can be equipped with all the amenities. Today we offer you to consider the options for decorating the interior of a small kitchen. Smaller sizes create a more organized environment where all the accessories are at hand, and cleaning will take less time.

Our review consists of the most stylish and ergonomic ideas collected from all corners of the world.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Comfortable environment in the Singapore apartment at 83 square meters. m

Snow-white tones, dominating in this kitchen, simply dazzle with its freshness and purity. According to the landlord, she spent on the arrangement of a minimum budget. The compact dimensions of the room required a minimum of furniture and finishes, so you could buy more modern and functional household appliances.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Classic interior in Shaker, Heights, Ohio

At 96 square meters. m harmoniously combines a comfortable workspace. The design fits well with the design of the entire house, belonging to the era of 20-30 years. With more space to keep utensils, high cabinets are used as storage systems. A beautiful color palette, a stone countertop and metallic reflections merge in an impeccable image.

Ergonomic kitchen interior in Santiago, Chile with an area of ​​25 square meters. m

In this space there are only the most necessary kitchen items, in addition, it was possible to connect to work two side bar, which is used and as a dining area. Above it flaunts a massive upper cabinet, which has become a convenient container of all accessories. To compensate for the lack of square meters in the scheme, LED lights and other lighting devices were added. Beautifully presented game of invoices in home decor: a shiny apron and wooden furniture, glossy worktop and stylish laminate. All these fragments complement each other, softening the strong shine and adding interest to the matte surfaces.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Kitchen in a cozy house on Lake Michigan

Stylish, but compact cottage is decorated in a light and attractive farmer style, so the working area repeats its manner. Snow-white facades, a headset and a bright floor with glossy reflections, attractive table tops and interesting details in the design merge in the picture with an ideal balance. The idea of ​​an interior for a small room is that homeowners placed here a minimum of home appliances, leaving enough room for convenient cooking.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Saturated colors on a snow-white background, Zagreb, Croatia

The owners of this housing just fell in love with a luxurious emerald color. A shiny tile of a saturated shade of a dark countertop will not tempt the gaze and steal precious space if you use them as insets on a light background.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Unique items, Austin, Texas

This interior is distinguished by unique walls with hand painted. Fancy style, ultra-modern compact home appliances for 72 square meters. m blend harmoniously in a cozy image. In addition to visible elements, it is equipped with a retractable island, which is also used as a dining table. Mexican motifs, unusual details in the decor, a stunning chandelier, this is only a visual delicacy, but for ergonomics, high cabinets to the ceiling, wide bedside tables. In our opinion, this place is quite sufficient for performing daily work.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Ergonomic and aesthetically attractive design, Riga, Latvia

Simplified layout with built-in technology helped to save space. The homeowner spent most of the budget on cherry facades, saving on the glass kitchen apron and plastic parts. Compensates the lack of space an abundance of light emanating from the luminaires built into the ceiling at night, and in the daytime the proper level of illumination guarantees a medium-sized window.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Flexible work area in Brooklyn, New York

This kitchen has many drawers in one closed cupboard. Cute and smart solutions look simple, but in fact the hostess gives more importance to functionality and practicality, putting aside the visual appeal. The laconic interior with open shelving from IKEA is ideal for a compact room.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Convenient solutions for 19 square meters. m, Venezuela

Curved countertops by designer Mina Herrera Best for a small room. In this case, the refrigerator and microwave are moved to another plane, which would free up as much space as possible and turn the kitchen into a dedicated area where it is easier to move around and more comfortable to organize work.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Compact space in Alexandria, Virginia

After the redevelopment of the room, this space turned into a small kitchen, combined with a dining room. 80 sq. M. m accommodate all the comforts and beautiful modern interior.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Design with his character, Palau

Solar Sardinia received its display in a stylish and creative design. A cozy zone opens into the living room of this holiday home. Bright blue apron adds to the atmosphere of a cheerful seaside style. A mini fridge, microwave oven, oven, sink and dishwasher organically fit into the environment.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Interesting design of the kitchen, Invercargill, New Zealand

Like many homes in the area, it has a narrow kitchen with an adjoining room for the living room or dining room. Despite the peculiarities of the layout, shortcomings pay off a large window that lets in a lot of sunlight. Especially the bright color palette of yellow tiles and cabinets, reflecting joyful motives throughout the room, rushes into the eyes.

Interior design of a small kitchen

A picturesque farmhouse in Toledo, Ohio

The walls were decorated with a beautiful tone, radiating a sunny mood. In a tone to it, a set of honey-colored wood is chosen. In the scale there are many blue accents.

Interior design of a small kitchen

Flexible solutions, Melbourne, Australia

Compact kitchen in 56 sq. M. m differs in the unusual design of the window, which was carried out by floating shelves. They slightly hide the unsightly appearance from the outside, but do not interfere with the penetration of natural light. The interior is visualized by an industrial vinyl floor covering, white furniture and a shine of kitchen accessories, combined in an interesting composition, acting as scenery.

Although the owner of this house is not a designer or an architect, but she has developed a project of her own kitchen taking into account her interests and needs. As a result, we got a harmonious picture with high open cabinets, a playful apron. All the work began with empty walls, but having visualized practical tasks, she managed to achieve an excellent result.

Interior design of the kitchen is a difficult task, requiring a lot of effort. Much easier to complicate the complex process of interior design can the compact size of the room. Many of us consider a small area a disadvantage, but this is not so, because the smaller the room, the more convenient it is to organize the workspace. Compensate for the lack of square meters can be with the help of visual illusions, small tricks and original ideas that suggest using the entire existing area to the maximum, without wasting a single centimeter.