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Modern living room

On the topic of original and interesting design in a one-room apartment is difficult to fantasize. Nevertheless, we are ready to give some useful tips on how to "get out" a maximum of useful space from a small room without leaving "dead" zones. Functional areas can be arranged in such a way that each member of the family can feel comfortable and cozy.

The main thing in this issue is a harmonious combination of the multifunctionality of the room and its correspondence to the general interior style of the home. And the main task of interior design is, of course, a visual increase in the room. At this free space should remain as much as possible. For this purpose, mezzanines, corner cabinets and a variety of shelves are ideal - there is room for extra items in them, and each item will be placed in a certain place.

Modern living room

Furniture in the optimal version should be transformable. The podium was and remains until today the most popular and acceptable subject for a modest in size housing. Its lower part can be used to store a bed (in the daytime) or necessary things, and the upper one - for placing various equipment.

For visual expansion of space, it is appropriate to use light colors. And the texture of the wallpaper and flooring should preserve the overall stylistic harmony.

As lighting of the main room, designers recommend using local light sources - they need to be placed above each functional area. The maximum use of the available space will help such an ideal option as an apartment-studio. Due to the lack of partitions and arches, the space is significantly saved.

And that's what happened. Living room:

Modern living room Interior of a nursery Interior of a nursery And other rooms in the apartment, for completeness of the picture: Interior of the hallway Interior of the hallway Cozy loggia Bathroom Bathroom How are you? For me - so let after that someone say that a comfortable life in a 1-room apartment is not possible. Simply super!