How to use a carpet in a modern interior (photo)

The bare floor does not allow the room to look really cozy, fortunately it can be quickly and easily transformed. We offer 12 recommendations for the interior design of carpets.

1. The carpet as the central element of the room

A carpet can be considered an accessory, but it can also become the basis for a magnificent interior design. If you are going to buy a new setting for the room, then why do not you start with the carpet? Quite often, carpets offer a limited choice of patterns and colors, so it's best to choose them first, and then under the carpet design, choose the appropriate curtains, furniture upholstery etc.

For example, a carpet with an animalistic print can become the soul of your room, and you do not have to be particularly sophisticated in selecting the rest of the decor - you just need to choose the shades that suit its color scheme.

Carpet with animal pattern

2. Practical carpet for a large family

Children and pets will undoubtedly contribute to the rapid wear of the floor covering, so keep this in mind when choosing the color and material of the carpet. An excellent option for an apartment with children and animals are wool carpets that are easily cleaned, as well as carpets with patterns that will help to hide small spots.

Carpets made of wool with patterns

3. The ideal size of the carpet

It is believed that the ideal size of the carpet should be slightly smaller than the area on which the furniture stands. In other words, the carpet should be large enough to unite and visually hold together all the elements of space. This is consistent with the philosophy of Feng Shui, according to which at least the front legs of sofas, chairs and cabinets should be placed on the rug.

Stylish carpet striped

4. Bold carpet patterns in the interior

A bold design carpet can fix the overall composition of the decor in the room. Bring something unexpected to the house using a bright shade or a luxurious carpet pattern. In combination with white walls, floor and chairs, this print under the zebra is the main highlight and central element of this room.

Designer carpet of round shape

5. Carpets of all shapes and sizes

Modern carpets come in all shapes and sizes, so if you do not know what form of carpet is best for your room, then try to focus on the shape of the furniture and the room itself. For example, in the figure above the round carpet looks so good because it is combined with a round form of armchairs and a coffee table. But would he look like that with rectangular furniture? The figure below shows how a rectangular mat beautifully reflects the length of this living room, as well as a sofa and a pair of modern chairs.

Modern carpets for the interior

6. Zoning space with the help of carpets

Do not limit a large room with just one carpet. In this studio, designers used several rugs at once, which is to allocate a rest area and space for practicing yoga. At the same time, the integrity of the entire interior design is preserved due to their coordinated colors.

Several carpets in the interior

7. Harmony of color

When the room is decorated in bright colors, a neutral mat can reduce their annoying effect and make the interior more pleasing to the eye. In this case, it is recommended that he have a thin pattern of the appropriate shade, which will allow him to better fit into the overall color scheme. The photo below obviously proves that the carpet can be used as a tool that brings unity to the color scheme.

Stylish carpets in the interior

8. Carpet for the whole room

If you want the whole floor in the room to be covered with a soft carpet, then know that the best effect you will achieve if you leave a few centimeters on the perimeter of the floor open. Designers recommend leaving 20-30 cm of unprotected flooring to beautifully emphasize the skirting and the shape of the room itself.

Carpet for the whole room

9. Anti-slip mats under the carpet

If the carpet is not heavy furniture, such as a sofa or a closet, it will constantly move around the room. Luckily today, there are special anti-slip mats under the carpet that make it stay in place. And that such a litter does not look out from under the carpet and does not spoil the interior design, its dimensions should be about 5 cm less.

Litter under the carpet

10. Carpet for increased comfort

A special role is played by carpets in the living room. Since this room is a conditional house cottage where your family and friends spend most of the time, it needs more than other rooms a soft carpet on which you can sit and which helps to muffle sounds when a lot of people gather in the house.

Carpet in the living room

11. The carpet in the bedroom

Neutral shade of the carpet will help to soften colorful bedding and curtains in the bedroom, and also emphasize the necessary sense of calmness. In addition, the presence of a carpet near the bed will save you from touching the cold floor.

Carpet in the bedroom

12. Inspiration with carpets

This home office would be completely devoid of inspirational motives, if it did not have this stylish diagonal rug. If you prefer strict universal furniture, but do not want the interior to be deprived of a home feeling, adding a funny rug will help you bring in it the right mood, comfort, warmth and character.

Carpet as a decoration