11 hot trends in the interior of the living room of 2015

Do you hear this unobtrusive but insistent squeak? Then hurry to find out what will be at the height of fashion in the interior design of the living room in 2015!

  • 1. The Case of Color
  • 2. "Unnoticed" and long-forgotten comfort
  • 3. "Mute scene" - "talking wall"
  • 4. Sonyam on the note
  • 5. Scandinavian style
  • 6. Folklore motives
  • 7. Play with shades
  • 8. Fireplace composition
  • 9. Bright prints
  • 10. Contrast
  • 11. The domination of velvet

1. The Case of Color

The first thing that determines the fashion trend in interior design is the color. Now the modern trends in the interior of the bathroom are such that the trend colors are mostly neutral, which do not get bored for a long time and do not go out of fashion.

So, the natural eco-colors will remain actual: white, grassy-green, wood-brown, beige ... Also turquoise, which contrasts perfectly with all the above colors, does not give up its positions either. Use in the interior of the living room wood and shades of beige - is a classic. And the turquoise is the best to refresh this color scheme, placing the right accents and creating the outlines of the room. In addition, he comes to fashionable now red-brown marsala.

Interior of the living room in white-brown colors

In this regard, you can think over the thematic design of the room by the seasons, choosing your favorite range: autumn, spring, winter or summer.

By the way, the summer is very well combined with another fashionable color in 2015 - a saturated blue or, as it is called, indigo. However, with this color you need to be very cautious, without overreaching him in a dwelling. In the living room it will be most appropriate in accessories, for example:

  • curtains;
  • cushion cushions;
  • framework for photos (especially interesting looks with black and white photos);
  • covers on the armchair;
  • flower pots.

2. "Unnoticed" and long-forgotten comfort

This year, the living rooms of the most modern interiors once again seek a contradictory fashion. On the one hand, now, following the latest trends, they need to be furnished using elements of the popular art deco style: transparent furniture made of glass and plastic. On the other - the trends in the kitchen interior offer to acquire "great-grandmothers" of upholstered furniture - retrodivans and armchairs of years 50-60x. Well, if those inherited from the grandmother or lie around somewhere in the attic. Otherwise, you will have to go to the flea market urgently to find the old-new headset.

3. "Mute scene" - "talking wall"

As an actual decor, trends in the interior of the living room 2015 tend to "talking stickers." Interior stickers have long become an integral part of modern urban apartments. It's so easy and quick to decorate the wall! In addition, they can be a mute expression of the life position, the motto or just words important to the owner of the apartment. Stickers with letters and numbers are undoubtedly the masthead of this year. For example, you can choose:

  • your lucky number;
  • the date of birth of your family;
  • or just an inverted eight - a symbol of infinity.

Unusual drawings and stickers on the walls

4. Sonyam on the note

Sofa cushions are an indispensable attribute of every living room. But if earlier they obeyed any style or color order, then in 2015 it is not only permissible, but it is also necessary to decorate the sofa with pillows of various colors, sizes and textures. The more, the cozier and more elegant the room will be.

11 hot trends in the interior of the living room of 2015

5. Scandinavian style

In 2015, the design of the living room is closely connected with the novelties in the interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style. Scandinavian style - very simple and functional. It is practically universal, and it is ideal for any apartment.

Creating a Scandinavian interior, you must maintain a minimum of three main components of the style:

  • color scale (mainly white, gray, sand);
  • lighting (use of different types of lamps: sconces, floor lamps, chandeliers, candles and neon lights in the same room + maximally large and "bare" windows to penetrate the house of natural light);
  • properly selected materials (wooden panels and beams, wooden photo frames, wicker dishes for fruits and floor flowerpots, decorative cushions and covers for handmade furniture).

Living room in Scandinavian style

6. Folklore motives

Ethno is back in fashion! Vegetable and ornamental patterns, embroidery and patchwork are again at the height of popularity in interior design. Bright textile mosaic made by own hands, will please the eye and create a mood in any weather. And, besides, you will have something to occupy yourself with long evenings, creating new masterpieces for your fashionable and very individual interior.

Retro decor in the interior of the living room

7. Play with shades

This year it is very fashionable that the interior decor elements look like a color gradient, representing a set of objects made in shades of the same color. For example, if it is a fashionable blue color, then it will be the following shades:

  • sapphire;
  • azure;
  • ultramarine;
  • cobalt;
  • aquamarine;
  • cornflower;
  • indigo.

If the hue-color transition is well thought out and tastefully chosen, the interior of the living room will look harmonious and complete.

8. Fireplace composition

The fireplace has long been considered a symbol of comfort and home. In the living room, where the whole family or guests gather in the evenings, it is simply irreplaceable. But in a city apartment to put even an electric fireplace is not always possible. Nothing wrong. Even a sham simulation of plasterboard or gypsum will be worthy, and, most importantly, the trendy decor of this year. Only a fashionable fireplace must necessarily be decorated with photographs within the framework, candles, various statuettes and other nice, memorable and expensive things.

Interior of a country house with a fireplace

9. Bright prints

Bold, voluminous, bright drawings have long adorned our interiors. But in 2015 they are more relevant than ever. Two basic rules for introducing prints to the interior are courage and experimentation. So experiment boldly! Green and pink minimalistic prints are what you need. And nothing that looks will be somewhat unusual and unusual. The main thing is that in the trend!

10. Contrast

Opposite walls of different colors - this is not new. But one wall, painted with two contrasting colors - a novelty this year. The balance and color ratio can be varied based on your own preferences. You can divide the wall into two color areas vertically, horizontally, diagonally, zigzag and, in general, anything. And you can continue the composition on the interior door. This will be very important. In addition, it will create the illusion of a single space for lovers of privacy.

11. The domination of velvet

Such pleasant to the touch, iridescent and "rich" material, like velvet, will make even the tiniest and modest living room - worthy of the most expensive guests. Moreover, the velvet upholstery of furniture now - at the height of fashion. Velvet sofa and armchairs will make the interior soft, cozy, enveloping and stylish. And if these chairs will be from the middle of the last century - you will envy any fashionable interior designer.

Domination of velvet in the interior of the living room

The main feature and trend of the modern interior is the preservation of the old and the introduction of a new one. That is why retroveschi so organically exist in one area together with modern accessories of plastic and glass, as well as eco-decor made of wood and rattan.

The fashionable interior of a drawing room of 2015 practically does not create borders and frameworks, untie thereby hands daring and creative. The combination of elements of many styles: eco, ethno, Scandinavian, industrial, art deco allow you to create your own, unique and unique interior in which every detail is meaningful and "talking".

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