Modern one-bedroom apartment

Modern one-bedroom apartment

The British studio interior design The Design Fairy has completed the restoration of a residential building in London. These stylish and modern two-bedroom apartments, completed in 2013, are located in Balham in south west London (England).

The Design Fairy is a multi-disciplinary interior design company specializing in classic and modern residential projects, as well as luxury commercial projects. Last year in this city apartment flooded the kitchen (a familiar story, is not it?), And the owner decided not just to re-whitewash ceilings, but completely redo and change her apartment.

Since neither time nor opportunity to engage in restructuring and repair from the hostess was not, to control the alteration and interior design of her house she commissioned The Design Fairy. The firm developed a design project and controlled construction and repair work from start to finish.

When creating a new kitchen and bathroom were fully taken into account the wishes of the client. Color palette, calm, not annoying, warm enough and cozy demonstrates the femininity of the hostess and has a relaxing effect. At the same time, both color and style make the room fresh and modern.

In the apartment of the ball completely renovated all the furniture, pay attention to harmoniously matched upholstery fabrics and decor elements.

In an unusual and rich living room, a modern chaise lounge, a black dining table and works of contemporary art are perfectly combined. And although the interiors of both bedrooms are unobtrusively interesting and new, especially impressive is the design in a dreamy style, with bedside tables of soothing blue color and comfortable soft chairs.

Modern one-bedroom apartment Modern one-bedroom apartment Modern one-bedroom apartment Modern one-bedroom apartment Modern one-bedroom apartment Modern one-bedroom apartment