Scandinavian inspiration - a bit of history in the interior

Интерьер в скандинавском стиле от Danny & Lyndsay Gugger

Interior in the Scandinavian style was a pleasant change that occurred in one of the venerable buildings in Portland. The new tenant at home Denny says:

"My wife and I live in an old street in Portland, pc. Maine. The building was built in the middle of the 19th century, its area is about 290 square meters. We have three-meter high ceilings in the apartment and 2 black marble fireplaces in the living room and bedroom. We recently moved from Wisconsin, where we also lived in a mid-19th century house " Porch and entrance doors "In January, I opened my own design studio, and our apartment became also my workplace. We decided to live in Portland because of a slower rhythm of life, incredible culinary masterpieces, a creative atmosphere and open access to nature.

Our house is located on a quiet residential street, which creates a cozy homely atmosphere around, but we can walk easily to the Old Port or the Arts District. Some time ago, the city administration restored the street with wide brick sidewalks and preserved large old trees " Beautiful old building "I have Swedish roots, and my wife has Norwegian, that's why both cultures strongly influenced our way of life. We recently painted the entire apartment in white, the finish was also made white, to muffle some massive architectural details and pay attention to the black fireplaces. This gave us the freedom to choose a design, we literally started from scratch, using a minimum of decorative details and a maximum of indoor plants " Fireplace in living room Fireplace in the Scandinavian interior Work desk by the window Cozy bedroom Interior of the living room in Scandinavian style Kitchen in Scandinavian style Large window in the kitchen

In the interview, the couple were told that the inspiration for making this particular design was from Scandinavian simplicity and purity.


"About a year ago we went on a trip to London, Zurich and Oslo, and fell in love with the magnificent simplicity of Scandinavian and European design. We have included in the interior of the house a lot of neutral parts and a white color with green impregnations of houseplants and other natural materials "

Favorite item

"We really like some drama of fireplaces made of black marble against the backdrop of bright white walls. They are certainly the stars of this performance " Interior of the living room in Scandinavian style

The biggest test

"Our kitchen is very small. We conduct a culinary blog, i.e. we cook and photograph dishes a lot. From the very beginning, we were bribed by a stunning bright light that penetrates the house through the kitchen. Good lighting makes it easy to make good shots. After cooking, our kitchen looks like a nightmare, but it's one hundred percent worth it " Kitchen interior in Scandinavian style Kitchen interior in Scandinavian style - photo 2 "We also take orders from our design studio from time to time, so we really need a desk - this is a real test, because the best place for him in the bedroom" Bedroom interior in Scandinavian style Interior cabinet in Scandinavian style

What friends say

"Our friends always admire the openness and brightness that gives the room high ceilings. Friends who helped us with the move two months ago were amazed at how we transformed the house. When we entered, the walls were the colors of sea foam with a dark green finish. " A bush of poppies near the house Curly ivy on a brick wall Arch in the Scandinavian interior Interior of the dining room in Scandinavian style The original organizer for storing ornaments

The greatest difficulties

The inside of one of the closets is still this unpleasant green color.

The object of pride, made by own hands

"Denny himself made a newsprint, hanging in the living room. Since he started working for The Collective Quarterly, we have collected a lot of great magazines, but until now, there was no way to keep them like this. So Denny made these simple newspapers, and now the magazines are presented in such a nice way " Bookshelves in the Scandinavian interior

The biggest excesses

"No, it was not. We did everything within the budget, most of the things were bought in IKEA, but we avoided furniture from the dpp, so our house does not look cheap "

The best advice

"Do not abuse the decor. It is not necessary that something hung on every wall. " Bedroom in Scandinavian style