Tours in san jose, costa rica

In the Republic of Costa Rica, which occupies only 0.03% of the surface of our planet, more than 5% of all animals and plant species on Earth live. It is a picturesque country with an original culture, incredible nature and hospitable, affable native inhabitants. Of course, it is recommended to go to Costa Rica independently, using the services that provide cheap booking of air tickets and hotels. Only in this way can you fully enjoy the journey, plan the most unforgettable route and plunge into the enchanting atmosphere of Latin America.

Undoubtedly, acquaintance with Costa Rica should begin with a visit to its capital - San Jose. The city is located on a plateau, the height of which is 1200 m. Surrounding the mountains and valleys there is a large part of the population of the country, the best hotels of world famous "chains" are located and the most interesting excursions are organized.

Tours in San Jose, Costa Rica

Get to San Jose in several ways: fly to the airport, located 15 minutes from the center of the capital, or to arrive on one of the buses departing from Honduras, El Salvador, Mexico, Guatemala, Panama or Nicaragua. Comfortable and inexpensive buses and a huge number of taxis regularly go around the city. But experienced tourists and locals prefer to move around the city on bicycles.

Hotels and hotels in San Jose have a huge number, and among them, budget options range from 1 to 3 stars. There are also luxury options provided by the representations of the world-famous giants of the hotel business. For special connoisseurs of romance, there are classic colonial style haciendas located on coffee plantations in the vicinity.

Self-guided tours in Costa Rica

Gastronomic predilections can be met in one of the restaurants located along the central food market "Mercado", in which even local people like to eat. It is in them you can taste dishes of national Costa Rican cuisine from fresh shellfish, crustaceans and fish, including the famous fish soup (sopa de pescado) and "squid in ink".

Souvenir products can be bought in small souvenir shops at hotels or small shops located in the shopping center "El Pueblo". If you want to bargain, and even get a unique thing made by the hands of this master, then you should visit the market on Second Avenue - Mercado Artesanya. From what should be brought from Costa Rica, you can celebrate painted maxi made of wood and pottery in the Indian style, as well as coffee - the national pride of Costa Ricans.

The beauty of nature in Costa Rica

As for entertainment, in San Jose there is an occupation for everyone. In the "Golden Museum" you can admire the unique gold ornaments of the pre-Columbian era, and expositions of jade are represented in another town of the same name. Lovers of exotics should definitely visit the "Museum of Insects" - in the university room is a huge collection of tropical beetles and exotic insects.

And, of course, having got to Costa Rica, one can not but visit one of the volcanoes, which in the republic is 118. From the center of San Jose buses regularly go to the most popular of them. Also in San Jose every year thousands of tourists come who have settled the hotel reservation in Holland, Denmark and other countries with beautiful natural landscapes to visit the famous five waterfalls of La Paz. They are located just an hour's drive from the capital, where you can also visit the garden with a hummingbird gallery, a butterfly garden and a serpentarium.

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