Stunning compact housing project: charming lagenhet from

Bedroom in the living room

Today we invite our readers to get acquainted with the amazing small interior . Its owner is a young and prosperous woman, adored to travel and receive guests in her home.

Having bought a small one-room apartment on the 22nd floor, she asked for help in implementing an ambitious plan for the ALLARTSDESIGN studio, which embodied her dream of an ideal shelter.

White board floor Kitchen in black and white

The main style direction is an exquisite loft. Although it is more relevant for large rooms, designers were able to competently and tastefully place it in a tiny apartment. The proprietress often travels and she is crazy about European architecture and some traditions, therefore this color prevails in the general concept.

Kitchen interior in black and white Kitchen with dining room

An easy and relaxed atmosphere, a special charm express the hospitable character of the hostess. There is everything: a spacious kitchen, a bright space, plenty of space for personal things and household items. And all this is the merit of the team, which competently compiled all these fragments, founded an environment where there is absolutely no shortage of square meters.

Bright chairs in the white living room Transparent curtains in the bedroom

The task of creating a modern design with minimal forces and with a small budget was successfully accomplished! Minor difficulties, such provision of each corner with sufficient level of natural light, having only 2 windows, or placement of non-cumbersome storage systems that would not hamper the movement, were overcome due to true professionalism.

Pictures in black and white on the wall Marble tiles in the bathroom The layout of a studio apartment with a separate bedroom

Detailed scheme

Most impressive is the approach to making a bedroom. It is both confidential and open. The formation of this box with glazed walls has many advantages.

First: to achieve a sense of solitude, you can just shut the curtains.

Secondly: watching TV, which is outside it, can be lying on the bed. Also, such an option does not overload the situation, what would traditional walls do.

Media center in the kitchen island Corner kitchen with island Double bed in the bedroom

The impressive brick finish is converted into several ways. Whitewashed surfaces look free and uninhibited, then when the untreated surfaces in the hallway add exquisite charm.

Brickwork in the corridor Brickwork in the decoration of the picture Brickwork in the interior

This monastery is beautiful to everyone, both with its layout, and bold and unconventional solutions, which helped to develop such a bright and seductive look. Elegant gloss, bleached laminate, stylish furniture

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