Lamps in oriental style on 32 beautiful and romantic photos

Lamps in the oriental style in recent years have become in great demand. Oriental style is original, stands out against the background of others beauty, wealth and sophistication of the interior. Often decorated in bright colors, paintings, with embroidered original coverlets and an abundance of various elements of chic - stones, gold and so on. Lamps in the oriental style, the photo catalog of which is presented in this article, are always one of the key elements of design. Their diversity is large enough and, in order to properly choose a particular model for the interior, you need to know some subtleties, in particular, their types.

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Lamps in oriental style: types of lamps of different directions

Eastern style - the concept is quite general. Geographically, the east includes many countries, each of which has its own individual features of culture and life, spiritual and vital values. Accordingly, the style has a variety of directions with certain design principles. Consider what are the lamps in the oriental style, depending on the direction and, as there are quite a few of them, we will focus on the most popular ones, namely:

Arabic style

The distinguishing features of lamps made in the Arab style is luxury and color. In their design often there are crystal pendants, forged elements, openwork bronze plafonds, gilding and multi-colored crystals.

Turkish lamps in oriental style

Turkish lamps in oriental style, как правило, имеют много ажурных деталей, которые обрамляют светлое или цветное стекло, что придает особый шик. Для гостиной или прихожей подойдут светлые лампы, а в спальню выгодным вариантом станет светильник с мягким цветным светом. В процессе изготовления светильников применяются различные металлы, в том числе и драгоценные, хрусталь, матовое, цветное или мозаичное стекло, а также кристаллы.

Moroccan style

Moroccan style предполагает светильники, изготовленные из меди, сплава серебра, латуни или бронзы. В большинстве случаев, они имеют шестигранную форму и ажурные плетения, через тончайшие завитки которых излучается особенный цвет. Многие марокканские светильники в восточном стиле, при этом, выполняются вручную и украшаются разноцветным стеклом или мозаикой.

Egyptian style

Egyptian style характеризуется сочетанием небесного светила — солнца, поэтому и светильники имеют преимущественно круглую форму и соответствующий желтый окрас с применением различных оттенков.

Japanese style

The Japanese direction, undoubtedly, is the world's leading in the design of premises, which directly relates to specific lighting, in particular, lamps. Since the Japanese style itself in interior design assumes non-congestion, laconism and simple patterns, the lamps have a fairly simple appearance, and in their production simple materials are used. At the same time, Japanese lamps in the oriental style are distinguished by a clear geometric shape. For their manufacture, wood, bamboo, frosted glass, paper and textiles are used.

Chinese lamps

Chinese lamps не имеют однозначных форм — они могут быть совершенно разнообразными. Основное внимание, при их изготовлении, уделяется внешним атрибутам с декоративными элементами, изображающими иероглифы, драконов и пейзажей. При этом, присутствует большое разнообразие рисунков и красок. Так как основная концепция философии Китая построена на энергии, близости к природе и простоте, это напрямую отображено и в оформлении светильников, для изготовления которых применяются натуральные экологически чистые материалы, такие как шелк, фарфор, бамбук, стекло и рисовая бумага.

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Mosaic lamps in oriental style

The eastern style of the interior assumes a subdued light and halftone, and the lighting of this direction differs significantly from the light solutions that are familiar to European residents. Here the main task is to make the room fantastic, mysterious, therefore, in most cases, they are placed so that significant places in the room remain darkened. At the same time, the light source, due to its bright design, will always look bright, accenting the zone in which it is located.

The most original models are lamps in the oriental style "mosaic". In the daytime, these lamps, rather, perform the role of a wonderful decor, but in the evening, they are able to fill the room with magical lights. It will look great mosaic lamp in oriental style, for example, in the bedroom, giving a relaxing atmosphere. A mosaic lamp in the children's room will create notes of the eastern fairy tale, and help the child fall asleep sweet dreams. No less interesting is this option for bathrooms, as a complementary element, giving a special charm.

Mosaic light fixtures from colored glass

Mosaic technique has been used in the territory of the Middle East and Mediterranean countries since ancient times, and still does not lose its relevance. It consists in cutting large plates of colored glass into small fragments, which, subsequently, are added to the conceived pattern on the plafond and fixed. The homeland of the mosaic lamps is Turkey, where this art originated 6 thousand years ago, and has been improved over the years. They are decorated with many luxury apartments around the world.

Especially popular are lamps made of colored glass in the oriental style according to the Tiffany technique, which assumes a rather complicated manufacturing process. In production, the edges of each element of colored glass are wrapped in copper foil, then they are laid out on a cardboard sketch in the desired pattern and soldered with tin solder. With the help of this technique, invented by American artist Luis Tiffany at the end of the 19th century, it is possible to create the most complex ornaments and figures with bends. Thanks to this technology, modern masters make various floor, wall and suspended lamps in the oriental style.

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Japanese lamps in oriental style: distinctive features

Despite the fact that the Japanese direction belongs to the oriental style, it has a number of distinctive features in the design of interior items that are not inherent in Arabic, Turkish, Chinese and other styles. In particular, it is minimalism and conciseness of forms, there are no smooth various bends and bright colors.

The most popular combinations of shades, which have Japanese lamps in the oriental style - a duo of black and white or beige and brown. At the same time, it is possible to use national drawings, subject images and hieroglyphs. Unlike the rounded forms of chandeliers of the East, Japanese, for the most part, have square and rectangular shapes, each of which is a box with wooden ceilings and a plafond made of rice paper or flax. This traditional Japanese chandelier does not have additional decor elements, but has a white or beige color. It can accommodate one or more lamps and be used, respectively, in small and large rooms. For example, for small apartments and rooms, the best option will be single-lamp, while the status of a large public premises will be able to emphasize multi-lamp constructions. Japanese ceiling lamps in the oriental style are considered in the world design as one of the trend phenomena.

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The use of elements of oriental style can create a cozy, comfortable and, at the same time, a colorful atmosphere. In this case, the chandelier can give the main light, and wall, floor and pendant lamps in the oriental style with multi-colored lampshades - optional. In Western countries, it is quite rare to find the interior design of an apartment in the eastern style, executed in full. In general, its individual elements are used. Moroccan chandeliers of brass and copper or small pendant lights in a metal frame, covered with camel skin will bring a touch of romance of the East into a modern interior.

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In general, there can be many ideas, the main thing is to observe harmony. Lamps in the oriental style should gently fit into the overall interior design, emphasizing the necessary areas, and not look ridiculous, irritating the eyes and causing ridicule of guests.