Amazing planning projects: 10 tiny houses with a stunning

Appearance of the micro-house

In small, even tiny, houses have their own charm and special charm. And the design of small houses can either emphasize and increase this charm, or completely dispel it (in the case of inept and unprofessional design). It does not matter how you call it - forced circumstance, voluntary simplicity or micro-life. In any case, living in such a house, you will save a lot of money, make less waste, spend much less energy and water. There are many creative two-level options for equipping tiny houses for a comfortable life.

The cottage in the photo touches the way of using the attic as an additional area. The ladder to it is very handy, otherwise it will not reach the very top. Below, as always, there were, comfortably placed built-in lockers and sink.

A small two-level cottage

Additional space

Attic is not an attic, but one more comfortable bedroom. Beds are organically built into existing meters of the area, leaving little room for books.

Open book shelves at the bed

Sleeping places for those who love solitude

The guest room is one wide bed, practically filling the entire available area from wall to wall, but surprisingly this arrangement of furniture does not look out of place, and the room does not look cramped. Think about it, because one spacious sleeping place is much better than two, small and cramped, even if you did your best to turn a room from a tiny one into a visually large one.

A large bed in a small bedroom

Forget everything you knew before about scale

Only that the office is located in a small room does not mean that you can not have the opportunity to own an open space. Disassemble one or two unnecessary wall partitions and allow yourself to breathe deeply.

Large bookcase in the dining room

Corridor? No, it's a great room!

The design of small rooms can be very welcoming. To separate the sleeping and working areas, the stylists advise using white curtains that are in no way inferior to the walls, if they were there. Curtains can also hide cabinets or doors leading to the working area if they are not being used at the moment.

Paintings on the wall in the dining room

Three in one

For tiny areas one common problem is typical - there is not enough storage space. To solve it, get sets of dishes of the same color. Multicolored diverse sets of let remain for large dining rooms.

White plates on an open shelf

Mountain of single-colored plates

Play with the height. The dropped ceiling in the dining area gives intimacy and comfort, while the high in the kitchen brings airiness and space into the room.

The lowered ceiling in the dining room

Creating Zones

New York townhouse in the photo can easily fit on the postage stamp, how small its size. But this kid can not refuse in style and beauty. The bench of fresh spring greens in combination with a table in the form of flower petals creates dynamism and is suitable for balconies of city apartments.

Bench and table on the balcony

On open air

After a skillful repair, even the garage turns into a posh living area.

Residential premises in the garage

Unexpected turn

Light floods the dining room, where previously there was a garage. Simple concrete floors and industrial hanging lamps hint at the structure of the room in the previous incarnation.

Kitchen interior in the garage

Inside view

Innovative parts, such as, for example, transformable furniture in the work area perfectly fit into a small space. Glossy surfaces are perfectly combined with industrial design.

Interior of the living room in the garage

Living room

Most of the main functions of the room are built in the central cube, in which there is a bathroom, a washing machine, storage space and a sofa with a table on the opposite side.

Interior dining in the garage

Everything is like on the palm of your hand

Another garage renovation, this time in Seattle. And here it is much more spacious than in the previous one. French doors, high windows and furniture, which is only present in the center of the room, give a sense of openness and breadth.

Small two-level house

Space for cats

Bathroom can be a luxury item. It is located almost under the roof. Full-sized, it is placed on legs and surrounded on all sides by stone tiles.

A small foot bath

Swimming place

A tiny apartment measuring just 24 square meters is located in Barcelona on the roof of a high-rise building. The unique folding design of furniture allows in one space to combine a rest zone, a dining room and a study.

Folding working table in the bedroom

Sleeping area

If you fold the bed and pull out a small table from the wall on the right, you get a working place. The kitchen is built in the opposite wall and is hidden from the eyes when it is not needed. Smooth surface perfectly masks it.

Folding table in the living room

Business office

Outside, the roof offers a breathtaking view of the city. On the outdoor area, a jacuzzi, a small sofa, a washing machine and a dryer are located. In a region with a mild climate it makes sense to use all open space, which we see in this nice version of the layout.

Rest area on the balcony

Almost on the street

One more transforming apartments are presented in the photo below. Here, in business there is a big case in which a bed, a wardrobe and a desk are placed. The "wall" that divides the bedroom and work area is actually an open wardrobe door. Amazing? 

Rollaway bed in living room

A unique wall in action

When the lift bed is folded, the big door closes, leaving the room free to receive guests.

Folding table in the kitchen

You can dance

A tiny little house on wheels is good because it can be carried along as a trailer. Its owner Jay Shafer is famous for creating comfortable habitation in negligible premises.

Small wooden house

View from outside

The interiors in his houses resemble the cabin decor of the cabins. The table, shelves and sleeping areas fit perfectly and fit each other like puzzles.

Interior of a small wooden house

Room design