Stylish through the looking glass - a virtuoso game with the

Bedroom of a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

Modern technologies allow you to create a unique interior design and an endless variety of options. In Beijing, created an apartment for families with children in the original combination of different styles and with the use of new ideas.

The project was developed by architects Dariel Studio, whose office is located near the customer.

A large number of mirrors, glass and glossy surfaces made the small room spacious and even unlimited. The refraction of the lines creates its own drawings, which can not be immediately understood. Light at the expense of this freely penetrates into all corners. And the apartment itself seems mysterious, come from a fairy tale.

The wall panels and front walls of cabinets in the bedroom are assembled from colored panels of different sizes. Under a rectangular wooden bed with a frame for the canopy lies a carpet with a floral pattern, denoting a zone for sleeping.

Bed linen is natural, white. A gray armchair with curved bright yellow legs and a small table are reflected in the mirror partition, creating the illusion of another corner for rest.

Living room of a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

In the living room are symmetrically located low tables, light sofas and pink armchairs. The lamp stand consists of multi-colored balls.

Yellow panels separate the living room from the corridor along the wall. The white figure column separates the space, marking the beginning of the game room. On the other hand there is a small screen with letters.

Living room of a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

The passage along the rooms of the second floor forms a curved balcony above the sofas and a game zone. The decoration of the walls continues vertically on the second level, forming a single whole throughout the apartment.

The glass beam reflects the second side of the room, changing the appearance of the room. The decor of the walls is made in the form of a panel made of glass and geometric figures.

Round chair in a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

Between the bedrooms is a round rug in the form of a scoreboard, divided into degrees of a circle and an egg-shaped chair with one side open. The interior is dominated by white tones and the decor of blue tones.

The upholstery of the blue armchair harmonizes with the large soap bubbles painted on the walls. The high double-leafed panel doors are completely different from the style of the living room.

Spiral staircase of a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

The staircase to the second floor is turned into the main decoration. Wooden steps rise upward in a spiral. On both sides they are protected by a dark railing and a beige curved strip is visible from below. All this is screwed into the dark circle on the ceiling.

Orange Bedroom of a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

In the bedroom behind the armchair there is also a mirror and increases the width of the room to infinity. The decor of the walls in the headboard is made of squares of molding.

Small bedside tables do not have smooth lines, all figures and corners are straight. But table lamps stand out sharply with their black color and the shape of the fungus.

Blue Bedroom of a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

In the children's room, the atmosphere of calm creates a blue tone of the wall and bedspread. The hot yellow color of the toy and chair makes it more fun, but not mottled.

The walls are decorated with silhouettes of dogs. A table depicts a gnome with a spacing on the head. At the bottom of the bed drawers for things and toys are made.

Yellow chair and black table in the corner

The same fairy-tale hero stands in the corner near the door. Plastic chair stands out sharply against the background of parquet floor and white walls.

Cabinet of a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

Older children can do their own business at the table, for younger ones there are rocking chairs. The floor is strewn with colorful round rugs.

One side consists of windows, closed by an airy gentle curtain, the second is painted with blue colors under a gazebo with arches and apertures.

Bathroom stylish studio apartment in Beijing

The sliding door of the bathroom and the partitions are mirrored surfaces decorated with moldings.

A dark glossy black sink cupboard stands out against a light background. The decorative design of the walls with mosaic is reflected above the washbasins.

Bathroom stylish studio apartment in Beijing

The interior of the bathroom differs sharply from the situation in the room and only a combination of white and blue connects it with the children's bedroom.

Bathroom stylish studio apartment in Beijing

The floor of the plates has a large geometric pattern. The font is shaped like a flower. Enchanting view of the bathroom gives the decoration of the walls with small ceramic plates with frosted and mirror surfaces. The light of the lamp with its reflection creates a scattering of gold on a white field.

Bathroom stylish studio apartment in Beijing

Interior in black and white with the addition of a blue glass shower cabin.

Cabinet of a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

The place for classes is characterized by the addition of a bright yellow color of the cabinet panels and the lamp stand on the table. Transparent chairs in the style of this apartment, quite comfortable. Poof replaces the plastic elephant. The area is highlighted by a carpet with a motley pattern.

Original shelving in a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

Decor, which was reflected in the living room beam. From a distance it looks like a blue flower. But its structure in the form of shelves reflects the mirror surfaces of the walls and ceiling and builds an intricate pattern.

Living room of a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

The windows are curtained with a light translucent fabric that transmits light. Pink chairs are distinguished by bright spots against the background of soft light tones.

Black tables accentuate attention to straightness and sharp angles. The interior in eclectic style, created by designers with good tastes and a sense of proportion, looks interesting and fun.

Hall of a stylish studio apartment in Beijing

White table with figurines of dogs is decorated with a hall. The game of reflections and the alternation of opaque strips with mirrors create a spectacular spectacle, leading the corridor to infinity.

The door to the children's stylish studio apartment in Beijing

The door to the children's room on the second floor. The same molding elements, only now they repeat the colors of the nursery, yellow and blue on a white background.