How to make a wooden table yourself: tips, photos and videos

Today, interior design is a flight of fantasy, self-expression and the uniqueness of all elements. Everyone who at least once did the repair or renovation of the interior faced with the fact that in the shops very often you do not meet exactly what you would like. Usually, one or more basic criteria do not coincide: size, color, shape, quality or price. This issue is especially acute when choosing furniture. So why not make it yourself? Today, let's talk about how to make a wooden table with your own hands.


  • Why is it better to do it yourself?
  • What types of tables can be produced?
  • Materials and tools for the production of table
  • Building a wooden table

Round table for dining room

Why is it better to do it yourself?

Most likely, this is the first question that should visit the reader, so immediately to the point. Advantages of a wooden table made independently:

  • you get exactly such a model, which was conceived, wanted and dreamed about;
  • table made of natural wood will give the atmosphere an atmosphere of warmth and home comfort;
  • low cost (according to some estimates, a table made by oneself will cost 60-70% cheaper than bought in a store or made to order);
  • reliability, as the proverb says: "If you want to do well, do it yourself";
  • positive energy, which you can charge your own product, will give all households comfort and tranquility.

What types of tables can be produced?

It is not so difficult to make a table of any form independently, as it seems, everything depends on the availability of experience and qualification, and also the strength of desire. The variety of types of wooden tables depends primarily on the size, shape and purpose of their two components: legs and countertops.

Design of wooden table for kitchen

Types of tables, depending on the number and shape of the legs:

  • table on one wide leg. Typically, such tables have a round tabletop, but other shapes are also encountered;
  • two-legged table, place them at the same distance from each other. Between the legs is a board-jumper, which makes the table more stable. This model is considered one of the most convenient, because the people sitting at the table will not interfere with the legs;
  • table on four legs - the classic model, the easiest to manufacture, stable and durable, this, for example, is an ideal table for loft style.

The correctness of the size and shape of the legs of the table should be given due attention, because this is the part that will always be visible, the table top can always be decorated with a beautiful tablecloth, which you can not do with the legs.

A table of wood with your own hands, how?

Types of countertops:

  • round. Tables with a round table top - a good option, for example, for the kitchen in the style of country. However, the room should be spacious, otherwise this model of the table will take up too much space and cause inconvenience;
  • oval countertops Used mainly for large dining tables, which are designed to accommodate a large number of people. Models of small sizes are also common, most often complete with a soft corner set;
  • square and rectangular countertops - the most common and universal option, which is absolutely suitable for all rooms and for any application;
  • sliding table tops They are used in those cases when there is not enough room for a large-sized table, but a large number of guests are expected.

How to make a wooden table yourself?

Materials and tools for the production of table

The set of materials and tools directly depends on the selected type and shape of the table, so below is a generalized list of what can be useful for making any table.

  1. Wooden boards. The most successful option will be pine or spruce, also used birch, walnut, oak.
  2. Saw or electric jig saw.
  3. Screws, bolts, nails.
  4. Drill or screwdriver with a set of drills;
  5. Sandpaper or grinder;
  6. Roulette.
  7. Pencil.
  8. Level.
  9. Means of self-defense: glasses and mittens.
  10. Glue for wood.

Monolithic wooden table with your own hands

Building a wooden table

As an example, a classic table model with a rectangular table top on four legs was chosen. Especially such a table will be to the taste of those who have a kitchen in a rustic style. Let's consider the whole process in stages:

  • the whole table will be assembled exclusively from the boards, so first you need to assemble the frame, to which the table top and legs will be attached in the future. To do this, we take four boards of the same length and place them at an equal distance from each other, perpendicular to them we have two end boards and fasten the structure with screws or nails;
  • from the two remaining sides attach two additional boards for a more rigid and sturdy frame;
  • do the table top, attaching boards of the same width to the frame;
  • fasten the legs of the table, which are bars;
  • We process the surface of the table obtained by a grinding machine.

As you can see, it's not difficult to make a table on its own. Having worked and spending a little time, you can get an excellent table for your kitchen, dining room or summer cottage. Ready to get started? Leave your comments and questions below.