Swedish approach to the arrangement of housing on 17 square

Studio apartment in Scandinavian style

In any apartment, you can create a cozy nest for two, carefully looking at the premises. Here and in this example, an area of ​​17 square meters housed everything necessary for a comfortable life. This cute home is in Sweden, and therefore reflects the basics of the concept of "Scandinavian design».

Unusual planning accompanies a small area, making the task of its arrangement even more difficult. Narrow room makes its demands on the situation, and the transition to the kitchen area is difficult to use. However, the room has high ceilings, and the single window has a beautiful arched shape.

Rounded window with an extended window sill

The great advantage of a tiny dwelling in an old house in front of equally small apartments in "Khrushchevs" in the height of the ceilings. After all, you can draw a few large areas for the built-in mezzanines, the installation of which is not complicated. Such an original storage area, although it requires an easy folding ladder, but is able to accommodate a very large number of things.

Two-level studio apartment in white color Living room in Scandinavian style

And even a bed can be arranged on the upper tier, separated independently. This is a romantic and original solution that turns a modest studio into a two-room apartment.

Floors in the hallway A bouquet of roses on a dinner table

Naturally, with such dimensions, the kitchen has very little space left. Therefore, the corner is competently equipped with a multitude of shelves, between which a small stove, a sink, a microwave oven and other necessary appliances are built in. The same can be said about the bathroom - to save space, the shower is not installed at all, there is only a shower and toilet bowl.

Small kitchen in studio apartment Bathroom and kitchen in white color

Can I use these examples for Russian flats of the old type? Leave your notes and comments, and be inspired by the decisions of wise and practical Swedes together with us!