The elegant interior of the studio apartment: the nostalgic

Stockholm studio apartment

You once lived in England, and afterwards you were forced to leave and now you miss your native London monastery? Feel uncomfortable even in the most posh apartment?

Then the ideal option for you is to recreate a memory that is dear to the heart. Let the interior of your home, at least mentally, transfer you to your favorite place and envelop the desired comfort.

Comfortable studio apartment is the dream of any creative person. After all, in its arrangement it is necessary to take sometimes the most non-standard decisions. You just need to imagine yourself a design guru and find a solution to a lot of planning tasks. Where can I put up a sofa too large? Will it be possible to shove all the clothes into a small dressing room that only fits into the interior? Is there enough of a small bar counter, when in dreams you see a huge dining table with a set of chairs?

In a similar dwelling traditional methods of creating design are applied in the most unusual way. When a person still gets his own desired studio, he can find a way out of any situation. In this he can help a good designer. He will tell you that a convenient wardrobe is appropriate in any room, and the old sofa is best to be thrown out, replacing it with a stylish and comfortable piece of furniture that can be put opposite a brand new plasma. That the dining room, even the tiniest of its analogues, can not be squeamish in any case, so you can safely go for a fancy dining piece of furniture and soft stools.

True, sometimes a person can not and does not even want to follow the advice of a specialist, having in his soul his ideal image. It's not scary, if due to him the furniture will be a little out of place, and a large picture is more suitable for a luxurious museum hall than for a small modest apartment. The main thing is for you and other people living here to feel comfortable, so dare.

Often the ideal image is associated with homesickness. If you spent some time in London and loved his strict style in the interior, these small (only thirty-seven square meters!) Apartments will make you absolutely happy.

This apartment type "studio" is suitable for someone who can appreciate the reigning atmosphere in it, created with the help of antiques and antique furniture. The interior of the apartment is designed as a low-level apartment in an English town house, so it will cause pleasant nostalgia for the times of London life. What's the difference, what can be more convenient, practical or beautiful, when the design is completely home? This alone will warm up the soul and make staying in this studio comfortable and desirable.

Why strive for some ghostly ideal, when there is such a native design?

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