A wonderful collection of small kitchen projects

Interior of a compact kitchen

Perfect interior

It's time to pay tribute to remarkable qualities interior of a small kitchen, although many consider compact size a disadvantage, but this is not at all the case. It is enough to organize the life and use simple tricks, and even a tiny space will become a comfortable and cozy place for the whole family. Not long ago this zone acquired a completely different meaning, reorienting itself to the family center. Therefore, the need to increase its effectiveness has increased.

To compensate for a small area, you can use simple tips. In this article, we will acquaint you with examples of real cuisines, where the lack of square meters pays off due to many factors: the correct organization, the rational use of space, the correct color scale, built-in appliances, storage systems and visual illusions.

Perfect interior компактной кухни

Perfect interior

The breadth of the narrow kitchen can be found in the houses of the Victorian era and in many modern projects. This planning allows you to focus on traditional working triangle, which is indicated by a refrigerator, sink and stove. An important detail is that the distance between them should be reduced to a minimum.

This option will allow you to move less, therefore, and feel more confident, because almost everything you have at hand. It is important to pay attention to the color scheme, the lighter the tone, the room seems more spacious. But do not overdo it, add a few contrasting fragments, for example black or other dark color of the table top.

Modern kitchen in light colors

Modern and stylish

Having at your disposal less square meters, you can save a lot on buying furniture. At the same time, spending more money on the purchase of innovative household appliances, more expensive finishing materials for a floor covering, an apron, a smart table-top and accessories. Thus, you can arrange the interior in more noble shades and textures.

If you have an open layout of premises, then you just need to allocate this zone, to achieve this goal, the bar counter is ideal. In the image above you are presented with a stunning design, which by its visual appeal pushes the compactness to the background.

Luxurious kitchen in a small space

Impeccable improvement

Another good option for such a scheme of housing. The working area can be concentrated along a long wall. This rational use of space allow you to free up enough space, for example for a dining area. In this case, we see that from this area opens onto the terrace. Not bad, right?

Compact kitchen in gray color

Laconic image

Many of your problems can be solved by a simple pantry, which will become a container of many attributes of modern cuisine. In the main room you can leave only those fragments that should always be at hand. A small interior does not mean that you can not consider all the current trends in design. For this option, homeowners got rid of the top elements storage systems. This decision refreshed the space, brought him more light and a sense of spaciousness.

Kitchen interior in white color

Non-standard solutions affecting the overall image

A similar example, here the architectural feature played its role. But the owners can be envied, with a large window of their kitchen offers a superb view of the scenic landscape. The main working area is located near the wall with a spacious Venetian window and there is more reason to use furniture only in the lower part of the room, freeing up more space for penetration inside the light.

Compact kitchen in white color

Current additions

Many old buildings have another unpleasant drawback, except for narrow rooms - the same uncomfortable passages. But in this version, you can beat the layout imperfection. The newest compact home appliances has a high-quality and thoughtful design, ideal for solving such problems.

Interesting and unusual in this environment refrigerator I Smeg, which slightly does not fit into the projected environment, but nevertheless, a niche specially designed for it allows it to look more harmoniously. We see here is another interesting option - a glossy ceiling with a cluster of fixtures.

Usually, many of us rely on flooring polished almost to mirror gloss, but the opposite part with playful gloss is more advantageous in such conditions and allows more even distribution of light, expanding visual boundaries.

Co-op kitchen in light colors

The ideal color scheme

When you have received the maximum effect and feel quite comfortable, then do not stop, consider options that further enhance the sense of freedom. Visual expansion of space can be achieved with the help of a palette.

The ideal option for this purpose is pure white snow. Its properties are that it reflects light. You can choose white furniture facades, paint them walls and ceiling. This solution will help your kitchen to be magnificent, shine with freshness and unsurpassed timeless style.

This is interesting: when in the design of the kitchen it is worth using white tones

Practical placement of kitchen furniture

A practical solution

If you are not indifferent to the minimal Scandinavian direction, then it is recommended to paint the floor besides furnishing and finishing. The unique interior is more relevant than ever for such a case.

Small kitchen in white color

Interesting additions

In this example, it is worth noting two points. The first is a narrow countertop. The compactness of the surfaces allows the correct organization of work areas, assigning to each fragment certain tasks. The second detail that attracts attention is the antique path.

Playful design colorful carpet distracting attention from the limited size of the narrow room. In addition, he slightly dilutes the monophonic design, making adjustments to the design.

Storage systems на маленькой кухне

Storage systems

If you need to concentrate all the work in one zone, you can use a modern kitchen set that has high cabinets that reach the ceiling. This will add a lot of space to accommodate all the attributes, and you will not need to travel a distance to the pantry, everything will be at hand.

Also worth looking at the colors, soft shades of facades with snow-white fragments are impeccable in the design of the interior small kitchen.

Ergonomic containers на маленькой кухне

Ergonomic containers

When you plan to organize your kitchen, you can take advantage of all the latest trends that are observed in larger versions. You have the opportunity to design an individual show room, where you use a cascade of countertops, white lacquer in combination with a walnut tree, elongated cabinet handles and the latest technology, gadgets.

A small room reserved for the kitchen can be turned into a divine space, if correctly prioritized. In compact dimensions, there are also advantages that are worth using.

You will be able to spend a modest budget for its improvement, it will be convenient for you to move around, because the area is modest, it is more rational to organize your work, and the time for cleaning is reduced at times. So let's look at the merits small interior and learn how to enjoy it!