The interior of a small studio is elongated

Interior of a small studio in white color

Restrained interior of a small studio

The interior of a small studio puts forward special requirements for the placement of furniture. Extended space of a compact area is not the most suitable option for fantasy revelry, but in such cramped conditions it is possible to create an original, cozy and comfortable design. It will make it possible to place practical objects in everyday life and provide space for maneuvering.

One of the popular approaches to the design of this kind of dwellings is to use mostly light shades that cause the illusion of space, and also bring peace and comfort to the design. An ideal addition to the white walls and ceiling will be a beige floor covering, possibly in combination with a small pastel color carpet.

Brickwork in the interior of a small studio

Colors of the room

The choice of material for cladding is not so important, but the introduction of original design solutions guarantees the interior a unique look. In particular, it makes sense to pay attention to this method of decorating walls, such as creating an imitation of brickwork covered with white paint. It contains horizontal elements, which are known to visually expand the space. 

A small area of ​​the premises does not exclude the possibility of its decoration with unusual elements and accessories. One of the available ways is to equip a decorative fireplace. It does not take up much space and at the same time looks elegant and stylish. A non-functioning fireplace fireplace can be occupied by large candles of the same color, but of different heights.

Fireplace in the interior of a small studio

Fireplace in the interior of the studio

With a reasonable approach to the organization of space in the kitchen there is a place not only for the work area, but also for a mini-dining room or a corner for breakfast. Linear arrangement of the components of the headset - the ideal solution for those cases where every centimeter on the account. From the sleeping area the kitchen is separated by a built-in wardrobe and a sofa bed.

Kitchen interior in a small studio

Kitchen Area

The partitions in such an apartment are superfluous, since they occupy quite a lot of space. To indicate the boundaries of zones and to provide the necessary privacy, you can install narrow cabinet-wardrobes or shelves with drawers and without. In the same way, space for the bathroom is allocated. But if you can not do without partitions, let them be thin, from drywall.

Zoning in a small studio

Delimitation of space

In the bathroom you can not care about the availability of space for movement. It is much more important to think carefully about the location and design of the bathtub and sink. Half a meter pass will be enough. 

Interior of the bathroom in bright colors

WC and bathroom

The presence of a balcony is a great chance to increase the living space. If you are also a happy owner of an apartment with a balcony, try to insulate it, protect it from extraneous views from the street and arrange an extra bed there.

Interior of a small studio in light colors

Expansion of space

The interior of a small studio presented here is a fount of original ideas concerning the organization of a compact space. Using neutral textures, light colors, elements with simple shapes and carefully selected accessories makes these rooms cozy, attractive and functional.