Southern style in the interior of the kitchen

Interior of the kitchen in the southern style

Interior designer Cortney Bishop from South Carolina believes that the South at the height of the Renaissance has changed enormously compared to the last century. Representatives of this part of the world began to occupy a leading position in terms of combining styles.

In this article, readers will learn the ways with which you can harmoniously incorporate elements of southern decor into the interior of the kitchen.

Mixed style cabinets

The main element of many houses in the South is furniture that is not subject to time and will always look fashionable. Designer Bishop argues that such furniture is more suitable in this matter.

In the photo, a vivid example of how the kitchen should look if you wanted to change your own home beyond recognition. The unusual design of the windows will complete the overall picture.

Kitchen cabinets in different styles

A white place for cooking from RLH Studio

Walls with a pattern

In the South, original wallpapers were always appreciated. If you are concerned about whether such a pattern fits, and you do not want to spoil all the beauty, then you can use a more economical option. This option, which can easily be fixed. To do this, you can glue a pattern on the inside of the glass cabinet.

Wall with a pattern in the kitchen

A standard and modern solution from Heather Garrett Design

Glass jars for preservation

Previously, "village glasses" now become part of the decor. A glass jar for preservation is sold in any grocery store, and in use such a thing is universal. They can be filled with the necessary product, giving a certain feature to the room.

And you can do with their lamps to decorate the kitchen island and illuminate other corners of the room. Decorating the room with such a detail will bring your original ideas to life and create an unusual beauty in your kitchen.

Cereals and bulk in glass jars

Esther Hershcovich's original decorations


The trend of taxidermy is now quite popular. Such an ornament will, of course, set your kitchen apart. But remember: although the skin is pre-treated and processed, it is still not worth using it near the cooking area. It is desirable to place such an ornament as safely as possible for a person.

Cow head in the kitchen interior

Too unusual? From Bluebell Kitchens

Blanket as a tablecloth on the table

The designer Bishop believes that family relics are an important aspect in decorating the premises. They tell the story of the places from where it all went. A blanket or something like a rug can look very old with the years.

But if you make a drapery and put it on a table, it will be an excellent decoration. This design solution is inherent in the southern style.

A blanket on the table instead of a tablecloth

Dining room from GIL WALSH INTERIORS


Having passed a considerable part of historical areas, it is difficult not to notice that most of them are lined with lining. The idea of ​​lining the private territory of the hostess is very interesting and original. Materials for finishing works will make this part of your house strict, in accordance with the traditions of southern cities.

Finishing of kitchen by lining

Ideal details attract attention

Arbitrary eccentricity

Some of us can be inveterate perfectionists, but there are times when the random placement of certain items fits perfectly into the overall picture.

As you can see in the photo, the rich chandelier and old brickwork do not correspond very well to each other, but they give a special feature to the whole interior. Of course, hanging of such chandeliers is not necessary, but it is quite acceptable to use this as an option.

Brickwork in the interior of a luxury kitchen

Calm and pacifying kind of already familiar part of the house from Marlene Wangenheim AKBD, CAPS, Allied Member ASID


Any room needs a unique detail. Surely, each of us has some things from the dishes that are left of the grandmother. That's only often their use is reduced to a minimum. And such a detail can decorate your everyday place for cooking.

Beautiful antique silver vases and trays of the last century will perfectly fit into the overall picture and will attract the attention of guests.

Antique tableware in the interior of the kitchen

Minimalist Kitchen by Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris Home

Natural inspiring shades

The palette of the South is often lighter. Given that the inhabitants of the South spend a lot of time on the street, these boring tones bore them a bit. Therefore, bright shades are transferred to the room.

The photo shows how the inexpressive cuisine is refreshed by the green saturated color used in the design. This herbaceous hue and the corresponding color scheme of the premises give freedom from the usual grayness. Using small bright details in the form of kitchen towels or carpet, you can achieve the desired effect. And in summer bright colors will give fruit.

Kitchen in natural colors

Modern interior features with bright elements from Clean Design

American Woodwork

Interior elements of wood are now popular. The work of artisans was always appreciated. The style of the young generation of the inhabitants of the South is diverse, but they do not forget the old traditions. And add decor elements, which are depicted in the photo, to diversify the design and attract interest to it.

Vintage accessories evoke delight and create a sense of the presence of the last century.

Wooden furniture in a rustic kitchen

Rustic dining room in white colors from Dreamy Whites