The universal living space in a small apartment is a

Interior of a small light kitchen

A relatively small dwelling, with a total area of ​​65 square meters, but with high ceilings, can turn into a universal living space, if one uses every corner of it correctly. An example of this is in the vicinity of Canal Lachine. Visitors to the Forum-Grad website can see how the loft-style apartment is transformed, which means "old loft", from the ideas of Ateliers L. McComber. This interior is characterized by brickwork on the walls, exposed beams and other structures, a lot of wood: on the floor and ceiling.

Working Corner in front of the kitchen

With the advent of the child, there was a need to reorganize the premises taking into account the new lifestyle of the young family, so that it would be convenient and functional. As a result of the reconstruction, a bold architect's decision was made - the rise of a berth for parents on the mezzanine. The undulating form of the canopy is of visual interest, it does not put pressure on the children's area located below. "Attic" looks modern and comfortable.

Sleeper in the second level Baby cots and armchairs Brickwork in the decoration of the room Sleeper in the second level Sleeper in the second level