How to choose the right bed

A healthy sleep is also important for our well-being, like maintaining a balanced diet and playing sports. According to the modern knowledge of man in the health and science of sleep, the right choice of beds is of paramount importance for this. Without exaggeration, the bed is the most important piece of furniture in your home, because no other has so much influence on you from day to day of your life. Introducing 5 good tips on how to choose the right bed!

How to choose the right bed

1. Mattress

The key to finding the ideal bed for yourself is the right choice of mattress. Discard the old-fashioned idea, saying "you need to sleep only on hard!" Today, the bed is chosen strictly individually. For many people, a hard bed is uncomfortable, and where there is no convenience - there is no healthy sleep.

When the bed is too hard, the body begins to do involuntary movements in a dream to relieve stress and help tired muscles and joints, which in turn interrupts the natural sleep cycle and reduces the quality of body rest. It happened that, having slept all night, you still woke up tired and felt discomfort in the whole body? This is because he had to fight for comfort throughout the night.

How to choose the right mattress

So, the bed, first of all, should be comfortable. High-end producers use such expensive materials as horsehair or woolto create the softest layer of the surface and add pleasant sensations from contact with the bed.

The mattress itself works best on a system of individually nested and clogged springs, but you can also find comfortable mattresses Memory Foam, adjusting to the shape of the body, a system of old-fashioned open cylindrical springs, as well as latex or water beds.Bed with Mattress Memory Foam

Bed with Mattress Memory Foam

There is also a widespread belief that people with a lot of weight should give preference to harder beds, while lighter people - softer. However, there is no clear scientific justification for this. If you doubt how hard you need a bed, choose a universal option.

How to choose a bed in the store?

While in the store, do not hesitate to try lying on the bed that you like, and take advice from a real expert if possible (because if someone is in the bed department, it does not mean that he really understands the health of sleep) .

Take your time, turn from side to side and create pressure points in the hips and shoulders to see how your body interacts with the mattress. Ideally, you should not feel pressure at all in these places, and the rest of your body should be slightly outlined by a mattress. If this did not happen, then this mattress is not for you.

2. Materials

When choosing a bed, pay attention also to how its individual components affect you. What to give preference: artificial or natural materials?

If you tend to sweat during sleep, then warmed mattresses, coverings Memory Foam or latex surfaces you obviously do not fit. They do not allow sweat to easily escape from the body, as a result of which it will be difficult to cool.

If you have an allergy, artificial materials in beds can be a better choice. Although most of the natural materials used in good beds are cleaned before production to such an extent that they do not have the slightest piece of animal skins or oils that can cause a reaction. At the same time, natural materials have one important advantage - they provide good ventilation and temperature control in bed, which will make you feel more luxurious in it.

How to choose the right bed

3. Durability

Durability - this is what we expect from all the items that decorate your house. As for beds, the quality here depends on the price. Cheap mattresses quickly lose shape, as a result of which, its replacement may be required after 2-3 years of continuous use. The same goes for the case of the bed - forged metal and solid wood will last you much longer and more confidently than chipboard or MDF. To be convinced of this, it is enough simply to compare the terms of guarantees that are granted to those and other types. If it's hard to part with a large sum for a high-quality bed, just imagine how for 20 or more years you will get up every day with a great mood, and drop all unnecessary doubts!

How to choose the right bed

4. Base of the bed

Bed with cushioning (preferably spring) is always preferable to a bed with a solid base. In addition, today often make beds with an interesting frame around the perimeter, which strengthens the body and adds aesthetics. Elegant headboard can also make a personal contribution to the appearance and comfort of the bed.

Bed with amortization

5. Aesthetics

We quite often compromise with comfort due to aesthetics. But choosing a bed is definitely not the case when you can so risk.

Know that choosing a beautiful expensive case and saving while on the mattress, you sacrifice a wonderful state of health, which gives a healthy sleep. At the same time, you will agree that it is unlikely that you will look at the appearance of the bed every day for years. But the daily need of the body for quality rest will not go anywhere! In addition, choosing a bed with an impressive design, there is a high probability that after a couple of years it will be out of fashion or you will get tired of it, which will not happen if you prefer a simple universal model. Therefore, in order to choose the right bed, your priority should be clearly focused on choosing a good sleeping surface.

How to choose the right bed

Sincerely hope that this article will help you choose the perfect bed! We wish you the most sweet dreams!