Thoughtful apartment interior pad 67: an ideal project for

Massage chair in the living room

Today we want to invite readers to discuss the design of a city apartment. In front of you there are interesting apartments where smart planning is performed in an unusual way. Open space, with shared common areas, is an ideal solution for modern life. The project was designed by Dillon Chen from D | C Interior Design, who specializes in arranging bachelor apartments. Under his leadership, 5 small rooms became spacious 2 rooms, divided into private and social areas. Let's start a more detailed acquaintance ...

Walls of unusual shape Interior of a bright living room Spacious living room in bright colors

The second positive side of the creative approach with the merger of the total area is to obtain the maximum amount of light. Each separate zone only at first glance seems integrated, in fact, with the help of glass partitions, with built-in blinds, you can create a secluded atmosphere.

Glass dining table in the kitchen Blue bar in the kitchen Laptop on the bar

Lighting is made up of a number of elegant fixtures: built-in ceiling and hinged appliances, lighting. A delightful ceiling with a multistage design and built-in LED stripes evokes delight and unforgettable impressions.

Corridor to the bedroom

Glossy and glass surfaces in every room pleases the eye with a cold gloss, giving the interior a neutral and impeccable appearance. This design move has one more consequence - the visual illusion of expanding the area. Separately it is necessary to consider the interior of the home library and the office in combination. An original shelf with an individual character and decent capacity, there will be books, CDs, magazines in any quantity. But looking closely, you will notice an interesting concept - constructive chaos, which surrounds itself with special energy. The cozy bedroom is filled with interesting motifs, patterns and color prints bringing in a kind of playfulness. In addition, behind the partition there is a spacious wardrobe, replacing a lot of cabinets, which only overload the interior.

Interior of studio apartment Home theater in the living room Home theater in the living room Creative bookcase in the office Wardrobe in the bedroom

Kitchen space is located in a very compact corner, but this did not stop comfortably equipping each centimeter and giving it functional and practical properties. Splashes of bright colors, glossy shine of colored surfaces and proper lighting in the kitchen form a correct and perfect look. There is a glass dining table next to it, in a set of luxurious chairs of deep black color. To get this result, the designer got rid of some internal walls and created an atmosphere that is as close to the natural as possible, with simple lines and shapes.

Design of a bookcase Corridor plan Plan of dining room and living room Layout of dining area, kitchen and bathroom Layout of the living room and kitchen Apartment plan