Cushion for the sofa: how to choose the right one

  • Excursion to the history
  • Shape of decorative pillows
  • Material and filler: an important solution
  • Color solution: the main aspect
  • Pillows: with which you can combine

Dream to revive the ordinary interior, but do not know how? You should listen to the advice of professional designers: use colorful accents! If after repair the heart still lacks a bright spot, you can supplement the interior ... with a sofa cushion. However, here there are few rules, because choosing the right color of the cushion for the sofa is a very important occupation. So how to add pepper to the interior and not lose its style?

Shape of decorative pillows

Excursion to the history

Decorative cushions for the sofa were first used by Arab sultans and rich citizens. Such pillows were of bright color, but made of expensive silk fabric. Then the masters sewed a practically prepared pillow with silver or gold embroidery. And only then the finished product fell on the sofa. The wealth of the owner of the house was measured in the number of pads in the interior.

In medieval castles it was quite cold. To avoid catarrhal diseases, cushions were placed under the feet. Cushions were used in the same way during church services. This element of the interior was necessary and in the riding - it was put on the saddle.

In distant India, small pillows were used during love games. This is confirmed in the Indian love treatise ("Kamasutra").

Cushions were used during love games

Shape of decorative pillows

Throughout the time, designers are improving pillows. Now on the shelves of shops you can find pillows in the most original solutions: flowers, butterfly, hearts, a bottle of champagne and even sushi. The most common and "old" are the following pillow options:

  • opinion - a square cushion, is considered a universal option;
  • Turkish - monophonic or with oriental ornamentation, gathered or embedded counter-folds - distinctive features;
  • quilted - expressive decorative seams;
  • * 4-section - a volumetric cushion, dividing into two sections, which connects the side insert;
  • cushion - the base of the pillow can be lifted, which allows using this type of pillow as an armrest.

pillows in the most original solutions

Material and filler: an important solution

In the presence of small children or pets, it is recommended to choose easy-to-clean pillows. In other cases, you can choose the material based on your taste preferences and financial possibilities. However, it is necessary to clarify the nuances of care when buying. This is the only way to protect the material from early wear.

The most popular pillows are synthetic filler (dacron, holofayber). Less common with natural (goose down, feather).

Material and filler

Color solution: the main aspect

As a rule, manufacturers of sofas immediately take care of the accompanying pillows. However, if the heart calls to transform the interior, then you need to pay attention to the following recommendations.


Do not use large, bright pillows in the interior, where there are already accent objects (large picture, panel). In this case, it is better to manage three pillows of small size and neutral colors.


When choosing a pillow as an element of the interior, you need to consider the dimensions of the sofa. On a massive sofa, you can arrange a few large pillows, but a small sofa just hides behind an immense pillow.


Effective decor is allowed in the interior, executed in neutral or muted tones. If the sofa and other elements of the living room are made in calm monochrome tones, you can buy pillows in stylish, rich colors. With juicy shades (green, yellow), cushions of pastel shades can adjoin. Dark scale (violet, blue) can also cooperate with more clarified shades (blue)

Color solution

According to the form

Choosing a pillow, you need to consider the silhouette of the furniture. Cylindrical cushions are perfect for sofas of elongated models, while square cushions transform classical sofas.

Important: give up pillows made of fur, silk, corduroy in case of frequent visits to guests. Constant contact, spilled drinks will spoil their appearance.

Pillows: with which you can combine


Pillows for the sofa are selected only after the curtains are selected. It's not the other way round! As a rule, the pattern of curtains and pillows is very similar.

Tone of the upholstery

The option is very good, however, difficult to implement. Not having a sample of the sofa, it is very difficult to choose a pillow "tone-in-tone". To avoid unsuccessful purchases, designers recommend taking a pillow for several tones lighter than the upholstery of the sofa.

Accent subjects

Cushion cushion can be a logical continuation of the elements of the main interior. For example, bright flowers of a vase or a lamp stand can be completed on the couch. Thus, soft cushions can balance the visual load.

Pillows: with which you can combine

We wish you courageous and successful ideas!