Tiny apartments with panoramic glazing and terraces - a

Interior of a small studio apartment

What is a mini apartment? Modern urban planning and design define them as small areas from 22.6 to 32.7 square meters. m. This housing is cheaper, consumes less energy and is easier to maintain.

How is it created? For an example, our site offers to go to Canada, in the province of British Columbia.

The name of the project is The Janion Waterfront Micro-Loft. The place where it was realized Janion Hotel Building.

Small studio in light colors

This is a historic six-story building, erected in 1891. Recently it was restored. Additional extensions were made. On the first floor, after reconstruction, commercial premises appeared. All this does not violate, however, the cultural value of the architectural structure.

Dining area in a small studio

Now a little about the design of the mini-apartment, located in the Janion Hotel Building. Apart from the bathroom, the living room here is the only room. The main thing in it is the fullness of the light.

Each unit has built-in double beds. A noticeable unifying beginning for the whole space is the dining table.

Exterior of the house with panoramic windows Multi-storey house on the beach Bright living room Small bathroom in white color Luxurious view of the ocean Studio with a luxurious view of the ocean The layout of a small studio apartment with a balcony The layout of a small studio apartment with a balcony The layout of a small studio apartment with a terrace

Agree, a beautiful example of how successfully you can combine in architecture and design the old with the modern.