How to decorate an interior with high ceilings

It's great to have a place to express your taste and creativity! The rooms with high ceilings make it possible to create a stylish design with a lot of fashionable things that will not eclipse each other with their beauty. However, caution and sense of proportion are necessary here, without which all efforts can come to naught. Here are a few simple but effective ways to design interiors with high ceilings:

  1. Adding wooden beams - they not only reduce the height of the room, but also give it an unusual structure.
  2. Installation of ceiling decor - suspended ceilings, multi-level structures, caissons etc. creative projects can give your interior a more captivating and cozy atmosphere, and be used to differentiate individual zones in an open-plan house.
  3. The selection of high vertical elements - bookshelves, fireplaces, floor lamps, houseplants and other decor, which by the growth reaches almost or up to the ceiling, will help the high room look more proportional and stylish.
  4. Advantageous lighting - if the shiny cascading chandeliers or wide pendant lamps can act as an independent decoration of high ceilings, the built-in lamps are ideal for structural and multi-level structures.
  5. Large accents on the walls - a couple of large paintings, mirrors or wall panels will make your interior not only more proportionate, but also more effective. An alternative option is to decorate the wall with numerous photographs within the framework or an extensive collection of works of art.
  6. Correct choice of eaves and curtains - curtains should cover almost the entire length of the wall, otherwise they will look too clumsy and inappropriate.

Beautiful interior design with high ceilings (photo):

large-chandelier-under-high-ceiling big-picture-and-fireplace-in-the-interior decor-for-living-with-high-ceilings decoration-with-high-ceiling wooden-beams-and-spot-systems-on-the-ceiling wooden beams-on-ceiling design-rooms-with-high-ceilings house-with-high-ceilings living-room-two-storey living room-with-high-ceiling Idea-for-room-with-high-ceilings idea-for-kitchen-with-high-ceiling coffered-ceiling-in-the-bedroom collection-pictures-on-the-wall komnata-s-vysokimi-potolkami lepnina-V-Interior multi-level-ceiling-with-backlight hanging fireplace shelves-on-all-wall shelves-under-ceiling sovremennaya-living room-with-high-ceiling sovremennyy-design-rooms-with-high-ceilings bedroom-with-high-ceilings spot-system-on-ceiling stylish-design-ceiling Story-in-the-room-with-high-ceiling luminaires-on-long-cord fixtures-in-the-kitchen-with-high-ceilings vaulted ceiling high-lounge-in-classic-style