Moderate minimalist design of a small apartment - a

Interior of the apartment in Moscow in turquoise-white tones with elements of light wood

This article is for those who like very spacious rooms. It was this kind of person who asked the designers to create an interior for him, in which comfort and a lot of free space should be combined. A team of very good, knowledgeable designers in their business tried to fulfill all the requirements. In addition, they took the liberty of adding some additional elements that filled the project with the individuality and personal features of the customer.

Dining table and light wooden bar counter with turquoise insert White kitchen with turquoise tiles and wooden wall decoration

The wooden material present in stylish kitchen and other rooms in the form of a coating on the floor and walls, allows you to relax and calm down. The windows of large sizes perfectly illuminate the rooms, which in itself positively affects the person. The blue and white varnished finish harmoniously combines with the inserts made of wood and dynamically completes the color effect. The ceiling itself is very individual in every part of the apartment, interestingly complementing the entire interior. And small details in the form of curtains and chandeliers are matched in tact with all the idea and do not violate the intriguing balance. The interior and harmonious interior of the premises generously reveals all its positive features.

Разноцветные кухонные аксессуары в stylish kitchen Original design of the kitchen and dining room in turquoise-white colors with elements of wood White chairs and a dining table with a table top made of light wood Apples in a wooden vase on a dinner table View from the kitchen to the living room View from the kitchen to the living room Large black TV on a white table in the living room Corridor, decorated in white and gray tones with elements of wood Glass doors to the bathroom White bathroom and washbasin in the bathroom, decorated in pastel colors Toilet with a bright red lid in an extravagantly decorated toilet