Golden rules of the owner of a wooden staircase

Wisdom and diligence of the real master is not only in the arrangement of the house, in the choice of practical and natural pieces of furniture and everyday life, but also in the further careful care of them. Choosing the right wooden staircase for your home will characterize you as a person with a taste, caring about the environmental friendliness and naturalness of the materials that fill your home. Such a decision will undoubtedly be approved by relatives and friends who look into your nest. Proven manufacturers will provide you with a quality wooden product that will last you for many years, as you can see by visiting the site.

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If you have become a happy owner of a wooden staircase, now your task is to preserve its appearance and pristine condition for many years to come. To do this, read the golden rules that you need.

Golden rules of the owner of a wooden staircase

Despite all the advantages of wooden stairs, their weak side is the fear of excess moisture. Therefore, even during harvesting, it is important to minimize the amount of water used. The sponge should be just damp, and after using it, the ladder should be wiped dry with a towel.

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Particularly humid premises (the optimum permissible humidity for the stairs is not higher than 60%) oblige to apply antifungal agents to the ladders of wood. This procedure should be carried out once a year.

To better care for stairs 1 time per week, you need to use polish. It is important to choose a quality polish, which includes natural ingredients. Such a component can be, for example, Brazilian palm wax, in the composition indicated as carnauba wax. It is the hardest plant wax, gives a deep luxurious gloss to wooden products. Absolutely non-toxic. Also, one of the important components of quality polishes are oils. The most popular - orange oil - an effective, but very delicate solvent, which gently cleanses wooden products from dirt. In addition, this oil has simply an excellent quality: driving away house ants, beetles, grinders, and other harmful insects. When choosing a polishing agent, the main thing is to avoid having silicone in them. The barrier that it creates on the surface repels not only water, but also the lacquer coating of the staircase, which significantly worsens its appearance.

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And of course wooden stairs do not tolerate point loads. To avoid damage to the stairs, do not wear shoes with heels around the house. Also, in order not to leave a dent, in any case do not drag and do not lower on the steps of baggage bags on wheels or any other dimensional objects.

Observance of such simple and intelligible rules will help you to always be satisfied with the cleanliness and comfort of your home.

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