Design of a small studio apartment of 30 sq m (65 ideas of

To execute the original and comfortable apartment design studio apartment in the thirty square. You can use a number of ideas and a few secrets. And also, using stylistic devices and combining multiple solutions for lighting and decoration, you can radically change the interior design of the apartment.

Stylish version of the interior design of a small apartment studio

A stylish version of the design of the functional interior of a small studio apartment. The proper layout of the space allows you to organize a separate area for sleep, rest and cuisine.

Studio apartment

Studio apartment in the style of minimalism. Excellent choice for a small one-bedroom apartment.

An example of a proper layout.

Smart studio - an example of the correct layout.

In this article, read:

  • 1 What do I need to know in preparation for repair?
  • 2 Zoning Space
  • 3 Kitchen decoration
  • 4 Room lighting
  • 5 Design options for a small studio apartment

What do I need to know in preparation for repair?

To change the initial parameters of the housing is carried out its redevelopment. Small studio apartments are for one or two people. Internal internal partitions are absent (fenced only bathroom). Formed a single space, which is divided into zones: sleeping, kitchen, living room.

An erroneous approach to the implementation of repairs can result in a failed result, when instead of a stylish and practical studio there is a spacious but tasteless room with a set of household items.

Correct zoning is the main condition for successful redevelopment of a small apartment. It is necessary to determine the following points:

  1. In what way will one zone from the other be visually divided?
  2. What area will be allocated for each of the zones?

Note! For a better understanding of what the concept will become in reality, you can create a room model in 3D.


As a partition between the kitchen and the bedroom in the apartment studio uses a huge sliding door.

Scandinavian style

Decoration in Scandinavian style. Thanks to a restrained, laconic design it is possible to save usable space.

Zoning Space

In most cases, the design project provides such an arrangement, in which the emphasis is on the living room and the attached kitchen area. Separate becomes the bedroom zone.

Depending on the layout of the apartments for zonal separation, a versatile tactic is used:

  1. Difference between floor and ceiling. If the height of the room allows, you can raise the level of the sleeping area by organizing a small podium. If you place drawers inside the elevator, this will create an additional space that can be used to store things, which is a big plus for 30-meter studios.
  2. Light accents. Often you can see in the studio apartment of 30 sq m such lighting, in which attention is drawn to the central zone, and the rest of the territory is highlighted by soft diffuse light.
  3. Application in different areas of unlike materials. In the kitchen, according to tradition, tiles are laid, in the living area there is a parquet or laminate board, in the bedroom there is a carpet. Of course, this is not a dogma for the interior of the apartment and you can fantasize with different materials and structures.
  4. Delimitation of functional parts of the studio apartment with the help of accessories and furniture elements (shelves, columns, aquariums, screens).
  5. An interesting technique is the decoration of studio apartments with the help of materials that differ in color and texture.
It looks spacious

Thanks to the correctly chosen stylistic concept, the studio apartment seems visually more spacious than it really is.

Studio apartment in one of the oldest houses in London.

Studio apartment in one of the oldest houses in London.

The emptiness in the wall of the oval shape makes a small apartment a luxury studio.

The emptiness in the wall of the oval shape makes a small apartment a luxury studio.

Kitchen decoration

To the design project has conquered the functionality, you need to carefully plan everything. Here are a few simple tweaks that will help visually increase the space:

  1. Excellent solution for studios - stretch ceiling. Due to the glossy luster, the desired effect of volume and depth will be obtained.
  2. Placement on the walls of the scenery in the vertical plane will also decorate the design of the studio apartment (elongated shapes and lighting fixtures, furniture with a vertical pattern on the upholstery).
  3. You can visually increase the dimensions of the smart studio, if the surface of the floor is made shiny, and in the corners arrange the illumination of the walls.
Separator between kitchen and living room

A divider between the kitchen and the living room is a high dining table. The right decision in a space-saving environment.

Functionally organized space

A small area holds everything you need for a full life. The space is organized efficiently and functionally.

If the size of the room allows, then it is not difficult to combine the furniture advantageously. If the area is limited, the apartments are furnished according to some principles:

  1. Do not install the furniture set around the perimeter.
  2. In the living room, the emphasis is on the soft corner, which is best placed in the center of the room.


  1. Required in the kitchen hoods with high power. The sound at work is a little louder than the average hood, but it provides good odor isolation.
  2. An impeccable design project says that the dishwasher and washing machine, refrigerator and other noisy equipment must be located in the most remote corner of the kitchen.
  3. It will be convenient if the plasma panel or TV is placed on a stand or hung on the wall opposite the sofa.
Studio apartment в скандинавском стиле

The studio apartment is decorated in Scandinavian style.

Modular kitchen set

Modular kitchen set - an advantageous solution for a studio apartment.

Creative design of a small apartment studio

Light colors finish organically combined with bright decorative details. Creative design of a small studio apartment.

Room lighting

If the interior of the studio apartment lacks the natural light, then an excellent way to eliminate this problem is the installation of the French window. It misses much more sunlight than normal. If the apartment is too dark, bulky curtains of dense fabric are replaced with light and light.

Concerning artificial lighting, the design of the studio assumes in addition to the upper light to set in each of the zones a personal illumination. Do not overload square meters of chaotically located lamps.

Partition из стекла

A partition of glass separates the bedroom from the living room. A stylish interior is an example of a true layout.

Minimalism along with the loft

Minimalism together with the loft make the interior of the studio apartment unique and creative.

An interesting effect is achieved if special light-emitting diodes are placed in the ceiling cornices and under the kitchen cabinets to illuminate the work surface.

If the issue of repair comes up responsibly and carefully to think over all the important details, then the dream of cozy and comfortable housing will easily come true. The new design of a one-bedroom apartment will delight the attractive appearance and its practicality.

Studio apartment оформлена в стиле лофт

The studio apartment is decorated in loft style. A small space of 30+ squares looks very attractive and stylish.

Living room

Living room in studio apartment in Rome.

Design options for a small studio apartment