Bathroom decor +60 photo ideas

Picture in the bathroom

Without a cozy bathroom in the apartment it is impossible to imagine comfort. The design of the room and its implementation can be attributed to the most labor-intensive repair tasks. This is due to the fact that the room is often characterized by a modest size. Therefore, the decor of the bathroom should be extremely functional and harmonious. In order to facilitate the task for the owners, we will present several useful recommendations.

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Design of shells

The installation of the original shell is able to radically change the interior. Together with the non-standard model of sanitary ware, the decor in the bathroom becomes a real highlight in the style of the apartment. Fortunately, that the assortment in the modern market allows you to choose a device for every taste. The shape of the bowl can be not only classical round, but also asymmetric. The same can be said about the material. The most demanded are porcelain, porcelain and ceramic products. However, gradually enter into the fashion of outlandish metal and refined crystal models.

Mirror over the sink

There are no restrictions, because everything depends on the owner's taste. However, with glass specimens one should be careful. Fragile crystal can harm young children. The most expensive option is considered to be an elite shell made of natural stone. However, if it is a talented imitation, then the decor in a stylish bathroom will not lose anything. Durable material will emphasize the luxurious decoration of the premises. Its performance properties for a long time will please the owners, preserving the artistic value for the decor. The disadvantages of stone sculptures include their heaviness and porosity of the structure. The latter entails clogging the bowl with household mud. Exclusive products require careful care of themselves.

Luxurious bathroom interior

Now consider the variety of shells that are on the market:

  • Tulip. Despite general admiration, this model is not universal. Not every bathroom decor can hold a white bowl on a curved leg. The latter significantly affects the ergonomics of the room, not allowing the use of space under the sink. For small bathrooms like this is unacceptable. The flower shape of the bowl is appropriate only in spacious apartments;
  • Suspended models. That's about this version of plumbing products can already be said as universal. The size of the bathroom to install a similar shell does not matter. The disadvantage is the monotony of aesthetics, which can be overcome only by decorative panels;
  • Corner. These models are also characterized by their versatility, since they can be both suspended and built-in. They are often used in combined bathrooms;
  • Overhead. Products with a curbstone or built in the countertop sinks are suitable for a spacious room. The functional version allows owners to use a chest of drawers to store any things.

Thus, the choice of the sink is based on two whales: the bathroom parameters and the preferences of the owners.

Unusual shells Shells of unusual shape  Mirror over the sink  Paintings on the wall in the bathroom  Basin of rectangular shape  Modern Bathroom Design

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Lighting, the use of mirrors

It is hardly possible to imagine a bathroom without a large mirror. This indispensable product transforms the space for the better, fills it with light. Designers recommend using mirrors to visually increase the area. The use of two mirrors is completely justified, if there are more than one person living in the apartment. A variety of shapes and decorative frame of the product allows you to choose the best option for decor in any bathroom. You can also try to decorate it with your own hands.

Mirror with neon lights

Another important point to recognize is lighting. From the intensity of light directly depends on the perception of the room. Powerful light emphasizes all the strengths of the interior, creates accents. The shape of the lamp can be any, but from a bulky chandelier it is better to immediately refuse. She "eats" too much space. Some masters prefer muted lighting. It is easy to create with a dimmer, which regulates the intensity of light streams. The creation of an intimate atmosphere in the decor of a cozy bathroom is just part of it.

Suspended light in the bathroom Lamps above mirrors  Mirror with light above the sink  Mirrors of different shapes on the wall  Large mirror in the bathroom  Shower with a glass booth

Towel holders

Practical adaptation most effectively looks on the walls. The main types of construction include the following:

  • Hooks;
  • Different types of crossbeams;
  • Elegant rings;
  • Combined models.

Attention! On sale there are also floor structures.

Towel holder on the wall

The most popular and familiar holders are hooks. This is a budget and simple method to create beautiful folds with textiles. However, it is difficult to call it a convenient option, since the towel is poorly fixed. The same can be said about rings. They look more reliable, but they are also uncomfortable. Experts recommend using alternative hanging baskets instead of a hook. They allow you to store a variety of things. Designers also prefer the arrangement of compact niches, which stand out clearly in the interior.

After determining the model with a towel for decor in a cozy bathroom, you can think about design design. Select it is necessary in accordance with other plumbing equipment, because a combination of diverse elements will look tasteless. Also worth adding furniture designs and various accessories. For example, the glass cabinet model will be wonderfully combined with a chrome-plated heated towel rail. Add originality can be with a vinyl curtain, resistant to moisture. Also various applications are welcome.

Holder with towels Towels on the holder  Holder with shelf  Unusual towel holder  Sliding holder  Double towel holder

Color design

It is important to consider the size of the room. If for a spacious bathroom you can pick up any color scheme, then the decor for a small bathroom needs to be decorated with exclusively light colors of decoration. This is due to the fact that dark colors exacerbate the closed nature of space. It is also desirable to adhere to a single style. Personal perception of the color palette should be in the first place, since the opportunity to relax is vital for any person. And this can only be achieved by following one's own instincts. The most popular colors in the decor of a cozy bathroom are considered to be all shades of seascapes, as well as pastel colors. Do not forget about lighting. The lack of power is compensated by light colors of finish. A bright light allows the use of dark gloss.

Blue, yellow and white in the bathroom interior Corner bath  Glass shower and green walls  Yellow in the bathroom interior  Rose-lime bathroom  Red walls in the bathroom

Ideas for a small bathroom

The room with modest dimensions implies several curious moments. So, the bath is replaced with an angular shower enclosure with a floor drain, and the classic toilet design is its installation. Alternatively, you can agree to a variant with a sedentary bath. This allows you to better organize a limited space. As finishing materials, it is better to use light panels with a fine pattern. In every way, the use of mirrors that visually extends the volume of the room is welcomed. Coupled with powerful light lighting, they create the illusion of space on a few square meters. It can even be a door with a mirror panel. It's important to use catchy accents at the corners, so that your eyes can catch on. It can even be brass parts in the retro style. Their use allows owners to create an original concept of the previous century.

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Towel dryers on the wall

When arranging a small room, you should make the most of each square meter. Many people forget that there is enough space under the bathroom to organize shelves. Drawers allow you to hide the inventory. Built-in lockers in the plane of the walls also save a useful area. Especially if they are made in one color palette with a finish.

Instead of overall sanitaryware it is worthwhile to use mini-models with a modular configuration. They can cost a little more than ordinary items, but a good decor for a small bathroom and look the same. Installation of compact models is possible everywhere. It can be hand basins, toilets with the already mentioned installation design, corner multi-tier modules, etc.

Black tile and lemon floor in the bathroom Strict bathroom design  A tree in the decoration of a small bathroom  Yellow door in a bright bathroom  Mirror with illumination in the bathroom  Luxurious bathroom interior

Tile for decoration

It is difficult to find a more suitable bathroom finishes than tiles. Excellent performance properties of the cladding cover reliably protect the walls from any temperature influences and water. Durable material also safely withstands the impact of household chemicals. Its hard surface does not crack for no reason, it does not sag under heavy rectangular plates. The clay plane, covered with glaze, is distinguished by its neutrality to dirt, glossy gloss, pure saturation of the color shade. For noncombustible material it is easy to take care of, because it does not absorb moisture at all. The only drawback of the tile can be considered its weak thermal conductivity, due to which it is almost always cold.

Tile with patterns in the bathroom

And since there are two main types of material - floor and facing for walls, then for the first option it is desirable to provide in advance the installation of a warm floor. In this case, the tile itself should be characterized by a sufficiently dense structure.

Attention! The smaller the porosity of the material, the better the water-absorbing properties!

Red walls and white floor in the bathroom

The usual scheme for placing tiles is the chess order of different color shades and accent walls. In small rooms, the decor of the minimalist bathroom with fine mosaic as a decoration is also welcomed. Such an ornament on a large tile revitalizes the design, contributes to a sense of spaciousness. Decorative technologies are no less interesting elements for interior decoration of the room. With their help, you can create a holistic picture of a warm design. Let's consider some varieties in more detail:

  • Curbs should be seen as some skirting when laying tiles. Because they are used on the joints of floor and wall units. These, so-called pencils, perfectly delineate the square meters of space, creating a complete composition of the decor. With the help of thin connections, it is possible to distinguish well the functional zones: for bathing, washing, etc. They are sold both separately and in a complete set with a finishing material;
  • Various panels and other similar decorations visibly enliven the boring background of a one-color texture of tile. To add a twist to the overall picture, they should be located at a fixed distance. Thus, the harmony and symmetry of the pattern are observed. Often the image contains a unique concept, selected in accordance with the tastes of the owner. It can be placed both horizontally and in any other direction. For example, frisayz means the vertical structure of the panel. Among the many options are usually allocated budgetary smooth, practical functional and exquisite bas-relief patterns. In this case, both flat and convex decors can additionally be equipped with universal shelves in the form of shelves, as well as hooks for towels.
  • Glazed tiles differ from matte depth of their shine. Exquisite and luxurious facings make it possible to realize the boundless imagination of any person. You can refer to popular stylistics such as Art Nouveau or Provence, but you can also come up with your own design options. The main thing is to observe harmony and interaction with the rest of the apartment. To achieve this, consider some of the recommendations of experienced professionals.
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Recommendations of designers

Experts always insist on the development of a preliminary sketch, since the latter allows to eliminate potential problems in advance. The embodiment of exclusive decor is recommended in the following sequence:

  1. The first step is to analyze the current state of the decor;
  2. Identify the weaknesses of the overall structure to make a choice between a full update or a partial replacement;
  3. Identify with the technology of facing works;
  4. Acquire and prepare everything you need.

Shower with light in the floor

The laborious organization of the decor of any bathroom involves solving a variety of issues. For example, the location of the elements of sanitary ware. It is important to understand the optimal layout of engineering communications for the further extraction of pipes and cranes. In a small room it is desirable to hide them behind walls or in compact boxes, if it can not be otherwise. This will save a lot of useful meters for the rest of the design.

The sink should be located opposite the front door, or in the far corner. However, try to put her away from the bath. The same can be said about the toilet. These elements must not touch.

Bathroom interior in black color

When placing the shower, you should choose the right way to open the doors. It can be left-handed or right-handed.

To add coziness in the enclosed space of the bathroom, it is recommended to use several lighting options at once. Local light sources must be switched on separately. The brightest luminaire should be located next to the sink. When this light does not have to cut your eyes.

Glass wall in the bathroom

The installation of ventilation air vents along with towel warmers helps to normalize the humidity level. It is better to mount it in the lower plane of the front door.

The set in the form of hinged furniture or plastic panels is the best option in limited conditions. Instead of decorative curtains, it is better to use glass or mirror septa. Glass at the same time can be matte, preventing the adherence of dirt or the formation of divorces.

Round Bathroom Mirror

Several design options

Let's consider several varieties of bathroom decoration according to the recommendations of professionals:

  1. Decoupage. It is easy to carry out with your own hands. The creation of a unique design requires the owner to have glue, three-layer napkins, a contour, and also a varnish with soft brushes. Beautiful stencils are needed in order to cut out the exquisite image - and place it on the plane of the tile. When the transfer of the pattern is completed, the product is covered with acrylic lacquer. By the way, instead of a tile you can use a strong glass. It is also glued decoupage contours, and complement the overall picture with LED strips;
  2. Vintage. Handy materials can be used advantageously for design purposes. Old newspapers are great for creating decorative compositions. They are previously folded into tubes. Wooden elements can be artificially aged, painted in white. Decorate the toothbrush bottle with vintage textiles;
  3. Basket of newspapers. Its creation involves braiding pigtails from newspaper tubes. You will need a glue binder, acrylic lacquer and a beautiful paint, a sponge with paint brushes, and a cardboard box.

Concrete walls in the bathroom

The procedure of weaving assumes the following sequence of actions:

  • First, the bottom is set up, fastened with cartons and adhesive bond;
  • Then a pigtail is formed of three tubes;
  • A neat pigtail is placed at its ends inside a cardboard box;
  • Pigtails should be attached to the side walls of the box with decorative clothespins;
  • After reaching the required height, you need to arrange the chamfered side. To do this, you need to find a vertical tube located in the center, so that the neighboring one already has to do with the bend;
  • After twisting, weaving should be done in another direction;
  • Subsequently, all the tubes need to be cut off and covered with adhesive binders. Then add an additional layer of acrylic paint.

This is a fairly simple and budgetary method for decorating. It is interesting to do it yourself.

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When creating a bathroom decor, you should consider its size and taste preferences of the owners. Even from a small room you can make a design candy. It is important only to follow the recommendations of professionals.