Baba on the teapot - a master class on making own hands with

Dolls on the teapot, as it turned out, have always been relevant in the trend. Cause? Such a woman is one of the most beautiful attributes of a spiritual home tea ceremony with the family. Baba - warmed doll (warmed is located in the beautiful skirt of the doll and it allows the tea to cool quickly).


You can learn how to make a woman on a teapot from the master class below.


Today, perform a doll on a teapot by the forces even beginner needlewoman, who is fond of sewing toys and dolls.


The woman can be made in any technique - can be knitted or crocheted, sewn by hand or on a modern sewing machine. Most often the kettle performs tildes. Not much time is needed to make such a doll, but it will bring warmth and joy to Nemer. Baba on the teapot with their own hands is undoubtedly a masterpiece made with a soul.


To make a tilde doll yourself, you need to have available such tools and materials:

  • Several types of natural fabric can choose satin, coarse calico, linen, cotton.
  • As a skirt insulation is mainly used sintepon.
  • To make a woman to do her hair, you need to take a mulina.
  • What kind of work does it cost without a needle and thread, scissors and a sewing machine?
  • To decorate outfits dolls need to stock up buttons, braid, ribbons, lace.

Table of contents of the article:

  • How is the doll sewn?
  • Or maybe from an old doll a hot-water bottle?
  • Photo of a grandmother's idea for a kettle

How is the doll sewn?

  • First of all, measure the future teapot, make a pattern and cut out the templates.
  • We put the patterns on the fabric chosen for the job, we circle with soap / chalk, leaving an attack of 1 cm from all sides and details of the cutouts.
  • Sewing the details, but do not touch the bottom, and then turn out from the wrong side of the face.
  • We fill the doll with holofayber, sew it.
  • On our pattern we make a lining, and after similar details we make of sintepona. Sintepon and lining stitch, leaving a hole.
  • There is a workpiece for the future woman. Sew the lining with our workpiece along the entire circumference. We turn the product through a hole and sew.
  • At the very bottom of the doll sews a piece of cloth picked up.
  • All the details of the future dress are cut out from the fabric you like, and then we sew them together.
  • The hair for the doll is made from a moulin. After the hair is glued, you need to draw a doll of cheeks and eyes.
  • We put on the dress on the doll, we adorn it with buttons, ribbons.
  • We sew an apron, put on a doll, and decorate it too.
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Baba is ready for the teapot, and now every time enjoying aromatic tea you can not think about the fact that it quickly cools.


You still do not understand how the woman is doing the kettle on her own. Master class can be found on the Internet in video mode and do in parallel with the needlewoman a doll - so it will turn out to be a beautiful woman 100%.


Or maybe from an old doll a hot-water bottle?

If from your children you have an old doll left, and you are sorry to part with it, then a woman is also made of it on the teapot. Master class for making such a woman can again be found on the Internet.


Briefly, wire is taken, 2 pieces of rectangular fabric. The material is sewn in such a way that the cylinder eventually comes out. The lining stitches together with the holofiber, combined with the main skirt.


Two rings are made of thick wire, the diameter of the rings is a skirt. Between the wires, you need to connect these rings and then place them inside the skirt. The top circle is sewn to the top of the skirt, its edge is slightly bent. We change clothes for the doll and she is ready.


Are you interested in what a woman can be like for a teapot? The photos on the Internet show all their diversity, all their beauty and varieties. On the basis of photos and video on the Internet, each needlewoman with a great desire can please relatives and friends of a woman on the teapot.


Photo of a grandmother's idea for a kettle









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