Bathroom design 2 by 2 meters: interior design tips +75

Bathroom Design 2 by 2

Bathroom design 2 on 2 is a real interior challenge to its owners. This room is located in the border zone, and it can not be attributed to either too small or big. If it is also a bathroom, the problem is doubled. In this room absolutely all household members gather. In the morning and in the evenings there is a crowd, and sometimes even turns. In the bathroom you need to place a place for washing, a washing machine, a sink, lockers for storing small things. All this household "wealth" must have its own place and do not interfere with each other. We will discuss the great possibilities of a small square and the nuances of its design.

Not bad looking:

  • Beige and turquoise solution;
  • Gray, complete with white - a stylish and austere option;
  • Yellow with light green will brighten the atmosphere;
  • Peach and blue in the finish;
  • Light brown and white are referred to calm, practical solutions;
  • Lilac and steel gray.

The original option will be the decoration of the walls in some tones, and the corners in their deeper shades. If you use ceramic tiles for decoration, then the pattern on it will become an "animating" factor. It can be a small mosaic or a pair of bright spots that are chaotically scattered on the walls. In the interior design of a small bathroom, the use of large prints is unacceptable, they "litter" the scarce space and visually narrow it.

Design of the shower room 2 on 2 Bathroom 2 by 2 meters  Orange floor  Decor for a tree  Simple bathroom  Classic furniture

Nontrivially it looks white tiles with a metallic effect, which adds the necessary volume to the room.

Floor and walls

When choosing the finishing materials for a bathroom of 4 sq.m, take into account the features of the room. Based on this, they should be:

Moisture-proof"Chronic" humidity here will be constant even if you do not always take a shower in your home.
Heat resistantTemperature differences are also the norm for this room, because someone from the household likes to shower colder, and someone likes burning hot water.
Easily washableNo curtains will save from the constant drying of water droplets on the surface of the walls, so to maintain cleanliness they will have to be systematically wiped and washed.

Simple interior Shower cabinet  Sandy bathroom interior  Plumbing planning  Luxury Bathroom  Compact shower room

The market of finishing materials offers three main options:

  • Ceramic tile. It remains beyond competition. Gone are the days when the tiles were solid and created a boring interior. The assortment of colors, shades, drawings, patterns and textured imitations is impressive. Of the advantages it is worth noting its strength and high service life. Tile will stay in the bathroom for a long time and will survive not one repair in the neighboring rooms, preserving its original appearance. In addition, the masters stack it in several ways (diagonal, vertical) to the customer's choice;
  • Wallpaper. Special material, which is intended for bathrooms. They are made of vinyl, fiberglass, foil or "liquid" version - decorative plaster, covered with a protective acrylic layer;
  • PVC panels. Universal plastic meets all the stringent requirements of the bathroom and withstands its microclimate. It is made of a softener and polyvinyl chloride. The assortment offers an invoice and color variety. Unfortunately, the plastic is sensitive to mechanical damage, but the spoiled area is easy to replace without harm to the rest of the finish.

Compact bathroom in apartment

As for the sexes, ceramics will again help out here. More reliable and durable material has not yet been invented, therefore it is better to postpone experiments with novelties if you are not ready for high prices. For expensive apartments in recent years increasingly practiced the use of self-leveling floors with original stereoscopic patterns.

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The so-called 3d effect is usually used in pictures with "marine" motifs:

  • Shoals of fish under water;
  • Sandy beach with starfish;
  • Valiantly floating jellyfish;
  • Transparent bottom with sunlight reflecting in the cleanest pond.

Plumbing Location Combined bathroom in the house  Beautiful tiles  The walls are turquoise  Classic bathroom decor  Interior in the style of safari

All this splendor really looks very impressive. The floor is perfectly even and strong, but such a purchase will cost a substantial amount, so it is not suitable for budgetary options.

PVC panels are not always safe for humans. If you make a purchase from an unscrupulous manufacturer (usually at a bargain price), then with a sharp drop in temperature, an unpleasant surprise may arise - the release of toxic substances.

Layout in the bathroom Decor blue tiles  Original interior solution  Loft style bathroom  Bright accents  Corner bath


Variants of the ceiling finish also become more diverse. Materials are chosen not only for taste, but also for financial opportunities:

  • Normal plaster. The cheapest and boring finish;
  • PVC. Plastic allows you to experiment with color, but not suitable for creating multi-level ceilings;
  • Suspended version. It is made of gypsum board and is suitable for complex structures. Of the minuses, labor-intensive installation is distinguished. As a result, on the ceiling you will have a "step", on which point lights look spectacular;
  • Roof ceiling. It is classified as subspecies, since long planks of plasterboard or plastic are attached to the base by means of a metal frame. The prototype of this design was the cladding with a usual lining, but with an impressive backlight, this ceiling looks modern and stylish.

Bathroom Design Bright bathroom  Compact bathroom  Dark floor and light walls  Black shell  Red Floor

Suspended options mercilessly "eat" precious meters, so they can only be used in high rooms, where this fact will not play a role.


Lighting в ванной подбирается в зависимости от цветовой гаммы и должно подчеркивать отделку. Производится деление на функциональные зоны и световая корректировка пространства. Последняя позволит скрыть дефекты и подчеркнуть достоинства помещения.

Bright lighting

Light sources in the bathroom are divided:

  • By level (floor, wall, ceiling);
  • Speakers or built-in;
  • Zone (mirror, bath, door);
  • On application (general or decorative).

All luminaires used in the bathroom must meet the safety requirements: with protection from moisture, low voltage (12V in the bathing area) and covered with shades. The room is 4 sq.m. just one ceiling chandelier for 2 60W lamps and a beautiful decorative illumination in the mirror area. This will make shaving and washing comfortable. Using a moisture-resistant LED tape, you can highlight the lower level, create a light element of the interior.

Plumbing in the apartment Black and white tiles on the floor  Contemporary decor  Square bath  Painted walls in the bathroom  Ergonomic design

Choice of sanitary engineering

Everyone has heard that the best quality plumbing is done in Italy. The country of the Colosseum and pizza really produces the products at the highest level, but our domestic producers are constantly striving for excellence. The main requirement for plumbing will be reliability, and only then will the aesthetic taste. Of course, the faucets must match the overall interior pattern. In the vintage direction they use artificially aged plumbing or imitation of the one that was used in the chosen epoch. Minimalism resorts to the simplicity of the forms, and for the advanced high tech choose cranes with chrome surfaces and backlighting with an open water flow. But, perhaps, the most acute will be the struggle for "life" between showers and traditional baths.

Bright tiles

Which bath to choose

In the room two by two meters, the average bath will perfectly fit:

  • 170x70 cm;
  • 150x70 cm.

However, a simpler solution is to choose a corner or a seated bath. They are in no way inferior to the usual in functionality, but they can also accommodate a couple of lockers or a cabinet. Close the remaining space from the spray with a conventional curtain, but there are also more original options. The bath can be turned into an imitation shower cabin with the help of panels made of glass or more budget transparent plastic. Their joints are sealed with rubberized or silicone seals. The surface is applied to the surface with bright colors or matte spraying. Such a design move will brighten the room and close the washable from prying eyes.

Large bath Bright design of the bathroom in the apartment  Brown Bathroom Design  Cozy bathroom  Small combined bathroom  Bathroom Design Project

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Shower cabin instead of bath

Shower cabin - a modern solution in a minimalist style. It is convenient, practical and takes up little space. Shower trays fulfill from:

  • Ceramic tiles in more budget options;
  • Acrylic;
  • Become.

The last two options are more reliable and durable. The optimal size of the cabin for a bathroom area of ​​4 square meters is considered to be 120x120 cm. Among the assortment of units, boxes are selected. They are closed from above and are airtight cabins.

Bathroom layout

Boxes can be equipped with a deep or a low pallet. The first replaces a full bath. Of the shortcomings, only the impressive dimensions are allocated. Angular shower cabin will occupy the minimum space and is considered an economical option. The walls can be made of heavy-duty glass or lighter plastic. In the design variants, drawings, patterns or combinations of gloss and matte coatings are applied to the surface.

In the boxes there are usually a number of additional functions: from the hydromassage and to the mini-bath. The wider its capabilities, the more "bites" the price.

Gray Tile Color plumbing  Very small bathroom  Style vintage  Bathtub under the sink  Tile design

Installing the toilet bowl

If the bathroom is combined, then you have to think over the options for installing the toilet. In such a small space, the task will turn into a real design test.

The original solution is to shift the sink to the bathroom. In this case, a special suspended bowl will be used. The bathtub will have to choose a non-standard shape with a "ledge". Also for cramped premises use:

  • Corner toilet bowl. Its tank has a triangular shape, and the unit itself is compact and practical;
  • Suspended version. Toilet bowls of this type with the installation became a fashionable novelty a couple of years ago. They save space, but have a significant drawback: the complexity of maintenance. Unfortunately, all communications are hidden and the plumber will have to tinker to open access to them in case of breakage or clogging.

Bright decor

If the room has a square shape, then traditionally in the corner set the shower or bath. On the sides of the neighboring walls put a sink and toilet. In rooms of non-standard forms, there are often "niches" in which the toilet will fit organically. Thus, you will kill two birds with one stone: economically arrange the toilet bowl and hide the flaws in the layout.

Whether it is necessary to refuse a washstand

The lack of a sink in the bathroom significantly reduces its functionality. This element has always been and remains mandatory in this room. To wash your hands or brush your teeth in the morning, you have to go to the kitchen, or perform a procedure in an unsuitable bath. In a word - a complete inconvenience. Shells are classified into several types by types of fastening:

  • Built-in;
  • Overhead;
  • Tulips;
  • Suspended.

Spectacular tile in the shower room Saving space in the bathroom  Yellow shower  Toilet and shower  Beautiful furniture in the bathroom  Retro style

Now popular hanging sinks, which literally acquired a second life due to new forms. They are equipped with a curbstone from below, which is adapted to store household trivia. A little more space in the lower "box" is occupied by the built-in options. "Tulips" are gradually disappearing into the past, but overheads take over an increasing segment of the market, like the original bathroom accessory. According to the material of manufacture, the shells are divided into:

  • Ceramic;
  • Glass;
  • Wooden;
  • Metal;
  • Stone (from natural or artificial material).

Design of tiles

Shells made of wood serve as a fashion accessory rather than a functional unit, because they look very stylish, but have a short life. Glass is suitable for hi-tech, and heavy stone - for minimalism. The latter will have to be installed on a special heavy-duty table due to weight, if it is a question of natural material.

Where to install the washing machine

In a tight space, the washing machine is difficult to fit. If possible, the unit is generally installed in the kitchen. Otherwise, you have to puzzle over the location of the machine. There are only a few installation methods:

  • Under the sink;
  • In a special niche;
  • Suspended version.

Washing machine under the sink Loft in the interior  Bathroom Zoning  Shower room with window  Original design  Design of the shower room 2 on 2

A narrow washing machine can fit under the sink. In this case, use a pendant (wall) or an overhead bowl with a flat bottom. The machine will replace the traditional cabinet. Suspended version of the placement is extravagant. Most likely you will need the help of professionals who will install strong brackets, thereby ensuring the stability of the mount. The machine is "suspended" above the toilet or bathroom, if the latter has a small gap under the wall. In the premises of non-standard forms in the presence of a niche it is used as a cabinet. A washing machine is installed from below, and shelves for storing towels and household chemicals are placed on top. The cabinet closes, which allows you to hide its contents from prying eyes and do not disturb the aesthetics of the design style.

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Combined tile

A little about styles

The Scandinavian style is characterized by the use of combinations of cool tones (blue, blue, green, gray) with white in the finish. In minimalism, simple forms prevail and only a functional minimum in the decor. Hi tech prefers the abundance of glass and chrome surfaces. Plumbing should look simple, but expensive. The room in high-tech style, as a rule, is equipped with a large number of spotlights and technical devices. Etcolic does not do without a stone and a tree. The latter must be subjected to special treatment, because the bathroom is not the best place for this material. Provence and rustic style welcome the floral ornament in the decoration of the walls.

Beige bathroom decor

Шторки в ванной тоже выбирают с милым и простым узором. Ceiling просто штукатурят, подчеркивая его неровности. Пол застилают цветастыми ковриками, а на полочки ставят милые вазочки с живыми цветами «для настроения». Для роскошной классики выбирают обилие декоративных элементов: лепнину, цветочные узоры. Из материалов отдают предпочтение дереву, камню и хрусталю.

Optional Accessories

A scant yardage of the premises does not allow to unfold with furniture. You can count only on the cabinet under the sink and a tall, narrow locker in addition. Shelves for placing shampoos, lotions and other cosmetics will have to be installed in the area of ​​the bathroom. They can be both open and closed. The second will protect the contents from water spray, but weight space visually. Angled shelves are a simple and compact option. In addition, it is now popular to win every inch, so the storage niches are placed even under the ceiling. They do not interfere with the household and regularly perform their functions. In colors choose light shades, which will help to avoid unnecessary accumulation. To release the surface adjacent to the sink, the cups with brushes and toothpastes are attached to the wall. Traditionally, it also hangs a mirror or selects kits where it is already built.

Simple design

Ways to increase the space

In this room, you can increase space by several methods:

  • With the help of color;
  • By means of competent lighting.

With the color scheme, as we said above, you should not experiment, it is better to refer to proven compositions of shades. In the picture can be drawn horizontal lines along the entire perimeter of the room, which, as is known, visually stretches the room in width.

If you are lucky and have a window in the bathroom, do not bury it tightly. Stylish blinds or bamboo panels will hide you from prying eyes from the street in the evenings, and in the daytime will let in more natural light. Also the position will save the abundance of mirrors and glass surfaces. If you have already worked on the light, the reflective materials will double it and dissipate in the room. But the glossy ceiling in this case is taboo. It will create an effect of infinity that will stretch the space vertically and cast a sensation of a well rather than a room.

Original shower


The design of the bathroom, where the meter deficit is felt particularly acutely, is quite difficult, but achievable. Over the project the premises will have to pile up for a long time, and can even shift this task onto the shoulders of a professional. Before you begin to finish and place the plumbing, carefully weigh all the pros and cons of design.

Analyze the location of the functional zones, whether they will interfere with each other or household members. The installation of a standard bathroom or toilet will necessarily involve the forced "cutting" of space from other interior objects. Unfortunately, a small bathroom is always a choice between the necessary and the one that you can refuse. To reduce the list of the second, resort to minimalist styles, where lean decor will look organic and natural.