Design of a private house inside

Interior design of a country house

Many people dream of a house in the village, and some even have it. After buying a country villa, a small country house, the question arises of its successful, ergonomic improvement. The interior decoration of a country house differs from the design of a city apartment. Finishing materials modern companies offer a great variety, and fit into the style, taking into account the wishes of the customer, will help professional designers of gardens and interiors. From the stylistic decision of the interior, the amount of finance from the owners of the house, their fantasies depends on the final outcome of construction and repair.

Interior decoration of a country house

Since this place is intended for leisure of the whole family, sometimes with relatives and friends, the house is planned to be very extensive - there will be a kitchen, a living room, an entrance hall, a children's room, a bathroom, bedrooms, workshops, a swimming pool. Also you need to take care of ancillary rooms, farm buildings - if it is supposed to keep animals, store garden equipment, etc.

Beams on the ceiling  Chandelier on the crossbeam  Panels on the wall and ceiling  Table and sofas opposite the fireplace  Chandelier over the table

Popular materials for interior decoration

Modern materials of finishing provide a huge space for creativity - with their help the house is easy to decorate in any of the existing styles. In traditional projects, "small houses in the village" make out a natural tree - with some simple skills, it's done by your own hands. The paneling of MDF, siding, gypsum cardboard is also not difficult. For wallpapering, decorative plastering, the walls need to be leveled. Natural, artificial stone in the decoration of individual rooms will give the interior a solid, solid appearance.

Country house decoration


When repairing the house take into account the properties, characteristics of the material - natural wood. The structure, made of rounded logs, having an interior finish entirely of boards, timber, natural veneer, will be beautiful, warm, with natural natural energy. Interior wood decoration creates an amazing comfort, comfort, while remaining very modern. This method of improvement is suitable for heated, unheated rooms. To ensure that the wood is not attacked by mold, rot, pests, good ventilation is required, covering with antiseptic compounds, varnishes, paints.

The most popular variants of wooden cladding:

  • linen;
  • parquet board;
  • cant;
  • block-house.

Tree в интерьере загородного дома

The quality of the lining is average, but it is easy to work with it. The block house for processing is excessively complicated, as it is necessary to carefully adjust the angles, all the joints, but as a result, an excellent appearance will be obtained. Simulation of the bar also has good quality, but because of its weight, it is not suitable for ceiling finishing.

Chandelier of horns in the room  Photo in the headboard  The second light in the interior  Dining area by the window  Stonewall along the wall

Natural stone, ceramic tiles

Natural stone decoration is longevous - it's not even tens, but hundreds of years. Fireplaces made of stone slabs will become a unique gift for descendants, without losing its external magnificence in four or six generations.

Most often stone, ceramics are decorated:

  • bathroom;
  • restroom;
  • kitchen;
  • pool;
  • living room.

Stone in the interior of a country house

Artificial stone is used only slightly less, but its plaster varieties have low strength, are not resistant to water, are not durable. The floor is tiled in the rooms, on the veranda, terrace, walls in rooms with high humidity.

Corner sofa in the living room  Orchid on the table  Blue furniture in the kitchen  A picture above the fireplace  Niches in the wall


When the pre-treatment is done, the walls are leveled, the wallpaper is glued. This is not the most modern economy-design option, but one of the most popular. Suitable for rooms where someone lives permanently. If, in the autumn-winter period, there is a plan to visit there a maximum of once a month, then because of temperature drops, humidity, wallpaper risk to quickly become unstuck without experiencing even one year. Wallways, walls, ceilings, vertical surfaces inside open cabinets are decorated. Photo walls - walls of any rooms, decorative niches.

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Wallpaper в интерьере загородного дома

Often used:

  • paper;
  • non-woven fleece;
  • textile;
  • vinyl;
  • cork;
  • velor.

Start wallpapering the wallpaper from the window, carefully smoothing all the irregularities.

Chest of drawers near the wall  Ceiling fan  Chess floor in the dining room  Photo above the sofa  Chandelier in the form of a lantern in the living room

Decorative plaster

Finishing lime-cement, polymer plaster with dye is quite simple. It is available in a dry, pasty, approximate composition:

  • a rock;
  • sand;
  • white cement;
  • cellulose;
  • dyes.

Decorative plaster в интерьере загородного дома

Before applying decorative plaster, the walls must be leveled - the material is quite expensive, therefore it is applied in a thin layer. With the help of abrasive materials, special rollers with a finished pattern, on a smooth surface make different texture patterns. One of the varieties of plaster - Venetian, imitates monolithic marble, is applied in several layers.

Ladder with forged handrails


The material is popular, but in the presence of high humidity it quickly deteriorates. Its waterproof varieties are preferable, but between the gypsum and the wall, under conditions of unstable heating, condensation and mold form. It helps to avoid painstaking leveling of walls, ceiling, often decorated with colored plaster, wallpaper, less often - ceramic tiles. There is a matte, glossy, all shades of white - pearl, milk, cream, chalk, etc. When decorating the ceiling allows you to hide behind it all the wires, in some cases, performed in multi-level. Manufacturing of light curly partitions in places where they were not previously available is also made of plasterboard, and the mansion is also insulated from the inside.

Plasterboard в интерьере загородного дома

PVC panels

This material is used for both exterior and interior finishes. Distinctive features:

  • easy to install;
  • are not afraid of changes in temperature, humidity;
  • have low weight;
  • melt when exposed to fire, do not burn;
  • easily cleaned of dust with a damp cloth.

Of plastic often make window slopes, cladding the walls. Are issued different colors, including with drawing "under a tree" that will allow to enter them practically in any interior.

PVC panels в интерьере загородного дома

Color palette

Color design depends on the chosen style of the interior - inside, outside the colors can be different, as harmoniously as possible. You should pay attention to the location of windows of different rooms, how much light, how many hours a day they receive. The closest, little-lit or even without the windows of the room are decorated in light, warm colors. Spacious rooms with high ceilings are decorated with cool shades, have separate dark, contrasting elements. When the ceilings in the room are excessively high, horizontal stripes are added to the design of the walls, if low, then the strips are arranged vertically. In large rooms, great looking tiles, laid "chess" parallel to the walls, in small - diagonal, monophonic, light.

Interior of a country house in bright colors

Color is often allocated to individual zones. Each room is designed in its own color scheme or in a similar manner the whole house is decorated. Traditionally, the floor is made a little darker than the walls, the ceiling - a couple of tones lighter.

With the color decoration of a particular space, they are guided by the sensations of the people who will most often be there - they need to create maximum comfort.

Leather sofa in the living room  A table in the form of a chest near the sofa  Wood burning stove in the living room  Chandeliers in the form of wheels from the cart in the interior  Semi-laminate


When choosing lighting takes into account its location, safety, economy. Night outdoor lighting is often equipped with sensors of light, sound, movement. Sensitivity to these factors is adjusted individually - some want to save electricity, others - to note that the beloved cat has returned and wants to enter the house. With the help of light put the right accents, highlighting the necessary zones, decor elements. Correctly selected lighting helps to visually expand the space, make it higher, change the shape of individual rooms.

Lighting в интерьере загородного дома

For the hallway, usually lighting is done a little - just enough to be convenient there to pass. Stylization for torches, antique oil lamps are suitable for a long corridor of many styles. In the living room, the bedroom looks good floor lamps, sconces. In the presence of a working classroom, creative workshops of light, the largest number in the whole house is made - preferably a combination of top and local lighting. In the bathroom, kitchen, wardrobe, LED lighting is done along the floor, on the upper lockers. In the presence of paintings, wall panels, stucco elements, plants in outdoor tubs, they are also highlighted locally. In the nursery they make a bright light over the working, play area, over the sleeping place - scattered.

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Floor lamp at the couch  TV on the mast  Concrete walls in the interior  The tree on the table by the couch  Pot with flower on the floor by the window

Furniture selection

Furniture is selected as ergonomic as possible - nothing should prevent normal rest. For a summer house of a limited area, a collapsible, easily transformable one is chosen. Part of the furniture will be periodically carried out in the garden, so you should take care of its moisture resistance, especially if you arrange furniture will be on the lawn, the ground, and not a special terrace. The street is ideal plastic - easy, cheap, not afraid of water. It is most often demountable, capable of compact storage. Chairs, stools, tables, a swing from rattan will decorate an open veranda, and on cold evenings they are covered with warm woolen blankets. Fabrics for soft furnishings are selected those that do not burn out in the sun, easily cleaned from possible contaminants.

Furniture in the interior of a country house

More "expensive" interior means soundly furnished with forged elements, from valuable types of wood - stained oak, mahogany, larch. Fasteners are also preferable wooden - such furniture is stronger, looks more aesthetic. For greater durability, it is covered with alcohol stains, varnishes, antifungal compounds. Glass furnishings are suitable for rare interior design styles, so it is practically not used.

Most of the furniture is easy to produce with your own hands - from timber, boards, euro pallets, vines.

Tile under the stone on the wall

Stylistic direction

There are a lot of styles, the choice of design always remains with the owners of the countryside "hacienda". Exterior design should be as harmonious with the interior as possible - a completely wooden house will look good in eco-style or classical, made of blocks of aerated concrete, brick - loft, modern, high-tech.

The most popular styles are:

  • classic;
  • Provence;
  • modern;
  • loft;
  • chalet;
  • contemporaries;
  • Scandinavian;
  • art-cred;
  • Oriental;
  • ecological.

Practically there are no houses, apartments made entirely and completely within the strict framework of one style - the classics are slightly diluted with modernism, minimalism - with a provence, etc.

Interior decoration of a country house в стиле кантри


This is an extremely simple, unobtrusive interior - decorating is obtained quite budget or more expensive. The style is of Anglo-Saxon origin. If you do without modern appliances is impossible, it is built-in, hides behind doors, decor elements. Furniture is chosen deliberately rough, as from the old "grandfather's" hut.

Country в интерьере загородного дома

Tile, stone is used in damp areas, and plastic, linoleum, here completely out of place. The floors are almost always wooden, the walls are covered with coarse plaster, they are covered with simple, not shiny wallpaper. On textiles made of natural fibers, floral patterns, a cage, a strip are preferred. Colors are preferable to wood, green, cream, terracotta.

Live, dry plants in clay vases, flowerpots, wicker baskets will complement the country room.

Shelves above the sofa  Tulle on the window  Living room with a parallel composition  Armchair by the window  Statuettes on chests


For a summer house or a house made of red brick, a loft that originates from America during the Great Depression is an ideal solution. Finishing works here require a minimum amount, at least the interior should look exactly like that. Separate walls can not be touched at all, leaving bare bricks, gray plaster. Ceiling beams from a thick bar, nothing disguised heating pipes, other communications in the most prominent places - the main attributes of style.

Loft-интерьер подразумевает наличие больших открытых пространств, минимальное количество дверей, перегородок. В отделке приветствуются наливные матовые полы, дощатые или из керамической плитки. Чтобы в таком доме было теплее, часто устраивают пол с подогревом. В двухэтажном доме устанавливают металлическую, деревянную лестницу на второй этаж – предпочтительны винтовые, без кованных элементов. Хорошо смотрятся потолочные светильники с хромированными плафонами, стальные элементы декора, серебристые жалюзи на панорамных окнах.

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Loft в интерьере загородного дома

To create an "expensive" interior use old or artificially aged items.

Barrels on the floor  Steps with illumination  A chest of drawers in the windows  Skateboard on the wall  Island fireplace in the living room


For the style of Provence, the finish is made of light wood species - maple, birch, ash. Style originated in the provinces of France, quickly becoming popular everywhere. It looks both simple and luxurious.

Main colors used:

  • linen;
  • dairy;
  • ohristye;
  • turquoise;
  • brownish-beige;
  • yellow-green.

Provence в интерьере загородного дома

The walls are mostly made in white, beige, the floors are decorated with ceramic tiles, natural wood. The furniture is mostly wooden, painted in pastel colors, hand painted. Textiles use a lot - linen curtains, lacy napkins, pillows with embroidery, openwork canopies over the bed. Windows are often decorated with carved shutters.

Acidic shades, artificial materials in this interior are completely out of place.

Flowers on the stairs  Фото на камине  Map on the wall  TV in the dining area  Living room with a bay window

Style chalet

A simple, pretentious brutal chalet is considered one of the varieties of country, but originally it appeared in the Swiss Alps. Finishing is chosen rather primitive, almost entirely of wood. A large roof, a heavy foundation of stones - the main features of the style. No shine, gloss in the interior should not be, mirror surfaces - the very minimum. The walls are decorated with decorative plasters, textured wood, floors and ceilings are also boarded or made of timber.

Style chalet в интерьере загородного дома

The central "figure" of the room is often a fireplace - a real, very rarely decorative. Furniture is chosen or manufactured independently of wood, can have forged parts. In the living room, a fluffy carpet, an animal skin, a wall decorated with deer horns, other hunting trophies are placed on the bedroom on the floor.

The external wooden terrace, veranda, is a harmonious complement to the interior.

Lamps on tables near the sofa  TV above the fireplace  Ottomans in the interior  Tiles on the floor  Smile

Scandinavian style

Wood finishing of various species will perfectly fit into the Scandinavian interior, which was once the main one for residents of Denmark, Finland, Sweden, Norway. In this house there are usually two entrances, large windows, including mansard, gable roof. Suitable are different species of oak, juniper, pine, spruce, hornbeam. From sawn timber - glued beam, planed board.

Primary colors:

  • all wood shades;
  • white, beige;
  • pale yellow, violet-pink;
  • халвичный, терракотовый.

Scandinavian style в интерьере загородного дома

Floors - mostly wooden, varnished, sometimes from a laminate "under a tree". The walls are white or any light shades, the ceilings have undetected supporting beams. Textiles are chosen mainly natural, perfectly fit in the overall style of blankets, pillows in patchwork technique, individual embroidered elements. Palaces on the floor are not acceptable, knitted rugs are preferred, made by hand.

Wicker from the vines, pine roots of the chair, chairs, baskets will be very handy.

Skin on the floor  Photo on the stairs  The deer on the wall  Skull on the wall  Gray sofa in the living room

Contemporary style

This style originated in the middle of the twentieth century at the junction of classical and minimalism. There is nothing superfluous here - each object performs a certain function, more often than not one. Furnishing is simple, correct forms, from modern models, modular, transformable is preferred. This interior implies the availability of a sufficient number of chairs, armchairs, padded stools, shelves, built-in shelves.

In the decoration of MDF it is easy to combine with natural, artificial marble, and wood - with rattan, sea pebbles. Decorative plasters, wallpapers, animal skins give the interior an individuality, making it more comfortable. Various decorative accents are welcomed - gadgets on stands, bright dishes, cushions, black and white photos within.

Suitable color combinations:

  • beige with gray;
  • violet with dirty white;
  • white-yellow with black;
  • light brown with red.

Contemporary style в интерьере загородного дома


For high-quality finishing inside a private house, apply all their knowledge, skills, life experience. In the modern world there is a huge variety of tools, materials, greatly facilitating the process of interior, exterior decoration. The mansion is designed independently - for this, on the Internet, there are many master classes of various orientations or turn to design professionals for professionals who will design the house on a turnkey basis.